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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Hum!" said the host, in a doubtful tone.
2.  D'Artagnan at once perceived the ground which the vindictivecreature wished to reach.
3.  "Monsieur."
4.  "Of my husband! Yes, I recognize it!"
5.  Buckingham conducted the goldsmith to the chamber destined forhim, and which, at the end of half an hour, was transformed intoa workshop. Then he placed a sentinel at each door, with anorder to admit nobody upon any pretense but his VALET DE CHAMBRE,Patrick. We need not add that the goldsmith, O'Reilly, and hisassistant, were prohibited from going out under any pretext.This point, settled, the duke turned to D'Artagnan. "Now, myyoung friend," said he, "England is all our own. What do youwish for? What do you desire?"
6.  "Indeed, monseigneur," responded the mercer, "I have heard herpronounce all those names."


1.  "Let him be sent for instantly."
2.  "VENTREBLEU!" cried D'Artagnan, rising from the table, the storyof the present day making him forget that of the preceding one."Patience!" said Athos; "I had a plan. The Englishman was anoriginal; I had seen him conversing that morning with Grimaud,and Grimaud had told me that he had made him proposals to enterinto his service. I staked Grimaud, the silent Grimaud, dividedinto ten portions."
3.  "What the devil would you have me do with that?" said theEnglishman.
4.  "I saw her."
5.  But what was clearest in all this was that the true hatred,the profound hatred, the inveterate hatred of Milady, wasincreased by his not having killed her brother-in-law.D'Artagnan came the next day to Milady's, and finding her ina very ill-humor, had no doubt that it was lack of an answerfrom M. de Wardes that provoked her thus. Kitty came in,but Milady was very cross with her. The poor girl ventureda glance at D'Artagnan which said, "See how I suffer on youraccount!"
6.  "To nobody in the world."


1.  Milady looked at her lover in silence. The pale light ofthe first rays of day gave to her clear eyes a strangelyfrightful expression.
2.  Planchet had followed the road; like Athos, he had discovered the stainsof blood; like Athos, he had noted the spot where the horses had halted.But he had gone farther than Athos--for at the village of Festubert,while drinking at an inn, he had learned without needing to ask aquestion that the evening before, at half-past eight, a wounded man whoaccompanied a lady traveling in a post-chaise had been obliged to stop,unable to go further. The accident was set down to the account ofrobbers, who had stopped the chaise in the wood. The man remained inthe village; the woman had had a relay of horses, and continued herjourney.
3.  "What else have you done."
4.  Milady wished to please the abbess. This was a very easy matter for awoman so really superior as she was. She tried to be agreeable, and shewas charming, winning the good superior by her varied conversation andby the graces of her whole personality.
5.   "And I--I swear to you before God, madame," said D'Artagnan."that if I am taken while accomplishing the orders you give me, Iwill die sooner than do anything that may compromise anyone."Then the young woman confided in him the terrible secret of whichchance had already communicated to him a part in front of theSamaritaine. This was their mutual declaration of love.D'Artagnan was radiant with joy and pride. This secret which hepossessed, this woman whom he loved! Confidence and love mad hima giant.
6.  "I am taken!" shouted Athos, with all the power of his lungs."Go on, D'Artagnan! Spur, spur!" and he fired two pistols.D'Artagnan and Planchet did not require twice bidding; theyunfastened the two horses that were waiting at the door, leapedupon them, buried their spurs in their sides, and set off at fullgallop.


