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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  It was easy to ascertain this; but how could he risk thequestion? It was easy to call his jailer's attention to thenoise, and watch his countenance as he listened; but mighthe not by this means destroy hopes far more important thanthe short-lived satisfaction of his own curiosity?Unfortunately, Edmond's brain was still so feeble that hecould not bend his thoughts to anything in particular.
2.  "Did you recognize him?"
3.  "What have you seen? -- come, tell me!"
4.  "And how does he behave towards travellers?"
5.  "That is a Spanish name, I think?"
6.  "Yes, your excellency; he came from Marseilles, where he hadbeen deputy-procureur. His zeal had procured himadvancement, and he was said to be one of the first who hadinformed the government of the departure from the Island ofElba."


1.  This second departure was followed by a long and fearfulstate of terrified silence on the part of those who wereleft behind. The old father and Mercedes remained for sometime apart, each absorbed in grief; but at length the twopoor victims of the same blow raised their eyes, and with asimultaneous burst of feeling rushed into each other's arms.
2.  "Then you have nothing more to do here?"
3.  "You are right; it was left on board."
4.  "Well?"
5.  "Yes, so it is, between perfectly upright people."
6.  "With you, sir," replied the baroness, "one can wish fornothing, one is so sure to obtain it. If it were so with M.Morrel" --


1.  "If she objects to your marrying M. d'Epinay, she would beall the more likely to listen to any other proposition."
2.  "My dear Albert," replied Franz, "I am glad of thisopportunity to tell you, once and forever, that youentertain a most erroneous notion concerning Italian women.I should have thought the continual failures you have metwith in all your own love affairs might have taught youbetter by this time."
3.  "True, I was a tailor, till the trade fell off. It is so hotat Marseilles, that really I believe that the respectableinhabitants will in time go without any clothing whatever.But talking of heat, is there nothing I can offer you by wayof refreshment?"
4.  "I knew that," said Monte Cristo; "she has been dead theseten years."
5.   The visitor was introduced into the drawing-room, which waslike all other furnished drawing-rooms. A mantle-piece, withtwo modern Sevres vases, a timepiece representing Cupid withhis bent bow, a mirror with an engraving on each side -- onerepresenting Homer carrying his guide, the other, Belisariusbegging -- a grayish paper; red and black tapestry -- suchwas the appearance of Lord Wilmore's drawing-room. It wasilluminated by lamps with ground-glass shades which gaveonly a feeble light, as if out of consideration for theenvoy's weak sight. After ten minutes' expectation the clockstruck ten; at the fifth stroke the door opened and LordWilmore appeared. He was rather above the middle height,with thin reddish whiskers, light complexion and light hair,turning rather gray. He was dressed with all the Englishpeculiarity, namely, in a blue coat, with gilt buttons andhigh collar, in the fashion of 1811, a white kerseymerewaistcoat, and nankeen pantaloons, three inches too short,but which were prevented by straps from slipping up to theknee. His first remark on entering was, -- "You know, sir, Ido not speak French?"
6.  "Third-rate," said Danglars, rather humble, "what do youmean by that?"


1.  "Now, then," said Villefort, placing the letter in hispocketbook, "I must have another!"
2.  "And you understand what brings me here?"
3.  "But before you leave France, my dear father, I hope youwill put me in possession of the documents which will benecessary to prove my descent."
4、  "I recognize them," said Morrel, whose face was suffused, ashe thought that, for the first time in his life, he would beunable to honor his own signature. "Is this all?"
5、  "Why, that is the very worst offence they could possiblycommit; for, don't you see, Renee, the king is the father ofhis people, and he who shall plot or contrive aught againstthe life and safety of the parent of thirty-two millions ofsouls, is a parricide upon a fearfully great scale?"




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      "Oh, excellency,"

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      "Has your resolution changed, Valentine?"

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       "Sir," said M. Beauchamp, "Albert was wrong, I acknowledge,to betray so much anger, and I come, on my own account, toapologize for him. And having done so, entirely on my ownaccount, be it understood, I would add that I believe youtoo gentlemanly to refuse giving him some explanationconcerning your connection with Yanina. Then I will add twowords about the young Greek girl." Monte Cristo motioned himto be silent. "Come," said he, laughing, "there are all myhopes about to be destroyed."

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      "Sir, I do not deny the justice of your correction, but themore severely you arm yourself against that unfortunate man,the more deeply will you strike our family. Come, forget himfor a moment, and instead of pursuing him let him go."

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    {  "But of what disease, then, did she die?" asked Debray.

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      Faria, with an air of triumph, offered the paper to Dantes,who this time read the following words, traced with an inkof a reddish color resembling rust: --}

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      "And do you think we have nothing to fear if we land?"

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      "Well, then, try. The cold gains upon me. I feel the bloodflowing towards my brain. These horrible chills, which makemy teeth chatter and seem to dislocate my bones, begin topervade my whole frame; in five minutes the malady willreach its height, and in a quarter of an hour there will benothing left of me but a corpse."

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       "The contract," answered Dantes, laughingly, "it didn't takelong to fix that. Mercedes has no fortune; I have none tosettle on her. So, you see, our papers were quickly writtenout, and certainly do not come very expensive." This jokeelicited a fresh burst of applause.

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    {  "I have ten left," said the man, "for here are eleven, and Ihad twenty-one, five more than last year. But I am notsurprised; the spring has been warm this year, andstrawberries require heat, sir. This is the reason that,instead of the sixteen I had last year, I have this year,you see, eleven, already plucked -- twelve, thirteen,fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen. Ah, I missthree, they were here last night, sir -- I am sure they werehere -- I counted them. It must be the Mere Simon's son whohas stolen them; I saw him strolling about here thismorning. Ah, the young rascal -- stealing in a garden -- hedoes not know where that may lead him to."

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      "I believe you, my lord, as implicitly as if God had spokento me," said the young girl, presenting her forehead to him.Monte Cristo pressed on that pure beautiful forehead a kisswhich made two hearts throb at once, the one violently, theother heavily. "Oh," murmured the count, "shall I then bepermitted to love again? Ask M. de Morcerf into thedrawing-room," said he to Baptistin, while he led thebeautiful Greek girl to a private staircase.