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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Are you ill, mother?" cried the viscount, springing towardsher.
2.  "Well," said Beauchamp, "what still oppresses you, myfriend?"
3.  "Sire," said Villefort, "your majesty mistakes; this is anofficer's cross."
4.  "Confess you have dreamed this, and let us sit down tobreakfast," continued Beauchamp. But the sound of the clockhad not died away when Germain announced, "His excellencythe Count of Monte Cristo." The involuntary start every onegave proved how much Morcerf's narrative had impressed them,and Albert himself could not wholly refrain from manifestingsudden emotion. He had not heard a carriage stop in thestreet, or steps in the ante-chamber; the door had itselfopened noiselessly. The count appeared, dressed with thegreatest simplicity, but the most fastidious dandy couldhave found nothing to cavil at in his toilet. Every articleof dress -- hat, coat, gloves, and boots -- was from thefirst makers. He seemed scarcely five and thirty. But whatstruck everybody was his extreme resemblance to the portraitDebray had drawn. The count advanced, smiling, into thecentre of the room, and approached Albert, who hastenedtowards him holding out his hand in a ceremonial manner."Punctuality," said Monte Cristo, "is the politeness ofkings, according to one of your sovereigns, I think; but itis not the same with travellers. However, I hope you willexcuse the two or three seconds I am behindhand; fivehundred leagues are not to be accomplished without sometrouble, and especially in France, where, it seems, it isforbidden to beat the postilions."
5.  "And what may it be?"
6.  "Why, the grottos -- caves of the island."


1.  "It is not exactly that, sir," said the notary, "which makesme uneasy, but the difficulty will be in wording histhoughts and intentions, so as to be able to get hisanswers."
2.  "Yes," replied Caderousse, "little Albert."
3.  "Yes."
4.  "Why, they induced General Quesnel to go there, and GeneralQuesnel, who quitted his own house at nine o'clock in theevening, was found the next day in the Seine."
5.  "Follow me, sir;" and without ascending the stairs the guideconducted him by a subterraneous passage to anotherentrance. There, again, Monte Cristo was assailed by amultitude of thoughts. The first thing that met his eye wasthe meridian, drawn by the abbe on the wall, by which hecalculated the time; then he saw the remains of the bed onwhich the poor prisoner had died. The sight of this, insteadof exciting the anguish experienced by the count in thedungeon, filled his heart with a soft and gratefulsentiment, and tears fell from his eyes.
6.  "Sire, it is fatality!" murmured the minister, feeling thatthe pressure of circumstances, however light a thing todestiny, was too much for any human strength to endure.


1.  "M. Franz arrived to sign the contract just as my deargrandmother was dying."
2.  "I am sure I have, and you shall judge for yourself; butfirst listen to the history of this paper."
3.  "We have reached it!" repeated the traveller in an accent ofindescribable sadness. Then he added, in a low tone, "Yes;that is the haven." And then he again plunged into a trainof thought, the character of which was better revealed by asad smile, than it would have been by tears. A few minutesafterwards a flash of light, which was extinguishedinstantly, was seen on the land, and the sound of firearmsreached the yacht.
4.  "Ah," said Beauchamp, "you doubt me? Well, you can ask myservant, or rather him who will no longer be my servantto-morrow, it was the talk of the house."
5.   There was no answer, and she continued. "I have not seen youall day. Has any one been speaking to you against me?"
6.  "M. de Saint-Meran is dead," answered the old marchioness,without preface and without expression; she appeared to bestupefied. Villefort drew back, and clasping his handstogether, exclaimed -- "Dead! -- so suddenly?"


1.  "Those at the side?"
2.  "First, sir," said Caderousse, "you must make me a promise."
3.  "But he met here M. Andrea Cavalcanti."
4、  "Two, -- one here and one there." Andrea sketched twowindows in the room, which formed an angle on the plan, andappeared as a small square added to the rectangle of thebedroom. Caderousse became thoughtful. "Does he often go toAuteuil?" added he.
5、  Chapter 63The Dinner.




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      "I did, indeed.

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      "But one person only wrote!"

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       "Why, the grottos -- caves of the island."

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      "I wish to see the governor." The jailer shrugged hisshoulders and left the chamber.

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    {  "Then Caesar and the pope hastened to lay hands on theheritage, under presence of seeking for the papers of thedead man. But the inheritance consisted in this only, ascrap of paper on which Spada had written: -- `I bequeath tomy beloved nephew my coffers, my books, and, amongst others,my breviary with the gold corners, which I beg he willpreserve in remembrance of his affectionate uncle.'

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      "Well, and if he were to lose them?" said Monte Cristo.}

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      "I do not know of any grottos," replied Jacopo. The coldsweat sprang forth on Dantes' brow.

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      "But you have seen him?"

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       "But," said Danglars thoughtfully, "how is it that yourpatron, M. de Monte Cristo, did not make his proposal foryou?" Andrea blushed imperceptibly. "I have just left thecount, sir," said he; "he is, doubtless, a delightful manbut inconceivably peculiar in his ideas. He esteems mehighly. He even told me he had not the slightest doubt thatmy father would give me the capital instead of the interestof my property. He has promised to use his influence toobtain it for me; but he also declared that he never hadtaken on himself the responsibility of making proposals foranother, and he never would. I must, however, do him thejustice to add that he assured me if ever he had regrettedthe repugnance he felt to such a step it was on thisoccasion, because he thought the projected union would be ahappy and suitable one. Besides, if he will do nothingofficially, he will answer any questions you propose to him.And now," continued he, with one of his most charmingsmiles, "having finished talking to the father-in-law, Imust address myself to the banker."

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    {  "Nay, dear mother, say the accused person. You know wecannot yet pronounce him guilty."

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      Chapter 22The Smugglers.