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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "He made his way to Woking by the first train, and, havingexamined his booty and assured himself that it really was of immensevalue, he had concealed it in what he thought was a very safe place,with the intention of taking it out again in a day or two, andcarrying it to the French embassy, or wherever he thought that along price was to be had. Then came your sudden return. He, withouta moment's warning, was bundled out of his room, and from that timeonward there were always at least two of you there to prevent him fromregaining his treasure. The situation to him must have been amaddening one. But at last he thought he saw his chance. He tried tosteal in, but was baffled by your wakefulness. You may remember thatyou did not take your usual draught that night."
2.  "The inquest is just over. The medical evidence showed
3.  Someone was walking in the chapel above. It was the firm, rapid stepof one who came with a definite purpose and knew, well the ground uponwhich he walked. A light streamed down the stairs, and an instantlater the man who bore it was framed in the Gothic archway. He was aterrible figure, huge in stature and fierce in manner. A largestable-lantern which he field in front of him shone upward upon astrong, heavily moustached face and angry eyes, which glared round himinto every recess of the vault, finally fixing themselves with adeadly stare upon my companion and myself.
4.  "I think," said he, "that we shall be of more use in London thanin Norbury."
5.  "What can it mean?" I gasped.
6.  A shower of rain fell while we were in the train, and the heat wasfar less oppressive in Croydon than in town. Holmes had sent on awire, so that Lestrade, as wiry, as dapper, and as ferret-like asever, was waiting for us at the station. A walk of five minutes tookus to Cross Street, where Miss Cushing resided.


1.  "My first movement Watson," said he, as he bustled into hisfrockcoat, "must, as I said, be in the direction of Blackheath.""And why not Norwood?"
2.  "What!" Lestrade stared at him in amazement. "You are joking.""I was never more serious in my life. A shocking crime has beencommitted, and I think I have now laid bare every detail of it.""And the criminal?"
3.  "I should say it was impossible. If you examine the roofs you willfind that they are slightly rounded, and there is no railing roundthem. Therefore, we can say for certain that young Cadogan West wasplaced on it."
4.  "Dear me, dear me, how unfortunate!" cried Milverton, taking out abulky pocketbook. "I cannot help thinking that ladies areill-advised in not making an effort. Look at this!" He held up alittle note with a coat-of-arms upon the envelope. "That belongs to-well, perhaps it is hardly fair to tell the name until to-morrowmorning. But at that time it will be in the hands of the lady'shusband. And all because she will not find a beggarly sum which shecould get by turning her diamonds into paste. It is such a pity!Now, you remember the sudden end of the engagement between theHonourable Miss Miles and Colonel Dorking? Only two days before thewedding, there was a paragraph in the Morning Post to say that itwas all off. And why? It is almost incredible, but the absurd sum oftwelve hundred pounds would have settled the whole question. Is it notpitiful? And here I find you, a man of sense, boggling about terms,when your client's future and honour are at stake. You surprise me,Mr. Holmes."
5.  "I must explain to you, Mr. Holmes, that to-morrow is the firstday of the examination for the Fortescue Scholarship. I am one ofthe examiners. My subject is Greek, and the first of the papersconsists of a large passage of Greek translation which the candidatehas not seen. This passage is printed on the examination paper, and itwould naturally be an immense advantage if the candidate could prepareit in advance. For this reason, great care is taken to keep thepaper secret.
6.  "'"Very well, indeed."


1.  "I should be happy to think so, but I fear your explanations must bebefore the police."
2.  1908
3.  "And the alternative?"
4.  "I say it is."
5.   "He said so."
6.  A woman, young and beautiful, was lying dead upon the bed. Hercalm pale face, with dim, wide-opened blue eyes, looked upward fromamid a great tangle of golden hair. At the foot of the bed, halfsitting, half kneeling, his face buried in the clothes, was a youngman, whose frame was racked by his sobs. So absorbed was he by hisbitter grief, that he never looked up until Holmes's hand was on hisshoulder.


1.  Holmes chuckled.
2.  "What, the man who draws them?"
3.  "Mr. Holmes!" said the lady, and her face was pink with herindignation. "This is surely most unfair and ungenerous upon yourpart. I desired, as I have explained, to keep my visit to you asecret, lest my husband should think that I was intruding into hisaffairs. And yet you compromise me by coming here and so showingthat there are business relations between us."
4、  Holmes smiled and shook his head.
5、  "Well, that is part of the risk. There is no other possible way ofregaining these letters. The unfortunate lady has not the money, andthere are none of her people in whom she could confide. To-morrow isthe last day of grace, and unless we can get the letters to-night,this villain will be as good as his word and will bring about herruin. I must, therefore, abandon my client to her fate or I mustplay this last card. Between ourselves, Watson, it's a sporting duelbetween this fellow Milverton and me. He had, as you saw, the bestof the first exchanges, but my self-respect and my reputation areconcerned to fight it to a finish."




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      "Perhaps Mr. Neil Gibson has told you something of what occurredbetween us?" she asked in a low, agitated voice.

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      Holmes had picked up the powerful air-gun from the floor, and wasexamining its mechanism.

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       The study proved to be a small chamber, lined on three sides withbooks, and with a writing-table facing an ordinary window, whichlooked out upon the garden. Our first attention was given to thebody of the unfortunate squire, whose huge frame lay stretchedacross the room. His disordered dress showed that he had beenhastily aroused from sleep. The bullet had been fired at him fromthe front, and had remained in his body, after penetrating theheart. His death had certainly been instantaneous and painless.There was no powder-marking either upon his dressing-gown or on hishands. According to the country surgeon, the lady had stains uponher face, but none upon her hand.

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      "The defeat of the Light Blues may be entirely attributed to theunfortunate absence of the crack International, Godfrey Staunton,whose want was felt at every instant of the game. The lack ofcombination in the three-quarter line and their weakness both inattack and defence more than neutralized the efforts of a heavy andhard-working pack."

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    {  "And your friend was closely related?"

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      "Has Amberley been here yet?"}

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      "Anything more, Watson?"

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      THE END

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       His words were cut short by a sudden scream of "Help! Help! Murder!"With a thrill I recognized the voice as that of my friend. I rushedmadly from the room on to the landing. The cries, which had sunkdown into a hoarse, inarticulate shouting, came from the room which wehad first visited. I dashed in, and on into the dressing-roombeyond. The two Cunninghams were bending over the prostrate figureof Sherlock Holmes, the younger clutching his throat with bothhands, while the elder seemed to be twisting one of his wrists. Inan instant the three of us had torn them away from him, and Holmesstaggered to his feet, very pale and evidently greatly exhausted."Arrest these men, Inspector," he gasped.

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    {  Never certainly have I seen a plainer confession of guilt upon humancountenances. The older man seemed numbed and dazed, with a heavy,sullen expression upon his strongly marked face. The son, on the otherhand, had dropped all that jaunty, dashing style which hadcharacterized him, and the ferocity of a dangerous wild beastgleamed in his dark eyes and distorted his handsome features. Theinspector said nothing, but, stepping to the door, he blew hiswhistle. Two of his constables came at the call.

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      THE END