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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The three friends remained mute-for although the voice as well as thecountenance reminded them of someone they had seen, they could notremember under what circumstances.
2.  "Lieutenant Felton, from Lord de Winter," said Patrick."From Lord de Winter!" repeated Buckingham; "let him come in."Felton entered. At that moment Buckingham was throwing upon a couch arich toilet robe, worked with gold, in order to put on a blue velvetdoublet embroidered with pearls.
3.  "I can well believe it," replied D'Artagnan, "and that waswhy I got three crowns for him. It must have been for hishide, for, CERTESf, the carcass is not worth eighteen livres.But bow did this horse come into your bands, Mousqueton?""Pray," said the lackey, "say nothing about it, monsieur; itis a frightful trick of the husband of our duchess!""How is that, Mousqueton?"
4.  "Gascon-headed man, will you have done?" said the king."Sire," replied Treville, without lowering his voice in theleast, "either order my Musketeer to be restored to me, or lethim be tried."
5.  Although Milady would very willingly have gone without sleep, sustainedas she was by all the excitements which a new adventure awakened in herheart, ever thirsting for intrigues, she nevertheless accepted the offerof the superior. During the last fifteen days she had experience somany an such various emotions that if her frame of iron was stillcapable of supporting fatigue, her mind required repose.She therefore took leave of the abbess, and went to bed, softly rockedby the ideas of vengeance which the name of Kitty had naturally broughtto her thoughts. She remembered that almost unlimited promise which thecardinal had given her if she succeeded in her enterprise. She hadsucceeded; D'Artagnan was then in her power!
6.  "Yes," continued Athos, "four times only; once at the house ofMonsieur Crequy; another time at my own house in the country, inmy chateau at--when I had a chateau; a third time at Monsieur deTreville's where it surprised us all; and the fourth time at acabaret, where it fell to my lot, and where I lost a hundredlouis and a supper on it."


1.  "Go up," said the host; "she is still in her chamber."Athos availed himself of the permission, ascended the stairswith his lightest step, gained the landing, and through theopen door perceived Milady putting on her hat.
2.  "You are right, madame, and I will not finish."
3.  "Monsieur, he carried on a trade which I have always thoughtsatisfactory."
4.  "What, my God!" said the young man, who in spite of his self-command felt his knees tremble and the sweat start from his brow."You promised to bring a knife, and to leave it with me after ourinterview."
5.  "And whenever we find each other, in whatever place it maybe," said Kitty, "you will find me loving you as I love youtoday."
6.  "Then I paid the host six."


1.  The young man departed, laughing at the joke, which he thought healone could comprehend.
2.  "Ah, monsieur, you infuse genuine balm into my blood. We havemade considerable advances; and this very morning the surgeondeclared that if Monsieur Porthos did not pay him, he should lookto me, as it was I who had sent for him."
3.  "Why does she love what we hate most in the world, the Spaniardsand the English?"
4.  During the time which Lord de Winter took to shut the door, closea shutter, and draw a chair near to his sister-in-law's fauteuil,Milady, anxiously thoughtful, plunged her glance into the depthsof possibility, and discovered all the plan, of which she couldnot even obtain a glance as long as she was ignorant into whosehands she had fallen. She knew her brother-in-law to be a worthygentleman, a bold hunter, an intrepid player, enterprising withwomen, but by no means remarkable for his skill in intrigues.How had he discovered her arrival, and caused her to be seized?Why did he detain her?
5.   "They have been stolen," replied the duke, "and it is thecardinal who has dealt this blow. Hold; see! The ribbons whichheld them have been cut with scissors."
6.  "Yes, my grandfather gave two thousand crowns for it, as heonce told me. It formed part of the nuptial present he madehis wife, and it is magnificent. My mother gave it to me,and I, fool as I was, instead of keeping the ring as a holyrelic, gave it to this wretch."


