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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Think not I contented myself with this one effort,"continued Villefort. "No; I searched the whole thicket. Ithought the assassin, having discovered the chest, andsupposing it to be a treasure, had intended carrying it off,but, perceiving his error, had dug another hole, anddeposited it there; but I could find nothing. Then the ideastruck me that he had not taken these precautions, and hadsimply thrown it in a corner. In the last case I must waitfor daylight to renew my search. I remained the room andwaited."
2.  "No more ships!" returned Penelon; "well, then, you'll buildsome; we'll wait for you."
3.  "Yes, monsieur; you are aware from whom I come?"
4.  "What do you mean? Has he gone intending not to return?"
5.  "Impossible!"
6.  "No."


1.  "A mischance?" repeated the baroness.
2.  "No, madame, I did not say as much as that," replied thecount with a smile; "quite the contrary. I have studiedchemistry because, having determined to live in easternclimates I have been desirous of following the example ofKing Mithridates."
3.  "Yes, but girls tell each other secrets without beingparticularly intimate; own, now, that you did question heron the subject. Ah, I see you are smiling."
4.  "The apparent reason, at least," said Madame de Villefort.
5.  "Do so then, for of all themes which you could choose thatwill be the most agreeable to her taste." Albert turnedtowards Haidee. "At what age did you leave Greece, signora?"asked he.
6.  "In favor of some member of your family?"


1.  "At Treport?"
2.  "And what is your excellency's project?"
3.  "And how was the anonymous letter written?"
4.  "Sir, you have distracted me; I shall be fined."
5.   "It is a long story."
6.  "Besides what?" asked the Count.


1.  "I was not thinking of that," replied Madame Danglarsquickly. "Yes, you were thinking of it, and with justice.You could not help thinking of it, and saying to yourself,`you, who pursue crime so vindictively, answer now, why arethere unpunished crimes in your dwelling?'" The baronessbecame pale. "You were saying this, were you not?"
2.  The night was rapidly approaching; and already, at the cryof "Moccoletti!" repeated by the shrill voices of a thousandvendors, two or three stars began to burn among the crowd.It was a signal. At the end of ten minutes fifty thousandlights glittered, descending from the Palazzo di Venezia tothe Piazza del Popolo, and mounting from the Piazzo delPopolo to the Palazzo di Venezia. It seemed like the fete ofjack-o'-lanterns. It is impossible to form any idea of itwithout having seen it. Suppose that all the stars haddescended from the sky and mingled in a wild dance on theface of the earth; the whole accompanied by cries that werenever heard in any other part of the world. The facchinofollows the prince, the Transteverin the citizen, every oneblowing, extinguishing, relighting. Had old AEolus appearedat this moment, he would have been proclaimed king of themoccoli, and Aquilo the heir-presumptive to the throne. Thisbattle of folly and flame continued for two hours; the Corsowas light as day; the features of the spectators on thethird and fourth stories were visible. Every five minutesAlbert took out his watch; at length it pointed to seven.The two friends were in the Via dei Pontefici. Albert sprangout, bearing his moccoletto in his hand. Two or three masksstrove to knock his moccoletto out of his hand; but Albert,a first-rate pugilist, sent them rolling in the street, oneafter the other, and continued his course towards the churchof San Giacomo. The steps were crowded with masks, whostrove to snatch each other's torches. Franz followed Albertwith his eyes, and saw him mount the first step. Instantly amask, wearing the well-known costume of a peasant woman,snatched his moccoletto from him without his offering anyresistance. Franz was too far off to hear what they said;but, without doubt, nothing hostile passed, for he sawAlbert disappear arm-in-arm with the peasant girl. Hewatched them pass through the crowd for some time, but atlength he lost sight of them in the Via Macello. Suddenlythe bell that gives the signal for the end of the carnivalsounded, and at the same instant all the moccoletti wereextinguished as if by enchantment. It seemed as though oneimmense blast of the wind had extinguished every one. Franzfound himself in utter darkness. No sound was audible savethat of the carriages that were carrying the maskers home;nothing was visible save a few lights that burnt behind thewindows. The Carnival was over.
3.  "The register of my child's birth?"
4、  "The family began to get accustomed to their obscurity.Years rolled on, and amongst the descendants some weresoldiers, others diplomatists; some churchmen, some bankers;some grew rich, and some were ruined. I come now to the lastof the family, whose secretary I was -- the Count of Spada.I had often heard him complain of the disproportion of hisrank with his fortune; and I advised him to invest all hehad in an annuity. He did so, and thus doubled his income.The celebrated breviary remained in the family, and was inthe count's possession. It had been handed down from fatherto son; for the singular clause of the only will that hadbeen found, had caused it to be regarded as a genuine relic,preserved in the family with superstitious veneration. Itwas an illuminated book, with beautiful Gothic characters,and so weighty with gold, that a servant always carried itbefore the cardinal on days of great solemnity.
5、  "Had you continued to remain on amicable terms with me, Ishould have said, `Patience, my friend;' but you haveconstituted yourself my enemy, therefore I say, `What doesthat signify to me, sir?'"




