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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan uttered a cry of surprise, which was not quitefree from joy.
2.  The report of a cannon announced that something new and unexpected hadtaken place.
3.  "For you alone."
4.  51 OFFICER
5.  Both went into the bedroom, and as the door of communicationremained open, D'Artagnan could hear Milady for some timescolding her maid. She was at length appeased, and theconversation turned upon him while Kitty was assisting hermistress.
6.  "Monsieur Athos," said Richelieu, "receive my thanks for thegood guard you have kept. Gentlemen, we are arrived; takethe gate on the left. The watchword is, 'King and Re.'"Saying these words, the cardinal saluted the three friendswith an inclination of his head, and took the right hand,followed by his attendant--for that night he himself sleptin the camp.


1.  "Her, my Lord, here," said she, "keep this in memory of me."Buckingham took the casket, and fell a second time on his knees."You have promised me to go," said the queen.
2.  He started, and the prisoner saw that start--for though her eyeswere cast down, nothing escaped her.
3.  D'Artagnan threw off his hood, and disengaged his hands fromthe folds of the cloak. At sight of the mustaches and thenaked sword, the poor devil perceived he had to deal with aman. He then concluded it must be an assassin.
4.  "I was about to ask you if you had heard any news of them?""None, monsieur."
5.  "But this is tyranny!" cried one of them, in very good French,though with a foreign accent, "that this madman will not allowthese good people access to their own wine! Nonsense, let usbreak open the door, and if he is too far gone in his madness,well, we will kill him!"
6.  "How far distant?"


1.  The two men in black, who guessed D'Artagnan's meaning, darted athim a glance which might have been thought threatening; butD'Artagnan took no heed of it.
2.  "Yes, I know you are a man of a stout heart, monsieur," said thecardinal, with a voice almost affectionate; "I can therefore tell youbeforehand you shall be tried, and even condemned.""Another might reply to your Eminence that he had his pardon in hispocket. I content myself with saying: Command, monseigneur; I amready."
3.  "Of Madame d'Aiguillon?"
4.  D'Artagnan began now really to fear that something had happenedto Mme. Bonacieux. He clapped his hands three times--theordinary signal of lovers; but nobody replied to him, not even anecho.
5.   "Somebody said to me, 'You are Monsieur d'Artagnan?' I answered,'You think so?' My guards exclaimed that they were sure of it.I did not wish to contradict them; besides, I might be deceived.""Monsieur, you insult the majesty of justice."
6.  "Now," said the baron, "look at this woman. She is young; she isbeautiful; she possesses all earthly seductions. Well, she is amonster, who, at twenty-five years of age, has been guilty of asmany crimes as you could read of in a year in the archives of ourtribunals. Her voice prejudices her hearers in her favor; herbeauty serves as a bait to her victims; her body even pays whatshe promises--I must do her that justice. She will try to seduceyou, perhaps she will try to kill you. I have extricated youfrom misery, Felton; I have caused you to be named lieutenant; Ionce saved your life, you know on what occasion. I am for younot only a protector, but a friend; not only a benefactor, but afather. This woman has come back again into England for thepurpose of conspiring against my life. I hold this serpent in myhands. Well, I call you, and say to you: Friend Felton, John,my child, guard me, and more particularly guard yourself, againstthis woman. Swear, by your hopes of salvation, to keep hersafely for the chastisement she has merited. John Felton, Itrust your word! John Felton, I put faith in your loyalty!""My Lord," said the young officer, summoning to his mildcountenance all the hatred he could find in his heart, "my Lord,I swear all shall be done as you desire."


1.  "But if I lose?"
2.  "Did you ask for me, my good friend?" said M. de Treville.'Yes, monsieur," said D'Artagnan, lowering his voice, "than thehonor, perhaps the life of the queen."
3.  "Yes, that's true; but alone as you are, you have done muchalready, and will do still more, I don't doubt. Yet youhave need, I believe, to be guided in the adventurous careeryou have undertaken; for, if I mistake not, you came toParis with the ambitious idea of making your fortune.""I am at the age of extravagant hopes, monseigneur," saidD'Artagnan.
4、  "Excuse me," said D'Artagnan, endeavoring to resume his course,"excuse me, but I am in a hurry."
5、  "Higher? And who am I, to nourish such ambition? A poorMusketeer, a beggar, an unknown-who hates slavery, and findshimself ill-placed in the world."




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      "I am in a fever," said she; "I have not slept a single instantduring all this long night. I suffer horribly. Are you likelyto be more humane to me than others were yesterday? All I ask ispermission to remain abed."

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      Grimaud and his basket were far in advance, out of the rangeof the balls.

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       "Gentlemen," said Jussac, "it is with great regret that Ipronounce the thing impossible. Duty before everything.Sheathe, then, if you please, and follow us."

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      "Well, my dear friend, add to his natural devotedness a goodsum of money, and then, instead of answering for him once,answer for him twice."

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    {  "Yes," said he, "yes, that would flatter me very much; but I should nothave time enough to enjoy the distinction. During our expedition toBethune the husband of my duchess died; so, my dear, the coffer of thedefunct holding out its arms to me, I shall marry the widow. Look here!I was trying on my wedding suit. Keep the lieutenancy, my dear, keepit."

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      "But if it is a woman who writes," said Aramis, "and thatwoman desires not to be seen, remember, you compromise her,D'Artagnan; which is not the part of a gentleman.""We will remain in the background," said Porthos, "and hewill advance alone."}

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      There happened to be a sermon, which made the church very full ofpeople. Porthos took advantage of this circumstance to ogle thewomen. Thanks to the cares of Mousqueton, the exterior was forfrom announcing the distress of the interior. His hat was alittle napless, his feather was a little faded, his gold lace wasa little tarnished, his laces were a trifle frayed; but in theobscurity of the church these things were not seen, and Porthoswas still the handsome Porthos.

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      But D'Artagnan, still keeping on the defensive, drew near toKitty's door. At the noise they made, she in overturningthe furniture in her efforts to get at him, he in screeninghimself behind the furniture to keep out of her reach, Kittyopened the door. D'Artagnan, who had unceasingly maneuveredto gain this point, was not at more than three paces fromit. With one spring he flew from the chamber of Milady intothat of the maid, and quick as lightning, he slammed to thedoor, and placed all his weight against it, while Kittypushed the bolts.

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       "For my part, I ate but little. The day before yesterdaywas a fish day, and they had nothing but meat."

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    {  "No, bring me all four together. I wish to thank them all atonce. Devoted men are so rare, Treville, by the back staircase.It is useless to let the cardinal know."

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      "Ah," cried Milady and Rochefort together, "it is you!""Yes, it is I."