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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "My faith, monsieur, he was in such trouble that I doubt ifhe can have retained a very clear recollection of me.""Well, go and talk with the boy," said D'Artagnan, "and makeout if you can from his conversation whether his master isdead."
2.  "I know that Porthos was in a fair way," replied D'Artagnan;"and as to Aramis to tell you the truth, I have never beenseriously uneasy on his account. But you, my dear Athos--you, who so generously distributed the Englishman'spistoles, which were our legitimate property--what do youmean to do?"
3.  Then was heard a great noise of fagots being removed and of thegroaning of posts; these were the counterscarps and bastions ofAthos, which the besieged himself demolished.
4.  But the clerks were not the dupes of this deceit, and theirlugubrious looks settled down into resigned countenances.Mme. Coquenard distributed this dish to the young men withthe moderation of a good housewife.
5.  "And when she finally returned, did she bring that casket withher?"
6.  The Englishman looked at Athos, believing that he jested,but Athos did not jest the least in the world.


1.  "What?"
2.  As the Gascon had foreseen, they easily obtained threehundred pistoles on the ring. Still further, the Jew toldthem that if they would sell it to him, as it would make amagnificent pendant for earrings, he would give five hundredpistoles for it.
3.  "The devil!" thought Porthos, as he walked away, "it appearsI am getting nearer to Monsieur Coquenard's strongbox atlast."
4.  Both resumed their way. As D'Artagnan had foreseen, Athos wasnot within. He took the key, which was customarily given him asone of the family, ascended the stairs, and introduced Mme.Bonacieux into the little apartment of which we have given adescription.
5.  "Who has?"
6.  "Ah, you virtuous men!" said Milady; "please to remember that he whoshall touch a hair of my head is himself an assassin.""The executioner may kill, without being on that account an assassin,"said the man in the red cloak, rapping upon his immense sword. "This isthe last judge; that is all. NACHRICHTER, as say our neighbors, theGermans."


1.  "They have eyes," repeated Milady, with an accent ofindescribable grief, "but they see not; ears have they, but theyhear not."
2.  After this second part of his discourse, fixing his hawk's eyeupon poor Bonacieux, he bade him reflect upon the gravity of hissituation.
3.  "But then, philosopher that you are," said D'Artagnan, "instructme, support me. I stand in need of being taught and consoled.""Consoled for what?"
4.  "May I not drink to your health, and you to mine?" saidD'Artagnan, filling two glasses with the Beaugency wine which hehad obtained from the liberality of M. Bonacieux."That will do me great honor," said the leader of the posse, "andI accept thankfully."
5.   "Madame Bonacieux! Ah, that's true!" said Athos. "My poorfriend, I had forgotten you were in love."
6.  "Yes," said Athos; "let us give the money to the lackeys--notto our lackeys, but to the lackeys of the Englishmen."Athos took the purse, and threw it into the hand of thecoachman. "For you and your comrades."


1.  "It is he!" cried D'Artagnan and the citizen at the same time,each having recognized his man.
2.  "That is to say," cried Bonacieux, who saw he had taken a falsestep, "that is to say--"
3.  "Oh, sir, if you know who this man is," cried D'Artagnan, "tellme who he is, and whence he is. I will then release you from allyour promises--even that of procuring my admission into theMusketeers; for before everything, I wish to avenge myself.""Beware, young man!" cried Treville. "If you see him coming onone side of the street, pass by on the other. Do not castyourself against such a rock; he would break you like glass.""That will not prevent me," replied D'Artagnan, "if ever I findhim."
4、  "Alas, monsieur," said she, "that is too bad."
5、  "Hold my stirrup, Bazin," cried Aramis; and Aramis sprang intothe saddle with his usual grace and agility, but after a fewvaults and curvets of the noble animal his rider felt his painscome on so insupportably that he turned pale and became unsteadyin his seat. D'Artagnan, who, foreseeing such an event, had kepthis eye on him, sprang toward him, caught him in his arms, andassisted him to his chamber.




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      "Oh, monsieur!" said Planchet, humiliated by the suspicion,and moreover, terrified at the calm air of the Musketeer."And I," said Porthos, rolling his large eyes, "remember, Iwill skin you alive."

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      "Speak, my child, speak," said D'Artagnan; "I listen.""Here? Impossible! That which I have to say is too long,and above all, too secret."

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       "He will guess, at least. Now, then, what had I better do?""Return instantly. It appears to me that the news you bear is worth thetrouble of a little diligence."

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      D'Artagnan and Athos looked at each other for some time insilence. At length Athos, after serious reflection andbecoming more pale than usual, made a sign of assent toD'Artagnan, who by it understood he was at liberty to speak."Well, this is what you have to say," said D'Artagnan: "MyLord, your sister-in-law is an infamous woman, who wished tohave you killed that she might inherit your wealth; but shecould not marry your brother, being already married inFrance, and having been--" D'Artagnan stopped, as ifseeking for the word, and looked at Athos.

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    {  "Good," cried Athos, "good! Yes, my dear Aramis, we allknow that your views have a religious tendency."

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      "And when she finally returned, did she bring that casket withher?"}

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      Milady, under the influence of inexpressible terror, satdown without uttering a word.

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      "And I keep my word. Your hand, madame, your hand, and Idepart!"

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       "Well," replied Milady, after a moment of silence, "from thepresent time, cease to talk of impossibilities."

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    {  "Dear lady," said Mme. Bonacieux, "pardon me for interrupting you; butwhat do you advise me to do? Good heaven! You have more experiencethan I have. Speak; I will listen."

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      The chancellor entered, half smiling, half blushing. As we shallprobably meet with him again in the course of our history, it maybe well for our readers to be made at once acquainted with him.This chancellor was a pleasant man. He was Des Roches le Masle,canon of Notre Dame, who had formerly been valet of a bishop, whointroduced him to his Eminence as a perfectly devout man. Thecardinal trusted him, and therein found his advantage.There are many stories related of him, and among them this.After a wild youth, he had retired into a convent, there toexpiate, at least for some time, the follies of adolescence. Onentering this holy place, the poor penitent was unable to shutthe door so close as to prevent the passions he fled fromentering with him. He was incessantly attacked by them, and thesuperior, to whom he had confided this misfortune, wishing asmuch as in him lay to free him from them, had advised him, inorder to conjure away the tempting demon, to have recourse to thebell rope, and ring with all his might. At the denunciatingsound, the monks would be rendered aware that temptation wasbesieging a brother, and all the community would go to prayers.This advice appeared good to the future chancellor. He conjuredthe evil spirit with abundance of prayers offered up by themonks. But the devil does not suffer himself to be easilydispossessed from a place in which he has fixed his garrison. Inproportion as they redoubled the exorcisms he redoubled thetemptations; so that day and night the bell was ringing fullswing, announcing the extreme desire for mortification which thepenitent experienced.