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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Precisely. It is a piece of tarred twine. You have also, nodoubt, remarked that Miss Cushing has cut the cord with a scissors, ascan be seen by the double fray on each side. This is of importance.""I cannot see the importance," said Lestrade.
2.  "A side-slip," I suggested.
3.  The man leaned over and pulled up the front of a kind of hutch inthe corner. In an instant out there slipped a beautifulreddish-brown creature, thin and lithe, with the legs of a stoat, along, thin nose, and a pair of the finest red eyes that ever I sawin an animal's head.
4.  "Exactly. We had tried to keep it out of the papers, but there wassome rumor in the Globe last night. I thought it might have reachedyour ears."
5.  "No, sir, one theatre party came in late. No one else.""Were you on duty all day yesterday?"
6.  "She saw us."


1.  "What is it, then?" I asked.
2.  "We only found it out yesterday- after I had written to you.Yesterday Sir Robert had gone to London, so Stephens and I went downto the crypt. It was all in order, sir, except that in one cornerwas a bit of a human body."
3.  "'No,' said I. 'It is your ears. They have the peculiar flatteningand thickening which marks the boxing man.'
4.  "I see. By the way, that last letter of the Dukes- was it found inthe boy's room after he was gone?"
5.  "No, for my scent-bottle, Steve."
6.  "They are still there, Mr. Holmes," said he, laying his hand hardupon my friend's sleeve. "I saw lights in the cottage as I camedown. We shall settle it now once and for all."


2.  "You think this Sir Eustace is dead, then?"
3.  "Now that Gorgiano is dead we fear nothing," said the lady. "Hewas a devil and a monster, and there can be no judge in the worldwho would punish my husband for having killed him."
4.  Faithfully yours,
5.   "Nearly two."
6.  "Exactly. For this reason I sent a duplicate to the manager of theEnglischer Hof, whose answer lies here."


1.  "You may conceivably have overlooked it."
2.  "Well, Mrs. Warren, I cannot see that you have any particularcause for uneasiness, nor do I understand why I, whose time is of somevalue, should interfere in the matter. I really have other things toengage me." So spoke Sherlock Holmes and turned back to the greatscrapbook in which he was arranging and indexing some of his recentmaterial.
3.  "What is this?" I asked.
4、  "Only that it is a remarkable cow which walks, canters, and gallops.By George! Watson, it was no brain of a country publican thatthought out such a blind as that. The coast seems to be clear, savefor that lad in the smithy. Let us slip out and see what we can see."There were two rough-haired, unkempt horses in the tumble-downstable. Holmes raised the hind leg of one of them and laughed aloud."Old shoes, but newly shod-old shoes, but new nails. This casedeserves to be a classic. Let us go across to the smithy."The lad continued his work without regarding us. I saw Holmes'seye darting to right and left among the litter of iron and woodwhich was scattered about the floor. Suddenly, however, we heard astep behind us, and there was the landlord, his heavy eyebrows drawnover his savage eyes, his swarthy features convulsed with passion.He held a short, metal-headed stick in his hand, and he advanced in somenacing a fashion that I was right glad to feel the revolver in mypocket.
5、  The appeal was one which could not be ignored. It was impossibleto refuse the request of a fellow-countrywoman dying in a strangeland. Yet I had my scruples about leaving Holmes. It was finallyagreed, however, that he should retain the young Swiss messengerwith him as guide and companion while I returned to Meiringen. Myfriend would stay some little time at the fall, he said, and wouldthen walk slowly over the hill to Rosenlaui, where I was to rejoin himin the evening. As I turned away I saw Holmes, with his back against arock and his arms folded, gazing down at the rush of the waters. Itwas the last that I was ever destined to see of him in this world.When I was near the bottom of the descent I looked back. It wasimpossible, from that position, to see the fall, but I could see thecurving path which winds over the shoulder of the hills and leads toit. Along this a man was, I remember, walking very rapidly.I could see his black figure clearly outlined against the greenbehind him. I noted him, and the energy with which he walked, but hepassed from my mind again as I hurried on upon my errand.It may have been a little over an hour before I reached Meiringen.Old Steiler was standing at the porch of his hotel.




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      "'I don't wonder that you are surprised,' said she, and I couldsee that her fingers were trembling as she undid the fastenings of hermantle. 'Why, I never remember having done such a thing in my lifebefore. The fact is that I felt as though I were choking and had aperfect longing for a breath of fresh air. I really think that Ishould have fainted if I had not gone out. I stood at the door for afew minutes, and now I am quite myself again.'

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      Two days later, when I called upon my friend, he pointed with somepride to a small blue bottle upon his mantelpiece. I picked it up.There was a red poison label. A pleasant almondy odour rose when Iopened it.

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       "If you wish to preserve your incognito," said Holmes, smiling, "Iwould suggest that you cease to write your name upon the lining ofyour hat, or else that you turn the crown towards the person whomyou are addressing. I was about to say that my friend and I havelistened to a good many strange secrets in this room, and that we havehad the good fortune to bring peace to many troubled souls. I trustthat we may do as much for you. Might I beg you, as time may proveto be of importance, to furnish me with the facts of your case withoutfurther delay?"

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      "They have, however, allowed me a policeman, who may remain inthe house with me."

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    {  "I think that it is fairly obvious. What do you say, Watson?"I shrugged my shoulders. "I must confess that I am out of mydepths," said I.

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      He sprang up and shook me by the hand.}

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      He was incoherent in his agitation. Holmes soothed him with a fewwords and thrust him into an armchair.

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      "'Hudson it is, sir,' said the seaman. 'Why, it's thirty year andmore since I saw you last. Here you are in your house, and me stillpicking my salt meat out of the harness cask.'

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       "Think again."

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    {  Bannister entered, and shrank back in evident surprise and fear atour judicial appearance.

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      "It was a long document, written in the French language, andcontaining twenty six separate articles. I copied as quickly as Icould, but at nine o'clock I had only done nine articles, and itseemed hopeless for me to attempt to catch my train. I was feelingdrowsy and stupid, partly from my dinner and also from the effectsof a long day's work. A cup of coffee would clear my brain. Acommissionaire remains all night in a little lodge at the foot ofthe stairs and is in the habit of making coffee at his spirit-lamp forany of the officials who may be working overtime. I rang the bell,therefore, to summon him.