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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I beg that you will draw your chair up to the fire and favourme with some details as to your case."
2.  "Excellent! You should have been a surgeon."
3.  "He said so."
4.  "Then I can wait in the next room."
5.  "Your reasoning is certainly plausible."
6.  "What sort of proposal is that to make a man? I know enough of lawto understand that Mary would be held as accomplice. Do you think Iwould leave her alone to face the music while I slunk away? No, sir,let them do their worst upon me, but for heaven's sake, Mr. Holmes,find some way of keeping my poor Mary out of the courts."Holmes for a second time held out his hand to the sailor."I was only testing you, and you ring true every time. Well, it is agreat responsibility that I take upon myself, but I have given Hopkinsan excellent hint and if he can't avail himself of it I can do nomore. See here, Captain Crocker, we'll do this in due form of law. Youare the prisoner. Watson, you are a British jury, and I never met aman who was more eminently fitted to represent one. I am the judge.Now, gentleman of the jury, you have heard the evidence. Do you findthe prisoner guilty or not guilty?"


1.  "Strong language, Mr. Bates."
2.  "Mr. Sidney Johnson, the senior clerk."
3.  "I understand you to say that your room is on the second floor, thatthere is no entrance from without, and that from within no one couldgo up unobserved. It must, then, be somebody in the house who hastaken it. To whom would the thief take it? To one of severalinternational spies and secret agents, whose names are tolerablyfamiliar to me. There are three who may be said to be the heads oftheir profession. I will begin my research by going round andfinding if each of them is at his post. If one is missing-especially if he has disappeared since last night- we will have someindication as to where the document has gone."
4.  "I thought the police never could have seen through our dodge.""And the police haven't, nor will they, to the best of my belief.Now, look here, Captain Crocker, this is a very serious matter, thoughI am willing to admit that you acted under the most extremeprovocation to which any man could be subjected. I am not sure that indefence of your own life your action will not be pronouncedlegitimate. However, that is for a British jury to decide. Meanwhile Ihave so much sympathy for you that, if you choose to disappear inthe next twenty-four hours, I will promise you that no one will hinderyou."
5.  "Surely that is Baker Street" I answered, staring through the dimwindow.
6.  The outhouse was the simplest of dwellings, wooden-walled,shingle-roofed, one window beside the door and one on the fartherside. Stanley Hopkins drew the key from his pocket and had stoopedto the lock, when he paused with a look of attention and surprise uponhis face.


1.  "Which?"
2.  It was past eleven o'clock when we formed our little ambuscade.Hopkins was for leaving the door of the hut open, but Holmes was ofthe opinion that this would rouse the suspicions of the stranger.The lock was a perfectly simple one, and only a strong blade wasneeded to push it back. Holmes also suggested that we should wait, notinside the hut, but outside it, among the bushes which grew roundthe farther window. In this way we should be able to watch our manif he struck a light, and see what his object was in this stealthynocturnal visit.
3.  Watson looked warily round the edge of the curtain.
4.  "The practical application of what I have said is very close tothe problem which I am investigating. It is a tangled skein, youunderstand, and I am looking for a loose end. One possible loose endlies in the question: Why does Professor Presbury's wolfhound, Roy,endeavour to bite him?"
5.   "No one else in your room?"
6.  I have only one further note of this case. It is the letter whichHolmes wrote in final answer to that with which the narrativebegins. It ran thus:


2.  "This was an unexpected piece of luck. My data were coming morequickly than I could have reasonably hoped.
3.  "In that case, you can give us no further information. Would youplease remain in the room? Stand over there near the bedroom door.Now, Soames, I am going to ask you to have the great kindness to go upto the room of young Gilchrist, and to ask him to step down intoyours."
4、  We made our way downstairs as quietly as possible, and out intothe bright morning sunshine. In the road stood our horse and trap,with the half-clad stableboy waiting at the head. We both sprang in,and away we dashed down the London Road. A few country carts werestirring, bearing in vegetables to the metropolis, but metropolis, butthe lines of villas on either side were as silent and lifeless as somecity in a dream.
5、  "It is very much the sort of thing that I expected," said he. "Ofcourse, we do not yet know what the relations may have been betweenAlec Cunningham, William Kirwan, and Annie Morrison. The resultshows that the trap was skilfully baited. I am sure that you cannotfail to be delighted with the traces of heredity shown in the p'sand in the tails of the g's. The absence of the i-dots in the oldman's writing is also most characteristic. Watson, I think our quietrest in the country has been a distinct success, and I shall certainlyreturn much invigorated to Baker Street to-morrow."




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      "No, sir, there was no one."

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      "It was a slight, sir, a public slight," said Lord St. Simon,tapping his fingers upon the table.

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       "But this rascal?"

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      "'Well, Sarah found that she could not make a living in Liverpool,so she went back, as I understand, to live with her sister in Croydon,and things jogged on much the same as ever at home. And then came thislast week and all the misery and ruin.

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    {  "Well, of course, if the case were not an odd one we should not havebeen driven to ask you for an explanation," said young Mr. Alec."But as to your ideas that the man had robbed the house before Williamtackled him, I think it a most absurd notion. Wouldn't we have foundthe place disarranged and missed the things which he had taken?""It depends on what the things were," said Holmes. "You mustremember that we are dealing with a burglar who is a very peculiarfellow, and who appears to work on lines of his own. Look, forexample, at the queer lot of things which he took from Acton's-whatwas it?-a ball of string, a letter-weight, and I don't know what otherodds and ends."

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      "I must think it over, Inspector. Come to the window, Watson." Then,as we stood together, he read over the fragment of paper. It beganin the middle of a sentence and ran like this:}

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      "I'd be very glad if you could tell me where that lady may be,"Peters answered coolly. "I've a bill against her for nearly ahundred pounds, and nothing to show for it but a couple of trumperypendants that the dealer would hardly look at. She attached herself toMrs. Peters and me at Baden- it is a fact that I was using anothername at the time- and she stuck on to us until we came to London. Ipaid her bill and her ticket. Once in London, she gave us the slip,and, as I say, left these out-of-date jewels to pay her bills. Youfind her, Mr. Holmes, and I'm your debtor."

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      "Well, I'm sure you would never guess in a hundred years what we didfind. You see that stain on the carpet? Well, a great deal must havesoaked through, must it not?"

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       He sprang through a gate into a field, dragging the reluctant Pompeyafter him. We had hardly got under the shelter of the hedge when thecarriage rattled past. I caught a glimpse of Dr. Armstrong within, hisshoulders bowed, his head sunk on his hands, the very image ofdistress. I could tell by my companion's graver face that he alsohad seen.

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    {  "Sold out of geese, I see," continued Holmes, pointing at thebare slabs of marble.

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      His eyes gleamed behind his great spectacles. It was very clear thatno pains would be spared by Mr. Nathan Garrideb in finding a namesake."I merely called to make your acquaintance, and there is no reasonwhy I should interrupt your studies," said Holmes. "I prefer toestablish personal touch with those with whom I do business. There arefew questions I need ask, for I have your very clear narrative in mypocket, and I filled up the blanks when this American gentlemancalled. I understand that up to this week you were unaware of hisexistence."