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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Ah, my dear count," said Albert.
2.  We will leave Villefort on the road to Paris, travelling --thanks to trebled fees -- with all speed, and passingthrough two or three apartments, enter at the Tuileries thelittle room with the arched window, so well known as havingbeen the favorite closet of Napoleon and Louis XVIII., andnow of Louis Philippe.
3.  "I will confess to you, Albert," replied Franz, "the countis a very singular person, and the appointment you have madeto meet him in Paris fills me with a thousandapprehensions."
4.  "Well, what is it?" asked Louis XVIII. The minister ofpolice, giving way to an impulse of despair, was about tothrow himself at the feet of Louis XVIII., who retreated astep and frowned.
5.  "A thousand thanks, madame," replied Monte Cristo "but Ihave an engagement which I cannot break. I have promised toescort to the Academie a Greek princess of my acquaintancewho has never seen your grand opera, and who relies on me toconduct her thither."
6.  The word reached his ear as a wave which he no longer hadthe strength to surmount passed over his head. He rose againto the surface, struggled with the last desperate effort ofa drowning man, uttered a third cry, and felt himselfsinking, as if the fatal cannon shot were again tied to hisfeet. The water passed over his head, and the sky turnedgray. A convulsive movement again brought him to thesurface. He felt himself seized by the hair, then he saw andheard nothing. He had fainted.


1.  "That depends; when do you leave?"
2.  "How did you know about it?"
3.  Scarcely had the first congratulations upon her marvellousescape been gone through when she wrote the following letterto Madame Danglars: --
4.  "My brother," said she as she placed his knapsack on hisshoulders, "be careful of yourself, for if you are killed, Ishall be alone in the world." These words carried a ray ofhope into Fernand's heart. Should Dantes not return,Mercedes might one day be his.
5.  "I don't know anything about that," replied Renee; "but, M.de Villefort, you have promised me -- have you not? --always to show mercy to those I plead for."
6.  "You are perfectly right in objecting to them, for this onegreat fault -- that they have not yet had time to becomeold."


1.  "But why must you leave me so soon?"
2.  "Well, did you notice two windows hung with yellow damask,and one with white damask with a red cross? Those were thecount's windows?"
3.  "Not all!"
4.  "Was a villain."
5.   "And where is it?"
6.  "Pardieu, to transport me for life, how merciful!"


1.  "Die? oh, no," he exclaimed -- "not die now, after havinglived and suffered so long and so much! Die? yes, had I diedyears ago; but now to die would be, indeed, to give way tothe sarcasm of destiny. No, I want to live; I shall struggleto the very last; I will yet win back the happiness of whichI have been deprived. Before I die I must not forget that Ihave my executioners to punish, and perhaps, too, who knows,some friends to reward. Yet they will forget me here, and Ishall die in my dungeon like Faria." As he said this, hebecame silent and gazed straight before him like oneoverwhelmed with a strange and amazing thought. Suddenly hearose, lifted his hand to his brow as if his brain woregiddy, paced twice or thrice round the dungeon, and thenpaused abruptly by the bed.
2.  "Certainly; I see you are a model Mentor," said Albert"Good-by, we shall return on Sunday. By the way, I havereceived news of Franz."
3.  "Close by here, monsieur," replied the notary -- "a littlebeyond Passy; a charming situation, in the heart of the Boisde Boulogne."
4、  "I believe you are right."
5、  "Danglars, as well as the rest?"




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      The guide carried away the torch. The count had spokencorrectly. Scarcely had a few seconds elapsed, ere he saweverything as distinctly as by daylight. Then he lookedaround him, and really recognized his dungeon.

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      "So, but according to all probability she soon will be,"replied Edmond.

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       "No, monsieur, I swear to you, by my hopes of salvation, Iwill tell you all, for the Abbe Busoni himself only knew apart of my secret; but, I pray you, go away from thatplane-tree. The moon is just bursting through the clouds,and there, standing where you do, and wrapped in that cloakthat conceals your figure, you remind me of M. deVillefort."

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      The opera of "Parisina" was announced for representation,and the principal actors were Coselli, Moriani, and LaSpecchia. The young men, therefore, had reason to considerthemselves fortunate in having the opportunity of hearingone of the best works by the composer of "Lucia diLammermoor," supported by three of the most renownedvocalists of Italy. Albert had never been able to endure theItalian theatres, with their orchestras from which it isimpossible to see, and the absence of balconies, or openboxes; all these defects pressed hard on a man who had hadhis stall at the Bouffes, and had shared a lower box at theOpera. Still, in spite of this, Albert displayed his mostdazzling and effective costumes each time he visited thetheatres; but, alas, his elegant toilet was wholly thrownaway, and one of the most worthy representatives of Parisianfashion had to carry with him the mortifying reflection thathe had nearly overrun Italy without meeting with a singleadventure.

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    {  Franz and the countess exchanged a smile, and then thelatter resumed her conversation with Albert, while Franzreturned to his previous survey of the house and company.The curtain rose on the ballet, which was one of thoseexcellent specimens of the Italian school, admirablyarranged and put on the stage by Henri, who has establishedfor himself a great reputation throughout Italy for histaste and skill in the choregraphic art -- one of thosemasterly productions of grace, method, and elegance in whichthe whole corps de ballet, from the principal dancers to thehumblest supernumerary, are all engaged on the stage at thesame time; and a hundred and fifty persons may be seenexhibiting the same attitude, or elevating the same arm orleg with a simultaneous movement, that would lead you tosuppose that but one mind, one act of volition, influencedthe moving mass -- the ballet was called "Poliska." Howevermuch the ballet might have claimed his attention, Franz wastoo deeply occupied with the beautiful Greek to take anynote of it; while she seemed to experience an almostchildlike delight in watching it, her eager, animated lookscontrasting strongly with the utter indifference of hercompanion, who, during the whole time the piece lasted,never even moved, not even when the furious, crashing dinproduced by the trumpets, cymbals, and Chinese bells soundedtheir loudest from the orchestra. Of this he took no heed,but was, as far as appearances might be trusted, enjoyingsoft repose and bright celestial dreams. The ballet atlength came to a close, and the curtain fell amid the loud,unanimous plaudits of an enthusiastic and delightedaudience.

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      "What papers?"}

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      Chapter 30The Fifth of September.

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      "Well, sir," said the abbe, "you have spoken unreservedly;and thus to accuse yourself is to deserve pardon."

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       "And you?"

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    {  "Doubtless, doubtless," said Morrel; "but I shall say, likethe Spaniard, `He has not been so brave to-day as he wasyesterday.'"

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      Dantes carefully collected the plaster, carried it into thecorner of his cell, and covered it with earth. Then, wishingto make the best use of his time while he had the means oflabor, he continued to work without ceasing. At the dawn ofday he replaced the stone, pushed his bed against the wall,and lay down. The breakfast consisted of a piece of bread;the jailer entered and placed the bread on the table.