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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "That is not probable."
2.  "Yes, that the usual phrase; I am quite familiar with it.When the police is at fault, it declares that it is on thetrack; and the government patiently awaits the day when itcomes to say, with a sneaking air, that the track is lost."
3.  "Does your majesty wish me to drop the subject?"
4.  "[By telegraph.] The king, Don Carlos, has escaped thevigilance of his guardians at Bourges, and has returned toSpain by the Catalonian frontier. Barcelona has risen in hisfavor."
5.  "You?" cried she, with tones of thrilling tenderness, "youare everywhere!" Monte Cristo took the delicate hand of theyoung girl in his, and was about to raise it to his lips,when the simple child of nature hastily withdrew it, andpresented her cheek. "You now understand, Haidee," said thecount, "that from this moment you are absolutely free; thathere you exercise unlimited sway, and are at liberty to layaside or continue the costume of your country, as it maysuit your inclination. Within this mansion you are absolutemistress of your actions, and may go abroad or remain inyour apartments as may seem most agreeable to you. Acarriage waits your orders, and Ali and Myrtho willaccompany you whithersoever you desire to go. There is butone favor I would entreat of you."
6.  "That, perhaps, might not be considered a large sum, inParis especially," said the count; "but everything does notdepend on wealth, and it is a fine thing to have a goodname, and to occupy a high station in society. Your name iscelebrated, your position magnificent; and then the Comte deMorcerf is a soldier, and it is pleasing to see theintegrity of a Bayard united to the poverty of a Duguesclin;disinterestedness is the brightest ray in which a noblesword can shine. As for me, I consider the union withMademoiselle Danglars a most suitable one; she will enrichyou, and you will ennoble her." Albert shook his head, andlooked thoughtful. "There is still something else," said he.


1.  "One day the young shepherd told the count's steward that hehad seen a wolf come out of the Sabine mountains, and prowlaround his flock. The steward gave him a gun; this was whatVampa longed for. This gun had an excellent barrel, made atBreschia, and carrying a ball with the precision of anEnglish rifle; but one day the count broke the stock, andhad then cast the gun aside. This, however, was nothing to asculptor like Vampa; he examined the broken stock,calculated what change it would require to adapt the gun tohis shoulder, and made a fresh stock, so beautifully carvedthat it would have fetched fifteen or twenty piastres, hadhe chosen to sell it. But nothing could be farther from histhoughts. For a long time a gun had been the young man'sgreatest ambition. In every country where independence hastaken the place of liberty, the first desire of a manlyheart is to possess a weapon, which at once renders himcapable of defence or attack, and, by rendering its ownerterrible, often makes him feared. From this moment Vampadevoted all his leisure time to perfecting himself in theuse of his precious weapon; he purchased powder and ball,and everything served him for a mark -- the trunk of someold and moss-grown olive-tree, that grew on the Sabinemountains; the fox, as he quitted his earth on somemarauding excursion; the eagle that soared above theirheads: and thus he soon became so expert, that Teresaovercame the terror she at first felt at the report, andamused herself by watching him direct the ball wherever hepleased, with as much accuracy as if he placed it by hand.
2.  "And shall we go and find him?" inquired Franz.
3.  "A lesson?"
4.  "I ask you only how your engagement stands? Pray put noconstruction on my words I do not mean they should convey,and give them no undue weight."
5.  "Something of this I heard in Epirus," said Monte Cristo;"but the particulars are still unknown to me. You shallrelate them to me, my child. They are, no doubt, bothcurious and interesting."
6.  We have seen how quietly Mademoiselle Danglars andMademoiselle d'Armilly accomplished their transformation andflight; the fact being that every one was too much occupiedin his or her own affairs to think of theirs. We will leavethe banker contemplating the enormous magnitude of his debtbefore the phantom of bankruptcy, and follow the baroness,who after being momentarily crushed under the weight of theblow which had struck her, had gone to seek her usualadviser, Lucien Debray. The baroness had looked forward tothis marriage as a means of ridding her of a guardianshipwhich, over a girl of Eugenie's character, could not fail tobe rather a troublesome undertaking; for in the tacitrelations which maintain the bond of family union, themother, to maintain her ascendancy over her daughter, mustnever fail to be a model of wisdom and a type of perfection.


