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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  As Athos had foreseen, the bastion was only occupied by adozen corpses, French and Rochellais.
2.  "For you alone."
3.  We must confess these three strange names struck us; and itimmediately occurred to us that they were but pseudonyms, underwhich D'Artagnan had disguised names perhaps illustrious, or elsethat the bearers of these borrowed names had themselves chosenthem on the day in which, from caprice, discontent, or want offortune, they had donned the simple Musketeer's uniform.>From the moment we had no rest till we could find some trace incontemporary works of these extraordinary names which had sostrongly awakened our curiosity.
4.  "Excuse me," said D'Artagnan, endeavoring to resume his course,"excuse me, but I am in a hurry."
5.  "Since then," continued Aramis, "I have lived very agreeably. Ihave begun a poem in verses of one syllable. That is ratherdifficult, but the merit in all things consists in thedifficulty. The matter is gallant. I will read you the firstcanto. It has four hundred lines, and lasts a minute.""My faith, my dear Aramis," said D'Artagnan, who detested versesalmost as much as he did Latin, "add to the merit of thedifficulty that of the brevity, and you are sure that your poemwill at least have two merits."
6.  "In her bedchamber--"


1.  "Never."
2.  "Not even to Athos or Porthos?"
3.  "Let us decamp first, and you will understand afterward.""A moment, gentlemen, a moment; give Grimaud time to clearaway the breakfast."
4.  "Yes," said Aramis, "impart it to us, my dear friend, unless thehonor of any lady be hazarded by this confidence; in that caseyou would do better to keep it to yourself."
5.  "Laporte," said the duke, in a dying voice, "Laporte, do you come fromher?"
6.  He was absorbed entirely by the sensations of the moment.Milady was no longer for him that woman of fatal intentionswho had for a moment terrified him; she was an ardent,passionate mistress, abandoning herself to love which shealso seemed to feel. Two hours thus glided away. When thetransports of the two lovers were calmer, Milady, who hadnot the same motives for forgetfulness that D'Artagnan had,was the first to return to reality, and asked the young manif the means which were on the morrow to bring on theencounter between him and De Wardes were already arranged inhis mind.


1.  "The accusation comes from Monsieur de la Tremouille, from theduke himself. What do you say to that?"
2.  "Come," said the king, "will you swear, by my father, that Athoswas at your residence during the event and that he took no partin it?"
3.  "Monseigneur, your Eminence has ill understood my words.""You want a pretext, do you not? I comprehend. Well, youhave this excuse: advancement, the opening campaign, theopportunity which I offer you--so much for the world. Asregards yourself, the need of protection; for it is fit youshould know, Monsieur d'Artagnan, that I have received heavyand serious complaints against you. You do not consecrateyour days and nights wholly to the king's service."D'Artagnan colored.
4.  "Well," said Milady, in a trembling voice, "why do you notenter? Count, Count," added she, "you know that I wait foryou."
5.   Milady began to think she should soon grow weary of a convent life; sheresolved, then, to risk something in order that she might know how toact afterward. Desirous of seeing how far the discretion of the goodabbess would go, she began to tell a story, obscure at first, but verycircumstantial afterward, about the cardinal, relating the amours of theminister with Mme. d'Aiguillon, Marion de Lorme, and several other gaywomen.
6.  This expression sprang from the very bottom of the heart, and,like the first, there was no mistaking it.


1.  "Then why did she go, just God?"
2.  "No, monseigneur, no, it is not he!" cried Bonacieux; "no, I wasdeceived. This is quite another man, and does not resemble himat all. Monsieur is, I am sure, an honest man."
3.  "Yes; a passage of St. Augustine, upon which we could not agree,"said the Gascon.
4、  "Monsieur Bonacieux," said the commissary, looking at the accusedas if his little eyes had the faculty of reading to the verydepths of hearts, "you have a wife?"
5、  Without a blush, men made their way in the world by the means ofwomen blushing. Such as were only beautiful gave their beauty,whence, without doubt, comes the proverb, "The most beautifulgirl in the world can only give what she has." Such as were richgave in addition a part of their money; and a vast number ofheroes of that gallant period may be cited who would neither havewon their spurs in the first place, nor their battles afterward,without the purse, more or less furnished, which their mistressfastened to the saddle bow.




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      "I wished to know the detail," said she, "because, havingmany relatives in business, I was almost sure of obtainingthings at a hundred per cent less than you would payyourself."

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      The procurator's wife hung upon the arm of Porthos, and inthe violence of her grief she cried out, "Monsieur Porthos,I am ignorant of all such matters! How should I know what ahorse is? How should I know what horse furniture is?""You should have left it to me, then, madame, who know whatthey are; but you wished to be frugal, and consequently tolend at usury."

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       On her side Mme. Bonacieux had also reflected; but, it must beadmitted, upon something widely different from ambition. Inspite of herself her thoughts constantly reverted to thathandsome young man who was so brave and appeared to be so much inlove. Married at eighteen to Mme. Bonacieux, having always livedamong her husband's friends--people little capable of inspiringany sentiment whatever in a young woman whose heart was above herposition--Mme. Bonacieux had remained insensible to vulgarseductions; but at this period the title of gentleman had greatinfluence with the citizen class, and D'Artagnan was a gentleman.Besides, he wore the uniform of the Guards, which next to that ofthe Musketeers was most admired by the ladies. He was, werepeat, handsome, young, and bold; he spoke of love like a manwho did love and was anxious to be loved in return. There wascertainly enough in all this to turn a head only twenty-threeyears old, and Mme. Bonacieux had just attained that happy periodof life.

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      "It is not necessary for Milady* to be seen by this fellow,"continued the stranger. "She will soon pass; she is alreadylate. I had better get on horseback, and go and meet her. Ishould like, however, to know what this letter addressed toTreville contains."

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    {  "You understand, Treville--an edict is still an edict, it isforbidden to fight, after all."

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      "Well, perhaps you are right," said Athos. "I do not know awoman that is worth the trouble of being sought for when sheis once lost. Madame Bonacieux is lost; so much the worsefor her if she is found."}

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      "Stop, in the name of heaven, Monsieur Porthos!" cried she."Stop, and let us talk."

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      "On the contrary, gentlemen, we would assist you if it werenecessary."

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       And Bassompierre was right. The cannonade of the Isle of Represaged to him the dragonnades of the Cevennes; the takingof La Rochelle was the preface to the revocation of theEdict of Nantes.

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    {  D'Artagnan paused.

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      "I am much obliged to Monsieur for the crown he had given me, andI promise him to follow his instructions exactly; but it is notthe less true that letters which come in this way into shut-uphouses--"