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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, finished."
2.  "'And British Broken Hills?'
3.  "Well, it might do- so far as it goes."
4.  "But how come you into this matter, Miss Burnet?" asked Holmes. "Howcan an English lady join in such a murderous affair?"
5.  "I did, sir, and at the sight of me he looked as I have never seen aman look before, and over he went with his head on the fender. Buthe was dead before he fell. I read death on his face as plain as I canread that text over the fire. The bare sight of me was like a bulletthrough his guilty heart."
6.  The official received us with a very grave face and showed us into asitting-room, where an exceedingly unkempt and agitated elderly man,clad in a flannel dressing-gown, was pacing up and down. He wasintroduced to us as the owner of the house- Mr. Horace Harker, ofthe Central Press Syndicate.


1.  I admitted that I had not.
2.  The Lord St. Simon marriage, and its curious termination, havelong ceased to be a subject of interest in those exalted circles inwhich the unfortunate bridegroom moves. Fresh scandals have eclipsedit, and their more piquant details have drawn the gossips away fromthis four-year-old drama. As I have reason to believe, however, thatthe full facts have never been revealed to the general public, andas my friend Sherlock Holmes had a considerable share in clearingthe matter up, I feel that no memoir of him would be completewithout some little sketch of this remarkable episode.
3.  "Can you fit us both into your dog-cart?"
4.  "He could see what he was doing here, and he could not there. Thatwas his reason."
5.  With a united effort we tore off the coffin-lid. As we did sothere came from the inside a stupefying and overpowering smell ofchloroform. A body lay within, its head ill wreathed in cotton-wool,which had been soaked in the narcotic. Holmes plucked it off anddisclosed the statuesque face of a handsome and spiritual woman ofmiddle age. In an instant he had passed his arm round the figure andraised her to a sitting position.


1.  "Bravo, Watson! A very dignified and logical remonstrance. Let mesee, what were the points? Take the last one first- the cab. Youobserve that you have some splashes on the left sleeve and shoulder ofyour coat. Had you sat in the centre of a hansom you would probablyhave had no splashes, and if you had they would certainly have beensymmetrical. Therefore it is clear that you sat at the side. Thereforeit is equally clear that you had a companion."
2.  "Oh, indeed! You seem to have done the thing very completely.I must compliment you."
3.  "The next I heard of Frank was that he was in Montana, and then hewent prospecting in Arizona, and then I heard of him from NewMexico. After that came a long newspaper story about how a miners'camp had been attacked by Apache Indians, and there was my Frank'sname among the killed. I fainted dead away, and I was very sick formonths after. Pa thought I had a decline and took me to half thedoctors in 'Frisco. Not a word of news came for a year and more, sothat I never doubted that Frank was really dead. Then Lord St. Simoncame to 'Frisco, and we came to London, and a marriage was arranged,and pa was very pleased, but I felt all the time that no man on thisearth would ever take the place in my heart that had been given tomy poor Frank.
4.  He stared at the writing with a face from which every expressionsave amazement had vanished.
5.   "This discovery, and the evident confusion which the cripple showed,made the inspector realize that the matter was serious. The rooms werecarefully examined, and results all pointed to an abominable crime.The front room was plainly furnished as a sitting-room and led intoa small bedroom, which looked out upon the back of one of the wharves.Between the wharf and the bedroom window is a narrow strip, which isdry at low tide but is covered at high tide with at least four and ahalf feet of water. The bedroom window was a broad one and opened frombelow. On examination traces of blood were to be seen upon thewindow-sill, and several scattered drops were visible upon thewooden floor of the bedroom. Thrust away behind a curtain in the frontroom were all the clothes of Mr. Neville St. Clair, with the exceptionof his coat. His boots, his socks, his hat, and his watch-all werethere. There were no signs of violence upon any of these garments, andthere were no other traces of Mr. Neville St. Clair. Out of the windowhe must apparently have gone, for no other exit could be discovered,and the ominous bloodstains upon the sill gave little promise thathe could save himself by swimming, for the tide was at its veryhighest at the moment of the tragedy.
6.  "I give you five minutes, Mr. Holmes."


1.  "Quite so. We will come to the bicycle presently. To continue ourreasoning: if these people did not go by the road, they must havetraversed the country to the north of the house or to the south of thehouse. That is certain. Let us weigh the one against the other. On thesouth of the house is, as you perceive, a large district of ambleland, cut up into small fields, with stone walls between them.There, I admit that a bicycle is impossible. We can dismiss theidea. We turn to the country on the north. Here there lies a groveof trees, marked as the 'Ragged Shaw,' and on the farther sidestretches a great rolling moor, Lower Gill Moor, extending for tenmiles and sloping gradually upward. Here, at one side of thiswilderness, is Holdernesse Hall, ten miles by road, but only sixacross the moor. It is a peculiarly desolate plain. A few moor farmershave small holdings, where they rear sheep and cattle. Except these,the plover and the curlew are the only inhabitants until you come tothe Chesterfield high road. There is a church there, you see, a fewcottages, and an inn. Beyond that the hills become precipitous. Surelyit is here to the north that our quest must lie."
2.  I did so, and heard a thin, quavering voice at the other end ofthe line.
3.  I don't understand it."
4、  The development for which my friend had asked came in a quickerand an infinitely more tragic form than he could have imagined. Iwas still dressing in my bedroom next morning, when there was a tap atthe door and Holmes entered, a telegram in his hand. He read it aloud:"Come instantly, 131 Pitt Street, Kensington.
5、  I had so many letters now that I could proceed with considerableconfidence to the second message, which worked out in this fashion:A . ELRI . ES.




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      "It would have been an easier task a week ago," said he. "But evennow my visit may not be entirely fruitless. Watson, if you can sparethe time, I should be very glad of your company. If you will call afour-wheeler, Hopkins, we shall be ready to start for Forest Row ina quarter of an hour."

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      "I feel it and admit it."

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       "Ha!" cried I, "if it is anything in the nature of a problem whichyou desire to see solved, I should strongly recommend you to come tomy friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, before you go to the official police.""Oh, I have heard of that fellow," answered my visitor, "and Ishould be very glad if he would take the matter up, though of course Imust use the official police as well. Would you give me anintroduction to him?"

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      "My dear Holmes!"

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    {  "No, there is nothing."

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      "Indeed. This is more interesting than it promised to be; quitedramatic, in fact."}

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      As we left the room, we heard his pen travelling shrilly over thefoolscap.

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       "I knew you would not shrink at the last," said he, and for a momentI saw something in his eyes which was nearer to tenderness than Ihad ever seen. The next instant he was his masterful, practical selfonce more.

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    {  "Where is your warrant?"

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      "Didn't you ask him in?"