1.  "But how could you have these fish brought to France?"
2.  "This is a gloomy introduction, if I may judge from yourpallor and shuddering, Morrel."
3.  "Do you wish to see him?"
4.  At this name the count, who had hitherto saluted every onewith courtesy, but at the same time with coldness andformality, stepped a pace forward, and a slight tinge of redcolored his pale cheeks. "You wear the uniform of the newFrench conquerors, monsieur," said he; "it is a handsomeuniform." No one could have said what caused the count'svoice to vibrate so deeply, and what made his eye flash,which was in general so clear, lustrous, and limpid when hepleased. "You have never seen our Africans, count?" saidAlbert. "Never," replied the count, who was by this timeperfectly master of himself again.
5.   "Nothing -- I was speaking to myself. And is he still inlove with the Catalane?"
6.  "`Given at Constantinople, by authority of his highness, inthe year 1247 of the Hegira.


1.  "No doubt; but unfortunately for the prisoners, the AbbeFaria had an attack of catalepsy, and died."
2.  "Look at me," said Monte Cristo, with that expression whichsometimes made him so eloquent and persuasive -- "look atme. There are no tears in my eyes, nor is there fever in myveins, yet I see you suffer -- you, Maximilian, whom I loveas my own son. Well, does not this tell you that in grief,as in life, there is always something to look forward tobeyond? Now, if I entreat, if I order you to live, Morrel,it is in the conviction that one day you will thank me forhaving preserved your life."
3.  "Why?"
4、  "How long have you been here?"
5、  "What?" said Albert, seeing that Beauchamp hesitated.




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      "On the contrary, it is a matter of the utmost importance,Edmond!" replied the old man. "Who knows if to-morrow, orthe next day after, the third attack may not come on? andthen must not all be over? Yes, indeed, I have often thoughtwith a bitter joy that these riches, which would make thewealth of a dozen families, will be forever lost to thosemen who persecute me. This idea was one of vengeance to me,and I tasted it slowly in the night of my dungeon and thedespair of my captivity. But now I have forgiven the worldfor the love of you; now that I see you, young and with apromising future, -- now that I think of all that may resultto you in the good fortune of such a disclosure, I shudderat any delay, and tremble lest I should not assure to one asworthy as yourself the possession of so vast an amount ofhidden wealth." Edmond turned away his head with a sigh.

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      "Yes; I had been told that I should see you to-day at seveno'clock."

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       The count signified his intention of dining alone, and thatno one but Ali should attend him. Having dined with hisusual tranquillity and moderation, the count, making asignal to Ali to follow him, went out by the side-gate andon reaching the Bois de Boulogne turned, apparently withoutdesign towards Paris and at twilight; found himself oppositehis house in the Champs-Elysees. All was dark; one solitary,feeble light was burning in the porter's lodge, about fortypaces distant from the house, as Baptistin had said. MonteCristo leaned against a tree, and with that scrutinizingglance which was so rarely deceived, looked up and down theavenue, examined the passers-by, and carefully looked downthe neighboring streets, to see that no one was concealed.Ten minutes passed thus, and he was convinced that no onewas watching him. He hastened to the side-door with Ali,entered hurriedly, and by the servants' staircase, of whichhe had the key, gained his bedroom without opening ordisarranging a single curtain, without even the porterhaving the slightest suspicion that the house, which hesupposed empty, contained its chief occupant.

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      "I want the album."

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    {  "No one, but you appeared to be so. From the manner in whichyou walked and talked together, one would have thought youwere two school-girls telling your secrets to each other."

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      "Oh, see, Maximilian, see the power you have over me, youalmost make me believe you; and yet, what you tell me ismadness, for my father will curse me -- he is inflexible --he will never pardon me. Now listen to me, Maximilian; if byartifice, by entreaty, by accident -- in short, if by anymeans I can delay this marriage, will you wait?"}

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      "No; I only know that some time after Edmond's arrest, hemarried Mademoiselle de Saint-Meran, and soon after leftMarseilles; no doubt he has been as lucky as the rest; nodoubt he is as rich as Danglars, as high in station asFernand. I only, as you see, have remained poor, wretched,and forgotten."

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      "Horrible!" ejaculated the priest.

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    {  "Yes, I have," replied Franz; "I am curious to know whatwork you were perusing with so much attention as weentered."

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      "Do I? No one better."