1.  "But this encounter, sire, is quite out of the ordinaryconditions of a duel. It is a brawl; and the proof is that therewere five of the cardinal's Guardsmen against my three Musketeersand Monsieur d'Artagnan."
2.  The queen appeared cheerful and happy, which seemed to astonishthe persons who surrounded her and who were accustomed to see heralmost always sad and full of care. The queen attributed thisjoyous feeling to the beauty of the fete, to the pleasure she hadexperienced in the ballet; and as it is not permissible tocontradict a queen, whether she smile or weep, everybodyexpatiated on the gallantry of the aldermen of the city of Paris.Although D'Artagnan did not at all know the queen, he soondistinguished her voice from the others, at first by a slightlyforeign accent, and next by that tone of domination naturallyimpressed upon all royal words. He heard her approach andwithdraw from the partially open door; and twice or three timeshe even saw the shadow of a person intercept the light.At length a hand and an arm, surpassingly beautiful in their formand whiteness, glided through the tapestry. D'Artagnan at oncecomprehended that this was his recompense. He cast himself onhis knees, seized the hand, and touched it respectfully with hislips. Then the hand was withdrawn, leaving in his an objectwhich he perceived to be a ring. The door immediately closed,and D'Artagnan found himself again in complete obscurity.D'Artagnan placed the ring on his finger, and again waited; itwas evident that all was not yet over. After the reward of hisdevotion, that of his love was to come. Besides, although theballet was danced, the evening had scarcely begun. Supper was tobe served at three, and the clock of St. Jean had struck threequarters past two.
3.  "Which you please, monsieur!" said the light-horseman,drawing from his fob a very handsome watch, studded withdiamonds; "half past seven."
4、  "You think so, Porthos?" replied the Musketeer, with a sadsmile which D'Artagnan alone understood.
5、  "And how many were there of these linen drapers?""Two, monseigneur."




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      "Yes, monseigneur, enemies against whom you owe me all yoursupport, for I made them by serving your Eminence.""Who are they?" replied the duke.

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      Then she ventured to ask what had become of Felton.She was told that he had left the castle an hour before onhorseback. She inquired if the baron was still at the castle.The soldier replied that he was, and that he had given orders tobe informed if the prisoner wished to speak to him.Milady replied that she was too weak at present, and that heronly desire was to be left alone.

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       "Monsieur Porthos," said the procurator's wife, "will you havethe kindness to offer me your arm for five minutes? I havesomething to say to you."

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      Milady opened the letter with eagerness equal to Kitty's inbringing it; but at the first words she read she becamelivid. She crushed the paper in her band, and turning withflashing eyes upon Kitty, she cried, "What is this letter?""The answer to Madame's," replied Kitty, all in a tremble."Impossible!" cried Milady. "It is impossible a gentlemancould have written such a letter to a woman." Then all atonce, starting, she cried, "My God! can he have--" and shestopped. She ground her teeth; she was of the color ofashes. She tried to go toward the window for air, but shecould only stretch forth her arms; her legs failed her, andshe sank into an armchair. Kitty, fearing she was ill,hastened toward her and was beginning to open her dress; butMilady started up, pushing her away. "What do you want withme?" said she, "and why do you place your hand on me?""I thought that Madame was ill, and I wished to bring herhelp," responded the maid, frightened at the terribleexpression which had come over her mistress's face."I faint? I? I? Do you take me for half a woman? When I aminsulted I do not faint; I avenge myself!"

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    {  "Are you quite sure of it?"

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      Felton remained behind; he held a book in his hand.Milady, reclining in an armchair near the chimney, beautiful,pale, and resigned, looked like a holy virgin awaiting martyrdom.Felton approached her, and said, "Lord de Winter, who is aCatholic, like yourself, madame, thinking that the deprivation ofthe rites and ceremonies of your church might be painful to you,has consented that you should read every day the ordinary of yourMass; and here is a book which contains the ritual."At the manner in which Felton laid the book upon the little tablenear which Milady was sitting, at the tone in which he pronouncedthe two words, YOUR MASS, at the disdainful smile with which heaccompanied them, Milady raised her head, and looked moreattentively at the officer.}

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      "It may be; but you know the more hearts are worth thecapture, the more difficult they are to be won."

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      "She will escape us," replied the young man; "she will escape us, and itwill be your fault, Athos."

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       Athos set the lackeys to work first because, since these men had been inthe service of himself and his friends he had discovered in each of themdifferent and essential qualities. Then, lackeys who ask questionsinspire less mistrust than masters, and meet with more sympathy amongthose to whom they address themselves. Besides, Milady knew themasters, and did not know the lackeys; on the contrary, the lackeys knewMilady perfectly.

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    {  "Porthos!"

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      "Be satisfied, my Lord, I will tell all that I have seen. Butdoes your Grace mean to give me the studs without the casket?""The casket would encumber you. Besides, the casket is the moreprecious from being all that is left to me. You will say that Ikeep it."