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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What?" asked the host, quite cheerful again.
2.  Upon which M. D'Artagnan the elder girded his own sword round hisson, kissed him tenderly on both cheeks, and gave him hisbenediction.
3.  Lord de Winter tore his hair.
4.  "Patrick," said the due, "bring me the casket in which the diamond studswere kept."
5.  "Oh, your Eminence knows him well," cried Milady, carriedaway by her anger. "He is the evil genius of both of us.It is he who in an encounter with your Eminence's Guardsdecided the victory in favor of the king's Musketeers; it ishe who gave three desperate wounds to De Wardes, youremissary, and who caused the affair of the diamond studs tofail; it is he who, knowing it was I who had MadameBonacieux carried off, has sworn my death."
6.  On the morrow, nothing was talked of in Paris but the ball whichthe aldermen of the city were to give to the king and queen, andin which their Majesties were to dance the famous La Merlaison--the favorite ballet of the king.


1.  "Well! now tell I tell you something?" added Athos, coolly."What?" replied the Englishman.
2.  "Silence!" said D'Artagnan, pressing her hand still more warmly.A terrible howling interrupted these reflections of D'Artagnanand Mme. Bonacieux. It was her husband, who had discovered thedisappearance of the moneybag, and was crying "Thieves!""Oh, my God!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, "he will rouse the wholequarter."
3.  Then the cardinal added, "A PROPOS, sire, do not forget to tellher Majesty the evening before the fete that you should like tosee how her diamond studs become her."
4.  "Not exactly, it is the wine that was sent by your order.""On our account?" said the three Musketeers.
5.  43 The Sign of the Red Dovecot
6.  "Weak or strong," repeated Milady, "that man has, then, a sparkof pity in his soul; of that spark I will make a flame that shalldevour him. As to the other, he knows me, he fears me, and knowswhat he has to expect of me if ever I escape from his hands. Itis useless, then, to attempt anything with him. But Felton--that's another thing. He is a young, ingenious, pure man whoseems virtuous; him there are means of destroying."And Milady went to bed and fell asleep with a smile upon herlips. Anyone who had seen her sleeping might have said she was ayoung girl dreaming of the crown of flowers she was to wear onher brow at the next festival.


1.  "King's Musketeers," said Athos, more and more convincedthat he who interrogated them had the right to do so."What company?"
2.  Porthos looked at the bottle, which was Dear him, and hopedthat with wine, bread, and cheese, he might make a dinner;but wine was wanting, the bottle was empty. M. and Mme.Coquenard did not seem to observe it.
3.  My Dear Cousin, Here is the authorization from my sister to withdrawour little servant from the convent of Bethune, the air of which youthink is bad for her. My sister sends you this authorization with greatpleasure, for she is very partial to the little girl, to whom sheintends to be more serviceable hereafter.
4.  "Why, this evening," said the abbess; "today even. But you have beentraveling these four days, as you told me yourself. This morning yourose at five o'clock; you must stand in need of repose. Go to bed andsleep; at dinnertime we will rouse you."
5.   The king looked at the cardinal.
6.  "Are you ready?" asked Felton.


1.  In a short time the two unfortunate beasts, who had noteaten anything since the morning, made such a noise inraising and letting fall the knocker that the procuratorordered his errand boy to go and inquire in the neighborhoodto whom this horse and mule belonged.
2.  "Which means?"
3.  "That will do; I will be there."
4、  "And moreover, very handsome saddles," said Porthos, who atthe moment wore on his cloak the lace of his own."Besides," said Aramis, "God desires the conversion and notthe death of a sinner."
5、  "It's true, though," said Porthos; "and the proof is that I paidtwelve pistoles for it."




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      D'Artagnan had been there scarcely five minutes when M. deTreville entered. At the first glance, and by the joy which waspainted on his countenance, the worthy captain plainly perceivedthat something new was on foot.

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      "Then to yours, monsieur--what is your name?"

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       At these words she opened the door of the corridor, and pushedD'Artagnan out of the room. D'Artagnan obeyed like a child,without the least resistance or objection, which proved that hewas really in love.

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      "Perfectly," said the dragoon.

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    {  "On the contrary, everything is in the kitchen. But if he annoysyou, this young fool--"

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      "What the devil!" said the host to himself. "Can he be afraid ofthis boy?" But an imperious glance from the stranger stopped himshort; he bowed humbly and retired.}

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      "And as to my other instructions?" asked the fair traveler."They are contained in this box, which you will not open untilyou are on the other side of the Channel."

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       These four virtues disputed the prize for a length of time,and gave birth to magnificent speeches which we do notrepeat here for fear they should be deemed too long."Unfortunately," said Athos, "he whom we send must possessin himself alone the four qualities united."

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    {  "No, monseigneur; my people could tell me nothing on that head.""But I know."

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