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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How can he be listening with that music going?"
2.  The paper was covered with the tracings of the footmarks of somesmall animal. It had five well-marked footpads, an indication oflong nails, and the whole print might be nearly as large as adessert-spoon.
3.  "Yes, sir, we saw the chip on the ledge. I expect it's been doneby some passer-by."
4.  "And why is he here?"
5.  "I saw it in a paper," explained the American. "It gave the name andthe church but not where the lady lived."
6.  "Lattice-paned, lead framework, three separate windows, one swingingon hinge, and large enough to admit a man."


1.  "'This is very extraordinary conduct, Mr. Latimer,' I stammered.'You must be aware that what you are doing is quite illegal.'"'It is somewhat of a liberty, no doubt,' said he, 'but we'll makeit up to you. I must warn you, however, Mr. Melas, that if at any timeto-night you attempt to raise an alarm or do anything which is againstmy interest, you will find it a very serious thing. I beg you toremember that no one knows where you are, and that, whether you are inthis carriage or in my house, you are equally in my power.'"His words were quiet but he had a rasping way of saying them, whichwas very menacing. I sat in silence wondering what on earth could behis reason for kidnapping me in this extraordinary fashion. Whateverit might be, it was perfectly clear that there was no possible usein my resisting, and that I could only wait to see what might befall."For nearly two hours we drove without my having the least clue asto where we were going. Sometimes the rattle of the stones told of apaved causeway, and at others our smooth, silent course suggestedasphalt; but, save by this variation in sound, there was nothing atall which could in the remotest way help me to form a guess as towhere we were. The paper over each window was impenetrable to light,and a blue curtain was drawn across the glasswork in front. It was aquarter past seven when we left Pall Mall, and my watch showed me thatit was ten minutes to nine when we at last came to a standstill. Mycompanion let down the window, and I caught a glimpse of a low, archeddoorway with a lamp burning above it. As I was hurried from thecarriage it swung open, and I found myself inside the house, with avague impression of a lawn and trees on each side of me as Ientered. Whether these were private grounds, however, or bona-fidecountry was more than I could possibly venture to say.
2.  "I was wondering whether he could have buried something. Ofcourse, when people bury treasure nowadays they do it in thePost-Office bank. But there are always some lunatics about. It wouldbe a dull world without them. At first I thought of some buriedvaluable. But why, in that case, should they want your furniture?You don't happen to have a Raphael or a first folio Shakespearewithout knowing it?"
3.  "I was, as you may think, Watson, horrified at this unexpected news."'What has caused it?' I asked.
4.  "What have you done?" asked Holmes.
5.  "You will appreciate the difficulty of the situation, Watson.There is nothing upon which we can apply for a warrant. Our wholescheme might seem fantastic if laid before a magistrate. The woman'sdisappearance counts for nothing, since in that extraordinaryhousehold any member of it might be invisible for a week. And yetshe may at the present moment be in danger of her life. All I can dois to watch the house and leave my agent, Warner, on guard at thegates. We can't let such a situation continue. If the law can donothing we must take the risk ourselves."
6.  "It sounds incredible, for I have not, as far as I know, an enemy inthe world. Yet from last night's experience I can come to no otherconclusion."


1.  It appeared from its position in the paper to have been the oneevent of importance in town, and the account of it ran in this way:"A desperate attempt at robbery, culminating in the death of one manand the capture of the criminal, occurred this afternoon in theCity. For some time back Mawson & Williams, the famous financialhouse, have been the guardians of securities which amount in theaggregate to a sum of considerably over a million sterling. Soconscious was the manager of the responsibility which devolved uponhim in consequence of the great interests at stake that safes of thevery latest construction have been employed, and an armed watchman hasbeen left day and night in the building. It appears that last week anew clerk named Hall Pycroft was engaged by the firm. This personappears to have been none other than Beddington, the famous forger andcracksman, who, with his brother, has only recently emerged from afive years' spell of penal servitude. By some means, which are not yetclear, he succeeded in winning, under a false name, this officialposition in the office, which he utilized in order to obtain mouldingsof various locks, and a thorough knowledge of the position of thestrongroom and the safes.
2.  This concluded the examination of the witness.
3.  "Nothing?"
4.  "You must have examined the house very carefully to find a singlepellet of paper."
5.   "One moment- one moment!" cried a querulous voice, and we lookedup to find a queer little old man, jerking and twitching in thedoorway. He was dressed in rusty black, with a very broad-brimmedtop-hat and a loose white necktie- the whole effect being that of avery rustic parson or of an undertaker's mute. Yet, in spite of hisshabby and even absurd appearance, his voice had a sharp crackle,and his manner a quick intensity which commanded attention."Who are you, sir, and by what right do you touch this gentleman'spapers?" he asked.
6.  "The effect of our inquiries at Woolwich has in the main beenagainst young Cadogan West; but the indications at the window wouldlend themselves to a more favourable hypothesis. Let us suppose, forexample, that he had been approached by some foreign agent. It mighthave been done under such pledges as would have prevented him fromspeaking of it, and yet would have affected his thoughts in thedirection indicated by his remarks to his fiancee. Very good. Wewill now suppose that as he went to the theatre with the young lady hesuddenly, in the fog, caught a glimpse of this same agent going in thedirection of the office. He was an impetuous man, quick in hisdecisions. Everything gave way to his duty. He followed the man,reached the window, saw the abstraction of the documents, andpursued the thief. In this way we get over the objection that no onewould take originals when he could make copies. This outsider had totake originals. So far it holds together."


1.  "Water! For God's sake, water!" was his cry.
2.  "No, sir."
3.  "Well, my boy, what do you make of this lot?" he asked, smiling atmy expression.
4、  "I think that I mentioned to you that the doctor kept a cheetahand a baboon. We had no feeling of security unless our doors werelocked."
5、  "Yes, sir, it is true," said he.




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      "Not guilty, my lord," said I.

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      "No. His orders were to stay in the house."

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       "Dear me! that is friendship indeed."

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      The beautiful Italian looked with awe at my companion.

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    {  With an effort the Gold King mastered his fury. I could not butadmire him, for by a supreme self-command he had turned in a minutefrom a hot flame of anger to a frigid and contemptuous indifference."Well, it's your choice. I guess you know how to run your ownbusiness. I can't make you touch the case against your will. You'vedone yourself no good this morning, Mr. Holmes, for I have brokenstronger men than you. No man ever crossed me and was the better forit."

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      "Your surprise is very natural. You are not aware that a second doorfrom my bedroom leads behind that curtain. I fancied that you musthave heard me when I displaced the figure, but luck was on my side. Itgave me a chance of listening to your racy conversation which wouldhave been painfully constrained had you been aware of my presence."The Count gave a gesture of resignation.}

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      "Does she know about the Austrian episode?"

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      "I don't quite follow you, Mr. Holmes."

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       "Mr. Josiah Brown, I suppose?" said Holmes.

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    {  "It was Adams, of course."

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      "Thank you. Pray proceed."