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      "He abdicated at Fontainebleau in 1814, and was sent to theIsland of Elba. But how long have you been here that you areignorant of all this?"

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      "And you will find traces of poison?"

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       In a quarter of an hour he was entering the house in the Ruedu Helder. As he alighted, he thought he saw his father'spale face behind the curtain of the count's bedroom. Albertturned away his head with a sigh, and went to his ownapartments. He cast one lingering look on all the luxurieswhich had rendered life so easy and so happy since hisinfancy; he looked at the pictures, whose faces seemed tosmile, and the landscapes, which appeared painted inbrighter colors. Then he took away his mother's portrait,with its oaken frame, leaving the gilt frame from which hetook it black and empty. Then he arranged all his beautifulTurkish arms, his fine English guns, his Japanese china, hiscups mounted in silver, his artistic bronzes by Feucheresand Barye; examined the cupboards, and placed the key ineach; threw into a drawer of his secretary, which he leftopen, all the pocket-money he had about him, and with it thethousand fancy jewels from his vases and his jewel-boxes;then he made an exact inventory of everything, and placed itin the most conspicuous part of the table, after puttingaside the books and papers which had collected there.

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      "Yes." Noirtier raised his eyes, it was the sign agreed onbetween him and Valentine when he wanted anything.

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    {  "Well?"

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      "Meanwhile you will raise my monthly allowance to fivehundred francs, my little fellow? I have a fancy, and meanto get a housekeeper."}

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      "Well, do you comprehend now?" inquired Faria.

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      Violent Bonapartist; took an active part in the return fromElba.

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       "Nay," said the Count; "I will give you three months ere Ijoin you; you see I make an ample allowance for all delaysand difficulties.

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    {  "`"Then we run another risk," said the general, laughing,"that of being upset." We insert this joke to prove that thegeneral was not in the least compelled to attend themeeting, but that he came willingly. When they were seatedin the carriage the president reminded the general of hispromise to allow his eyes to be bandaged, to which he madeno opposition. On the road the president thought he saw thegeneral make an attempt to remove the handkerchief, andreminded him of his oath. "Sure enough," said the general.The carriage stopped at an alley leading out of the RueSaint-Jacques. The general alighted, leaning on the arm ofthe president, of whose dignity he was not aware,considering him simply as a member of the club; they wentthrough the alley, mounted a flight of stairs, and enteredthe assembly-room.

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      "One day the young shepherd told the count's steward that hehad seen a wolf come out of the Sabine mountains, and prowlaround his flock. The steward gave him a gun; this was whatVampa longed for. This gun had an excellent barrel, made atBreschia, and carrying a ball with the precision of anEnglish rifle; but one day the count broke the stock, andhad then cast the gun aside. This, however, was nothing to asculptor like Vampa; he examined the broken stock,calculated what change it would require to adapt the gun tohis shoulder, and made a fresh stock, so beautifully carvedthat it would have fetched fifteen or twenty piastres, hadhe chosen to sell it. But nothing could be farther from histhoughts. For a long time a gun had been the young man'sgreatest ambition. In every country where independence hastaken the place of liberty, the first desire of a manlyheart is to possess a weapon, which at once renders himcapable of defence or attack, and, by rendering its ownerterrible, often makes him feared. From this moment Vampadevoted all his leisure time to perfecting himself in theuse of his precious weapon; he purchased powder and ball,and everything served him for a mark -- the trunk of someold and moss-grown olive-tree, that grew on the Sabinemountains; the fox, as he quitted his earth on somemarauding excursion; the eagle that soared above theirheads: and thus he soon became so expert, that Teresaovercame the terror she at first felt at the report, andamused herself by watching him direct the ball wherever hepleased, with as much accuracy as if he placed it by hand.