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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "My idea?" said D'Artagnan.
2.  "Capital! but it is understood you will only cross the river in case ofdanger."
3.  "Silence!" said the young woman, placing her hand upon his lips;"silence, and go the same way you came!"
4.  "It was they!" cried the cardinal, looking at the clock; "and nowit is too late to have them persued. The duchess is at Tours,and the duke at Boulogne. It is in London they must be found.""What are your Eminence's orders?"
5.  "I never jest."
6.  M. de Treville listened to the young man's account with aseriousness which proved that he saw something else in thisadventure besides a love affair. When D'Artagnan had finished,he said, "Hum! All this savors of his Eminence, a league off.""But what is to be done?" said D'Artagnan.


1.  "That was my intention; but, my dear friend, I have one thing toconfess to you."
2.  "Lord de Winter!" cried Felton.
3.  "Tell Vitray to come to me," said he, "and tell him to get readyfor a journey."
4.  "Somebody has disturbed him, without doubt," said D'Artagnan."But he must be disturbed," cried the host; "Here are two Englishgentlemen just arrived."
5.  "Again!" said D'Artagnan, whose ears chafed terribly under therepetition of this word COINERs.
6.  "Aramis!"


1.  Meantime Milady, drunk with passion, roaring on the deck like alioness that has been embarked, had been tempted to throw herselfinto the sea that she might regain the coast, for she could notget rid of the thought that she had been insulted by D'Artagnan,threatened by Athos, and that she had quit France without beingrevenged on them. This idea soon became so insupportable to herthat at the risk of whatever terrible consequences might resultto herself from it, she implored the captain to put her on shore;but the captain, eager to escape from his false position-placedbetween French and English cruisers, like the bat between themice and the birds--was in great haste to regain England, andpositively refused to obey what he took for a woman's caprice,promising his passenger, who had been particularly recommended tohim by the cardinal, to land her, if the sea and the Frenchpermitted him, at one of the ports of Brittany, either at Lorientor Brest. But the wind was contrary, the sea bad; they tackedand kept offshore. Nine days after leaving the Charente, palewith fatigue and vexation, Milady saw only the blue coasts ofFinisterre appear.
2.  "Fall voluntarily into my arms, hypocritical and dangerouswoman," said D'Artagnan, likewise to himself, "after havingabused me with such effrontery, and afterward I will laughat you with him whom you wish me to kill."
3.  But Athos continued to march majestically, whatever remarkshis companions made; and they, finding their remarksuseless, regulated their pace by his.
4.  "That concerns your Majesty more than me," said the cardinal. "Ishould affirm the culpability."
5.   "Sire," replied M. de Treville, calmly, "on the contrary, I cometo demand it of you."
6.  "Ah, monseigneur, do not mention it!" cried the host, in the mostpitiable voice imaginable. "Ah, monseigneur, how dearly have Ipaid for that fault, unhappy wretch as I am!"


1.  Porthos smiled. It may be remembered that he had the saddlewhich came from Buckingham. These three hundred livres hereckoned upon putting snugly into his pocket.
2.  "That is the very truth," cried the mercer; "but Monsieur doesnot tell you--"
3.  "My Lord!" cried D'Artagnan, enlightened by a sudden idea, "myLord! Pardon me, monsieur, but you are not--"
4、  The Englishmen, convinced of these peaceful proceedings, sheathedtheir swords grumblingly. The history of Athos's imprisonmentwas then related to them; and as they were really gentlemen, theypronounced the host in the wrong.
5、  Spaniards, Englishmen, and Italian malcontents, adventurersof all nations, and soldiers of fortune of every sect,flocked at the first summons under the standard of theProtestants, and organized themselves like a vastassociation, whose branches diverged freely over all partsof Europe.




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      "Will Bazin go with us?" asked Aramis.

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      "Something whispers me so," continued Porthos, becoming more andmore melancholy.

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       "AU REVOIR," said the Musketeer, making a sign to Grimaud touncork the bottle he had just brought.

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      Milady arose, went to the door, opened it, looked in the corridor, andthen returned and seated herself close to Mme. Bonacieux."Then," said she, "he has well played his part."

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    {  "The traitor!" murmured Mme. Bonacieux.

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      "Tender hearts! Pierced hearts!" said Athos.}

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      All these rooms, which communicated with one another, didnot inspire Porthos favorably. Words might be heard at adistance through all these open doors. Then, while passing,he had cast a rapid, investigating glance into the kitchen;and he was obliged to confess to himself, to the shame ofthe procurator's wife and his own regret, that he did notsee that fire, that animation, that bustle, which when agood repast is on foot prevails generally in that sanctuaryof good living.

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      "Were the accomplices of Ravaillac or of Jacques Clementever known?"

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       The next morning D'Artagnan ran to find Athos. He wasengaged in an adventure so singular that he wished forcounsel. He therefore told him all.

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    {  "What is that?" said the soldier, uneasy at perceiving thatall was not over.

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      M. d'Artagnan, MM. Athos, Porthos, and Aramis, after havinghad an entertainment at my house and enjoying themselvesvery much, created such a disturbance that the provost ofthe castle, a rigid man, has ordered them to be confined forsome days; but I accomplish the order they have given me byforwarding to you a dozen bottles of my Anjou wine, withwhich they are much pleased. They are desirous that youshould drink to their health in their favorite wine. I havedone this, and am, monsieur, with great respect,