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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Oh, pray name it."
2.  "'Tis well. I wish you to write from time to time to thecaptains in charge of the two vessels so as to keep them onthe alert."
3.  "Why not? Who formed the plan by which we left theestablishment of M ---- ! eh? was it not I? and it was nobad one I believe, since here we are!"
4.  "There now, again you degrade me."
5.  "Do you know the assassin?" asked Morrel.
6.  Day, for which Dantes had so eagerly and impatiently waitedwith open eyes, again dawned. With the first light Dantesresumed his search. Again he climbed the rocky height he hadascended the previous evening, and strained his view tocatch every peculiarity of the landscape; but it wore thesame wild, barren aspect when seen by the rays of themorning sun which it had done when surveyed by the fadingglimmer of eve. Descending into the grotto, he lifted thestone, filled his pockets with gems, put the box together aswell and securely as he could, sprinkled fresh sand over thespot from which it had been taken, and then carefully troddown the earth to give it everywhere a uniform appearance;then, quitting the grotto, he replaced the stone, heaping onit broken masses of rocks and rough fragments of crumblinggranite, filling the interstices with earth, into which hedeftly inserted rapidly growing plants, such as the wildmyrtle and flowering thorn, then carefully watering thesenew plantations, he scrupulously effaced every trace offootsteps, leaving the approach to the cavern assavage-looking and untrodden as he had found it. This done,he impatiently awaited the return of his companions. To waitat Monte Cristo for the purpose of watching like a dragonover the almost incalculable richs that had thus fallen intohis possession satisfied not the cravings of his heart,which yearned to return to dwell among mankind, and toassume the rank, power, and influence which are alwaysaccorded to wealth -- that first and greatest of all theforces within the grasp of man.


1.  "No."
2.  "But they appear to speak French with a very pure accent,"said Danglars.
3.  "A telegraph. So now I have told my secret."
4.  "In the navy."
5.  "`Yes, it is very annoying,' said Vampa; `but we have notseen him.'
6.  "What is his name -- for, of course, you know?"


1.  "You knew the poor lad, then?" continued Caderousse.
2.  "I also," replied Mercedes, "am going, and I acknowledge Ihad depended on your accompanying me; have I deceivedmyself?"
3.  "Yes; should you like a letter to the minister that theymight explain to you" --
4.  "Yes; you have called Haidee your sister, -- let her becomeso indeed, Valentine; render her all the gratitude you fancythat you owe to me; protect her, for" (the count's voice wasthick with emotion) "henceforth she will be alone in theworld."
5.   A tremor of suppressed rage shook the whole frame of thecount, and making a violent effort over himself, he said: "Ihave a right to insist on your giving me an explanation. Isit Madame de Morcerf who has displeased you? Is it myfortune which you find insufficient? Is it because myopinions differ from yours?"
6.  "But not mine, mother," replied Albert. "I am young andstrong; I believe I am courageous, and since yesterday Ihave learned the power of will. Alas, my dear mother, somehave suffered so much, and yet live, and have raised a newfortune on the ruin of all the promises of happiness whichheaven had made them -- on the fragments of all the hopewhich God had given them! I have seen that, mother; I knowthat from the gulf in which their enemies have plunged themthey have risen with so much vigor and glory that in theirturn they have ruled their former conquerors, and havepunished them. No. mother; from this moment I have done withthe past, and accept nothing from it -- not even a name,because you can understand that your son cannot bear thename of a man who ought to blush for it before another."


1.  "And a pair of oxen?"
2.  "The truth."
3.  "That proves, at least, that he has wanted for nothingduring your absence."
4、  After having passed with tolerable ease through thesubterranean passage, which, however, did not admit of theirholding themselves erect, the two friends reached thefurther end of the corridor, into which the abbe's cellopened; from that point the passage became much narrower,and barely permitted one to creep through on hands andknees. The floor of the abbe's cell was paved, and it hadbeen by raising one of the stones in the most obscure cornerthat Faria had to been able to commence the laborious taskof which Dantes had witnessed the completion.
5、  "And who are fully as well worth loving and tending as M.Noirtier," said Madame de Villefort; "besides, they are tocome to Paris in about a month, and Valentine, after theaffront she has received, need not consider it necessary tocontinue to bury herself alive by being shut up with M.Noirtier." The count listened with satisfaction to this taleof wounded self-love and defeated ambition. "But it seems tome," said Monte Cristo, "and I must begin by asking yourpardon for what I am about to say, that if M. Noirtierdisinherits Mademoiselle de Villefort because she is goingto marry a man whose father he detested, he cannot have thesame cause of complaint against this dear Edward."




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      "It was without any foundation that Le Messager yesterdayannounced the flight of Don Carlos and the revolt ofBarcelona. The king (Don Carlos) has not left Bourges, andthe peninsula is in the enjoyment of profound peace. Atelegraphic signal, improperly interpreted, owing to thefog, was the cause of this error."

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      "The result, then, of six more such months as this would beto reduce the third-rate house to despair."

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       "Oh, excellency,"

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      "Proceed!" said he to the host.

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    {  In the meanwhile the hours passed, if not rapidly, at leasttolerably. Faria, as we have said, without having recoveredthe use of his hand and foot, had regained all the clearnessof his understanding, and had gradually, besides the moralinstructions we have detailed, taught his youthful companionthe patient and sublime duty of a prisoner, who learns tomake something from nothing. They were thus perpetuallyemployed, -- Faria, that he might not see himself grow old;Dantes, for fear of recalling the almost extinct past whichnow only floated in his memory like a distant lightwandering in the night. So life went on for them as it doesfor those who are not victims of misfortune and whoseactivities glide along mechanically and tranquilly beneaththe eye of providence.

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      "The gentleman who receives us? Is he a deputy?"}

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      "I think it charming."

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      "Ah, true," observed Monte Cristo; "I recollect now. I readthe advertisement in one of the papers, and was tempted bythe false title, `a country house.'"

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       "Master Edward is not down-stairs, sir," replied the valet.

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    {  Chapter 89A Nocturnal Interview.

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