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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Do you understand that, my dear Franz -- no horses?" hesaid, "but can't we have post-horses?"
2.  The count advanced, accompanied by Maximilian and Emmanuel.His calm and serene look formed a singular contrast toAlbert's grief-stricken face, who approached also, followedby the other four young men. When at three paces distantfrom each other, Albert and the count stopped.
3.  "He seems to have a mania for diamonds," said Morcerf,smiling, "and I verily believe that, like Potemkin, he keepshis pockets filled, for the sake of strewing them along theroad, as Tom Thumb did his flint stones."
4.  "Really, all you have related to me is exceedinglyinteresting," said Monte Cristo, observing the young manwith a gloomy satisfaction; "and you have done well toconform in everything to the wishes of my friend Sinbad; foryour father is indeed here, and is seeking you."
5.  "I said anything I pleased, in order that the solemndeclaration I have just made should not be withheld, whichotherwise would certainly have been the case. I now repeatthat I was born at Auteuil on the night of the 27th ofSeptember, 1817, and that I am the son of the procureur, M.de Villefort. Do you wish for any further details? I willgive them. I was born in No. 28, Rue de la Fontaine, in aroom hung with red damask; my father took me in his arms,telling my mother I was dead, wrapped me in a napkin markedwith an H and an N, and carried me into a garden, where heburied me alive."
6.  Monte Cristo rang; Baptistin appeared. The count advanced tomeet him. "Well?" said he in a low voice. "The young man ishere," said the valet de chambre in the same tone.


1.  The prisoner reproached himself with not having thusemployed the hours he had passed in vain hopes, prayer, anddespondency. During the six years that he had beenimprisoned, what might he not have accomplished?
2.  "Oh, madame, do not think that!"
3.  "Why not?"
4.  "`Who and where is he?' -- `He is here.'
5.  "I am ready to accompany you, sir," said Maximilian. "Adieu,my kind friends! Emmanuel -- Julie -- farewell!"
6.  "And with my grandfather's consent I shall fulfil thepromise which I have made you." Valentine pronounced theselast few words in such a low tone, that nothing but Morrel'sintense interest in what she was saying could have enabledhim to hear them. "Have I not explained your wishes,grandpapa?" said Valentine, addressing Noirtier. "Yes,"looked the old man. -- "Once under my grandfather's roof, M.Morrel can visit me in the presence of my good and worthyprotector, if we still feel that the union we contemplatedwill be likely to insure our future comfort and happiness;in that case I shall expect M. Morrel to come and claim meat my own hands. But, alas, I have heard it said that heartsinflamed by obstacles to their desire grew cold in time ofsecurity; I trust we shall never find it so in ourexperience!"


1.  "And have you any recollection of your country?"
2.  "Die? and why so? Who talks of dying? Whence have you theseideas of death?"
3.  "Was he placed here when he first arrived?"
4.  "`What right have you, any more than the rest, to ask for anexception?' -- `It is true.' -- `But never mind,' continuedCucumetto, laughing, `sooner or later your turn will come.'Carlini's teeth clinched convulsively.
5.   "You wish to speak with me alone, do you not?" saidBertuccio.
6.  "And how old were you at that time?"


1.  The most vague and wild thoughts passed through his mind.The boat they were in could not make a long voyage; therewas no vessel at anchor outside the harbor; he thought,perhaps, they were going to leave him on some distant point.He was not bound, nor had they made any attempt to handcuffhim; this seemed a good augury. Besides, had not the deputy,who had been so kind to him, told him that provided he didnot pronounce the dreaded name of Noirtier, he had nothingto apprehend? Had not Villefort in his presence destroyedthe fatal letter, the only proof against him?
2.  "He said two words to the chief and I was free."
3.  "My husband has given me his word, sir," said Madame deVillefort; "you have just seen him resolve to keep it whenhe has everything to lose, and surely there is more reasonfor his doing so where he has everything to gain."
4、  "Everybody pities you, sir; and, above all, MademoiselleDanglars!"
5、  "Oh, their heads are soon cut off," said Danglars.




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      "Yes, yes, I understand," said Danglars, and then in a lowtone, he added, "To Paris, no doubt to deliver the letterwhich the grand marshal gave him. Ah, this letter gives mean idea -- a capital idea! Ah; Dantes, my friend, you arenot yet registered number one on board the good shipPharaon;" then turning towards Edmond, who was walking away,"A pleasant journey," he cried.

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      "What, then, is it?"

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       "And how much is the pension?"

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      "Certainly, your excellency; I saw her put to sea the sameevening we quitted Marseilles."

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    {  "No, sir; I sold them to visitors, who considered them greatcuriosities; but I have still something left."

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      "You shall have a notary, as you absolutely wish for one,sir," said Villefort; "but I shall explain to him your stateof health, and make excuses for you, for the scene cannotfail of being a most ridiculous one."}

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      "Yes." said Villefort; "but I warn M. d'Epinay, that duringmy life-time my father's will shall never be questioned, myposition forbidding any doubt to be entertained."

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      "Besides," said Dantes, "the various circumstances mentionedin the letter were wholly unknown to him."

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       "Well, Caderousse, it is Monte Cristo."

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    {  "Oh, as for that, I have made inquiries respecting thediligences and steamboats, and my calculations are made. Youwill take your place in the coupe to Chalons. You see,mother, I treat you handsomely for thirty-five francs."Albert then took a pen, and wrote: --

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      "Who supplied you with the materials for making thiswonderful work?"