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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Thank you. I have already learned all that is in the public prints,nothing more. I presume that I may take it as correct-this article,for example, as to the disappearance of the bride."
2.  "You must confine yourself to your room, on pretence of aheadache, when your stepfather comes back. Then when you hear himretire for the night, you must open the shutters of your window,undo the hasp, put your lamp there as a signal to us, and thenwithdraw quietly with everything which you are likely to want into theroom which you used to occupy. I have no doubt that, in spite of therepairs, you could manage there for one night."
3.  "I am so delighted that you have come," she said earnestly. "It isso very kind of you both; but indeed I do not know what I should do.Your advice will be altogether invaluable to me."
4.  "It must have been so."
5.  "Then I shall reconsider my resolution about going out. We havestill time to take a train to Hereford and see him to-night?""Ample."
6.  Three doors faced us upon the second floor, and it was from thecentral of these that the sinister sounds were issuing, sinkingsometimes into a dull mumble and rising again into a shrill whine.It was locked, but the key had been left on the outside. Holmesflung open the door and rushed in, but he was out again in an instant,with his hand to his throat.


1.  "He was. But now he must get off by the next boat. One or other ofus must slip round with the stone to Lime Street and tell him.""But the false bottom ain't ready."
2.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
3.  "Against whom?"
4.  "Tired-looking or fresh?"
5.  "And a non-commissioned officer."
6.  "Surely there is another alternative, Mr. Holmes. I don't knowwhether you observed my bedroom window?"


1.  "You stayed here when your master left?"
2.  "Yes, sir, one telegram."
3.  "He says four o'clock. It is three now. He will be here in an hour.""Then I have just time, with your assistance, to get clear uponthe subject. Turn over those papers and arrange the extracts intheir order of time, while I take a glance as to who our client is."He picked a red-covered volume from a line of books of referencebeside the mantelpiece. "Here he is," said he, sitting down andflattening it out upon his knee. "Lord Robert Walsingham de Vere St.Simon, second son of the Duke of Balmoral. Hum! Arms: Azure, threecaltrops in chief in chief over a fess sable. Born in 1846. He'sforty-one years of age, which is mature for marriage. WasUnder-Secretary for the colonies in a late administration. The Duke,his father was at one time Secretary for Foreign Affairs. They inheritPlantagenet blood by direct descent, and Tudor on the distaff side.Ha! Well, there is nothing very instructive in all this. I thinkthat I must turn to you, Watson, for something more solid.""I have very little difficulty in finding what I want" said I,"for the facts are quite recent, and the matter struck me asremarkable. I feared to refer them to you, however, as I knew that youhad an inquiry on hand and that you disliked the intrusion of othermatters."
4.  "And now I come to the queer part of the business. I was in diggingsout Hampstead way, 17 Potter's Terrace. Well, I was sitting doing asmoke that very evening after I had been promised the appointment,when up came my landlady with a card which had 'Arthur Pinner,Financial Agent' printed upon it. I had never heard the name beforeand could not imagine what he wanted with me, but of course I askedher to show him up. In he walked, a middle-sized, dark-haired,dark-eyed, black-bearded man, with a touch of the sheeny about hisnose. He had a brisk kind of way with him and spoke sharply, like aman who knew the value of time.
5.   "I hope a wild goose may not prove to be the end of ourchase," observed Mr. Merryweather gloomily.
6.  "Couldn't read or write," said Carruthers.


1.  "What?"
2.  "No, no. The place belonged to her late husband, Sir James Norbertonhas no claim on it at all. It is only a life interest and reverts toher husband's brother. Meantime, she draws the rents every year.""And brother Robert, I suppose, spends the said rents?""That is about the size of it. He is a devil of a fellow and mustlead her a most uneasy life. Yet I have heard that she is devoted tohim. But what is amiss at Shoscombe?"
3.  I have only one further note of this case. It is the letter whichHolmes wrote in final answer to that with which the narrativebegins. It ran thus:
4、  "Well, then, I must make some suggestions to you. When you satdown on that chair yesterday, did you do so in order to conceal someobject which would have shown who had been in the room?"Bannister's face was ghastly.
5、  "We must define the situation a little more clearly. It may bearsome more innocent interpretation. Come, Watson, let us go acrossourselves and see what we can make of it."




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      "You certainly do things thoroughly, Mr. Holmes."

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      It was a very large and high chamber, with carved oak ceiling, oakenpanelling, and a fine array of deer's heads and ancient weapons aroundthe walls. At the further end from the door was the high French windowof which we had heard. Three smaller windows on the right-hand sidefilled the apartment with cold winter sunshine. On the left was alarge, deep fireplace, with a massive, overhanging oak mantelpiece.Beside the fireplace was a heavy oaken chair with arms and crossbarsat the bottom. In and out through the open woodwork was woven acrimson cord, which was secured at each side to the crosspiecebelow. In releasing the lady, the cord had been slipped off her, butthe knots with which it had been secured still remained. These detailsonly struck our attention afterwards, for our thoughts were entirelyabsorbed by the terrible object which lay upon the tigerskin hearthrugin front of the fire.

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    {  "Whom do you suspect?" he asked.

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      "In what way?" asked Holmes.}

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      "My stick!"

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      "Tut, tut, we have solved some worse problems. At least we haveplenty of material, if we can only use it. Come, then, and, havingexhausted the Palmer, let us see what the Dunlop with the patchedcover has to offer us."

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       "So he did me. That's the puzzling part. Why should a perfectlyhonest man- Well, well, here's a large stationer's. We shall begin ourresearches here."

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    {  "I can tell you the truth so far as I know it, Mr. Holmes, but Iam in a position to prove nothing, and there are points- the mostvital points- which I can neither explain nor can I imagine anyexplanation."

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      "The old fellow looked diabolical, and I really thought he was aboutto attack me. I have said that he was a gaunt, fierce old giant, andthough I am no weakling I might have been hard put to it to hold myown against him. However, after a long glare of rage he turned uponhis heel and walked out of the room. For my part, I took the appointedtrain in the morning, with the full intention of coming straight toyou and asking for your advice and assistance at the appointment forwhich I had already written."