1.  Fifty vessels were waiting to set out. Passing alongside one ofthem, D'Artagnan fancied he perceived on board it the woman ofMeung--the same whom the unknown gentleman had called Milady, andwhom D'Artagnan had thought so handsome; but thanks to thecurrent of the stream and a fair wind, his vessel passed soquickly that he had little more than a glimpse of her.The next day about nine o'clock in the morning, he landed at St.Valery. D'Artagnan went instantly in search of the inn, andeasily discovered it by the riotous noise which resounded fromit. War between England and France was talked of as near andcertain, and the jolly sailors were having a carousal.D'Artagnan made his way through the crowd, advanced toward thehost, and pronounced the word "Forward!" The host instantly madehim a sign to follow, went out with him by a door which openedinto a yard, led him to the stable, where a saddled horse awaitedhim, and asked him if he stood in need of anything else."I want to know the route I am to follow," said D'Artagnan."Go from hence to Blangy, and from Blangy to Neufchatel. AtNeufchatel, go to the tavern of the Golden Harrow, give thepassword to the landlord, and you will find, as you have here, ahorse ready saddled."
2.  "'You?' repeated I. Oh, I declare to you, Felton, I thought himmad!
3.  A shudder crept through the body of the cardinal, who did not shudderreadily.
4、  Porthos pretended that this occupation was proof of a reflectiveand contemplative organization, and he had brought him thisgentleman, for whom he believed himself to be engaged, had wonPlanchet--that was the name of the Picard. He felt a slightdisappointment, however, when he saw that this place was alreadytaken by a compeer named Mousqueton, and when Porthos signifiedto him that the state of his household, though great, would notsupport two servants, and that he must enter into the service ofD'Artagnan. Nevertheless, when he waited at the dinner given myhis master, and saw him take out a handful of gold to pay for it,he believed his fortune made, and returned thanks to heaven forhaving thrown him into the service of such a Croesus. Hepreserved this opinion even after the feast, with the remnants ofwhich he repaired his own long abstinence; but when in theevening he made his master's bed, the chimeras of Planchet fadedaway. The bed was the only one in the apartment, which consistedof an antechamber and a bedroom. Planchet slept in theantechamber upon a coverlet taken from the bed of D'Artagnan, andwhich D'Artagnan from that time made shift to do without.Athos, on his part, had a valet whom he had trained in hisservice in a thoroughly peculiar fashion, and who was namedGrimaud. He was very taciturn, this worthy signor. Be itunderstood we are speaking of Athos. During the five or sixyears that he had lived in the strictest intimacy with hiscompanions, Porthos and Aramis, they could remember having oftenseen him smile, but had never heard him laugh. His words werebrief and expressive, conveying all that was meant, and no more;no embellishments, no embroidery, no arabesques. Hisconversation a matter of fact, without a single romance.Although Athos was scarcely thirty years old, and was of greatpersonal beauty and intelligence of mind, no one knew whether hehad ever had a mistress. He never spoke of women. He certainlydid not prevent others from speaking of them before him, althoughit was easy to perceive that this kind of conversation, in whichhe only mingled by bitter words and misanthropic remarks, wasvery disagreeable to him. His reserve, his roughness, and hissilence made almost an old man of him. He had, then, in ordernot to disturb his habits, accustomed Grimaud to obey him upon asimple gesture or upon a simple movement of his lips. He neverspoke to him, except under the most extraordinary occasions.Sometimes, Grimaud, who feared his master as he did fire, whileentertaining a strong attachment to his person and a greatveneration for his talents, believed he perfectly understood whathe wanted, flew to execute the order received, and did preciselythe contrary. Athos then shrugged his shoulders, and, withoutputting himself in a passion, thrashed Grimaud. On these days hespoke a little.
5、  The chancellor entered, half smiling, half blushing. As we shallprobably meet with him again in the course of our history, it maybe well for our readers to be made at once acquainted with him.This chancellor was a pleasant man. He was Des Roches le Masle,canon of Notre Dame, who had formerly been valet of a bishop, whointroduced him to his Eminence as a perfectly devout man. Thecardinal trusted him, and therein found his advantage.There are many stories related of him, and among them this.After a wild youth, he had retired into a convent, there toexpiate, at least for some time, the follies of adolescence. Onentering this holy place, the poor penitent was unable to shutthe door so close as to prevent the passions he fled fromentering with him. He was incessantly attacked by them, and thesuperior, to whom he had confided this misfortune, wishing asmuch as in him lay to free him from them, had advised him, inorder to conjure away the tempting demon, to have recourse to thebell rope, and ring with all his might. At the denunciatingsound, the monks would be rendered aware that temptation wasbesieging a brother, and all the community would go to prayers.This advice appeared good to the future chancellor. He conjuredthe evil spirit with abundance of prayers offered up by themonks. But the devil does not suffer himself to be easilydispossessed from a place in which he has fixed his garrison. Inproportion as they redoubled the exorcisms he redoubled thetemptations; so that day and night the bell was ringing fullswing, announcing the extreme desire for mortification which thepenitent experienced.




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      "A FLEUR-DE-LIS," said Athos. "She was branded."Athos emptied at a single draught the glass he held in his hand."Horror!" cried D'Artagnan. "What do you tell me?""Truth, my friend. The angel was a demon; the poor young girlhad stolen the sacred vessels from a church."

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       "Impossible, madame, impossible," murmured Felton, who felt tothe bottom of his heart the justness of this argument. "Aprisoner, you will not recover your liberty through me; living,you will not lose your life through me."

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      "What did the cardinal say about me?"

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    {  All your woes will melt in air,

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      "Sire," replied M. de Treville, calmly, "on the contrary, I cometo demand it of you."}

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      "Tomorrow--immediately--when you please!"

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      "Yes, Count," said Milady, in her softest voice, andpressing his hand in her own, "I am happy in the love whichyour looks and your words have expressed to me every time wehave met. I also--I love you. Oh, tomorrow, tomorrow, Imust have some pledge from you which will prove that youthink of me; and that you may not forget me, take this!" andshe slipped a ring from her finger onto D'Artagnan's.D'Artagnan remembered having seen this ring on the finger ofMilady; it was a magnificent sapphire, encircled withbrilliants.

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       "This means, sire," replied the cardinal, "that I was desirous ofpresenting her Majesty with these two studs, and that not daringto offer them myself, I adopted this means of inducing her toaccept them."

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    {  "And I," said Porthos, "do you think my strain cost me nothing?--without reckoning Mousqueton's wound, for which I had to have thesurgeon twice a day, and who charged me double on account of thatfoolish Mousqueton having allowed himself a ball in a part whichpeople generally only show to an apothecary; so I advised him totry never to get wounded there any more."

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      "Here we are!" said Athos.