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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Well, well! What next?" said he. "Brother Mycroft is coming round.""Why not?" I asked.
2.  "It is a small point, Count Sylvius, but perhaps you would kindlygive me my prefix when you address me. You can understand that, withmy, routine of work, I should find myself on familiar terms withhalf the rogues' gallery, and you will agree that exceptions areinvidious."
3.  "The whole world will know the facts presently, so there can be noharm if I discuss them here," said I. "I should have preferredprivacy, but if your father will not allow it he must share thedeliberations." Then I spoke of the note which had been found in thedead man's pocket. "It is sure to be produced at the inquest. May Iask you to throw any light upon it that you can?"
4.  "And Joseph! Joseph a villain and a thief!"
5.  "No," Holmes answered, in his gentlest voice, "I will not causeyou any unnecessary trouble, Lady Brackenstall, and my whole desire isto make things easy for you, for I am convinced that you are amuch-tried woman. If you will treat me as a friend and trust me, youmay find that I will justify your trust."
6.  "The first case reported was four days ago," said he. "It was at theshop of Morse Hudson, who has a place for the sale of pictures andstatues in the Kennington Road. The assistant had left the frontshop for an instant, when he heard a crash, and hurrying in he found aplaster bust of Napoleon, which stood with several other works ofart upon the counter, lying shivered into fragments. He rushed outinto the road, but, although several passers-by declared that they hadnoticed a man run out of the shop, he could neither see anyone norcould he find any means of identifying the rascal. It seemed to be oneof those senseless acts of Hooliganism which occur from time totime, and it was reported to the constable on the beat as such. Theplaster cast was not worth more than a few shillings, and the wholeaffair appeared to be too childish for any particular investigation."The second case, however, was more serious, and also more singular.It occurred only last night.


1.  "Do you open the boys' letters?"
2.  "Don't put it to the ground."
3.  The man mopped his forehead with his handkerchief and gave a longsigh of relief.
4.  "No, sir- nothing."
5.  "Had there been women in the house, I should have suspected amere vulgar intrigue. That, however, was out of the question.The man's business was a small one, and there was nothing in hishouse which could account for such elaborate preparations, andsuch an expenditure as they were at. It must, then, be somethingout of the house. What could it be? I thought of the assistant'sfondness for photography, and his trick of vanishing into thecellar. The cellar! There was the end of this tangled clue.Then I made inquiries as to this mysterious assistant and foundthat I had to deal with one of the coolest and most daringcriminals in London. He was doing something in the
6.  "Meaning that I lie."


1.  "'Pon my word, I am inclined to agree with Master Alec," said theofficial. "It may be the effect of this illness, but it seems to methat-"
2.  "'The governor is dying,' were the first words he said."'Impossible!' I cried. 'What is the matter?'
3.  I lit my pipe and leaned back in my chair.
4.  "Very good, Lestrade," said Holmes, laughing. "You really are veryfine indeed. Let me see it." He took up the paper in a listless way,but his attention instantly became riveted, and he gave a little cryof satisfaction. "This is indeed important," said he.
5.   "I have spoken to no one."
6.  "And the next link?"


1.  "The place is disorganized. The chief dead, Cadogan West dead, ourpapers stolen. And yet, when we closed our door on Monday evening,we were as efficient an office as any in the government service.Good God, it's dreadful to think off That West, of all men, shouldhave done such a thing!"
2.  "I'll tell you what I know about Effie's history. She was a widowwhen I met her first, though quite young-only twenty-five. Her namethen was Mrs. Hebron. She went out to America when she was young andlived in the town of Atlanta, where she married this Hebron, who was alawyer with a good practice. They had one child, but the yellowfever broke out badly in the place, and both husband and child died ofit. I have seen his death certificate. This sickened her of America,and she came back to live with a maiden aunt at Pinner, inMiddlesex. I may mention that her husband had left her comfortablyoff, and that she had a capital of about four thousand five hundredpounds, which had been so well invested by him that it returned anaverage of seven per cent. She had only been six months at Pinner whenI met her; we fell in love with each other, and we married a few weeksafterwards.
3.  Stanley Hopkins gave a cry of joy.
4、  "You have done well indeed!" cried Holmes with enthusiasm. "Now leadthe way, and we shall soon see the end of this black business."We passed up the stair, unlocked the door, followed on down apassage, and found ourselves in front of the barricade which MissHunter had described. Holmes cut the cord and removed the transversebar. Then he tried the various keys in the lock, but withoutsuccess. No sound came from within, and at the silence Holmes's faceclouded over.
5、  "Have you any theory, Holmes?"




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      "His companion!"

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      "Then we shall both come. What are you going to do yourself?""I have one or two things which I would wish to do now that I amin town. But I shall return by the twelve o'clock train, so as to bethere in time for your coming."

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       "'It was in this way. We had gone on the May Day for a roundvoyage of seven days, but a hogshead got loose and started one ofour plates, so that we had to put back into port for twelve hours. Ileft the ship and came home, thinking what a surprise it would befor my wife, and hoping that maybe she would be glad to see me sosoon. The thought was in my head as I turned into my own street and atthat moment a cab passed me, and there she was, sitting by the side ofFairbairn, the two chatting and laughing, with never a thought forme as I stood watching them from the footpath.

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      "The rest you will leave in our hands."

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    {  Sherlock Holmes had been bending for a long time over a low-powermicroscope. Now he straightened himself up and looked round at me intriumph.

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      "Now, let us calmly define our position, Watson," he continued as weskirted the cliffs together. "Let us get a firm grip of the verylittle which we do know, so that when fresh facts arise we may beready to fit them into their places. I take it, in the first place,that neither of us is prepared to admit diabolical intrusions into theaffairs of men. Let us begin by ruling that entirely out of our minds.Very good. There remain three persons who have been grievouslystricken by some conscious or unconscious human agency. That is firmground. Now, where did this occur? Evidently, assuming his narrativeto be true, it was immediately after Mr. Mortimer Tregennis had leftthe room. That is a very important point. The presumption is that itwas within a few minutes afterwards. The cards still lay upon thetable. It was already past their usual hour for bed. Yet they hadnot changed their position or pushed back their chairs. I repeat,then, that the occurrence was immediately after his departure, and notlater than eleven o'clock last night.}

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      "Mr. Holmes, the envelope is a long, thin one of pale blue colour.There is a seal of red wax stamped with a crouching lion. It isaddressed in large, bold handwriting to-"

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      "Mr. Holmes!" said the lady, and her face was pink with herindignation. "This is surely most unfair and ungenerous upon yourpart. I desired, as I have explained, to keep my visit to you asecret, lest my husband should think that I was intruding into hisaffairs. And yet you compromise me by coming here and so showingthat there are business relations between us."

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       Half an hour later we were seated, all four, in the smallsitting-room of Signora Lucca, listening to her remarkable narrativeof those sinister events, the ending of which we had chanced towitness. She spoke in rapid and fluent but very unconventionalEnglish, which, for the sake of clearness, I will make grammatical."I was born in Posilippo, near Naples," said she, "and was thedaughter of Augusto Barelli, who was the chief lawyer and once thedeputy of that part. Gennaro was in my father's employment, and I cameto love him, as any woman must. He had neither money nor position-nothing but his beauty and strength and energy- so my father forbadethe match. We fled together, were married at Bari, and sold myjewels to gain the money which would take us to America. This was fouryears ago, and we have been in New York ever since.

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    {  "Very good. Come this way, if you please." He led us down a passage,opened a barred door, passed down a winding stair, and brought us to awhitewashed corridor with a line of doors on each side."The third on the right is his," said the inspector. "Here it is!"He quietly shot back a panel in the upper part of the door and glancedthrough.

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      In town the earliest risers were just beginning to look sleepilyfrom their windows as we drove through the streets of the Surrey side,Passing down the Waterloo Bridge Road we crossed over the river, anddashing up Wellington Street wheeled sharply to the right and foundourselves in Bow Street. Sherlock Holmes was well known to theforce, and the two constables at the door saluted him. One of themheld the horse's head while the other led us in.