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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "There is a train at half-past nine," said I, glancing over myBradshaw. "It is due at Winchester at 11:3O."
2.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
3.  "Yes," I said, "it is morally justifiable so long as our object isto take no articles save those which are used for an illegal purpose."Exactly. Since it is morally justifiable, I have only to considerthe question of personal risk. Surely a gentleman should not laymuch stress upon this, when a lady is in most desperate need of hishelp?"
4.  "Of course the calculation now was a simple one. If a rod of sixfeet threw a shadow of nine, a tree of sixty-four feet would throw oneof ninety-six, and the line of the one would of course be the lineof the other. I measured out the distance, which brought me almostto the wall of the house, and I thrust a peg into the spot. You canimagine my exultation, Watson, when within two inches of my peg Isaw a conical depression in the ground. I knew that it was the markmade by Brunton in his measurements, and that I was still upon histrail.
5.  "Mrs. Toller!" cried Miss Hunter.
6.  "Yes, that is all." His eyes shifted as he said it.


1.  "His Grace is by no means convinced that the police have failed.""But surely, Mr. Wilder-"
2.  .
3.  "What is it?"
4.  The landlady thought for a moment.
5.  Holmes had not said one word to me about the tragedy which we hadwitnessed, but I observed all the morning that he was in his mostthoughtful mood, and he gave me the impression, from his vacant eyesand his abstracted manner, of a man who is striving to recallsomething to his memory. We were in the middle of our lunch, when hesuddenly sprang to his feet. "By Jove, Watson, I've got it!" he cried."Take your hat! Come with me!" He hurried at his top speed downBaker Street and along Oxford Street, until we had almost reachedRegent Circus. Here, on the left hand, there stands a shop windowfilled with photographs of the celebrities and beauties of the day.Holmes's eyes fixed themselves upon one of them, and following hisgaze I saw the picture of a regal and stately lady in Court dress,with a high diamond tiara upon her noble head. I looked at thatdelicately curved nose, at the marked eyebrows, at the straight mouth,and the strong little chin beneath it. Then I caught my breath as Iread the time-honoured title of the great nobleman and statesman whosewife she had been. My eyes met those of Holmes, and he put hisfinger to his lips as we turned away from the window.
6.  "I come to a part of my story now in which I should wish to beparticularly so. I am not a very heavy sleeper, and the anxiety inmy mind tended, no doubt, to make me even less so than usual. Abouttwo in the morning, then, I was awakened by some sound in the house.It had ceased ere I was wide awake, but it had left an impressionbehind it as though a window had gently closed somewhere. I laylistening with all my ears. Suddenly, to my horror, there was adistinct sound of footsteps moving softly in the next room. Islipped out of bed, an palpitating with fear, and peeped round thecorner of my dressing-room door.


1.  "It all depends upon the behaviour of Dr. Watson's revolver," saidmy friend. Here it is. Now, officer, can you give me ten yards ofstring?"
2.  "You have a maid who has a sweetheart? I think that you remarkedto your uncle last night that she had been out to see him?""Yes, and she was the girl who waited in the drawing-room, and whomay have heard uncle's remarks about the coronet."
3.  "How hard you are!" she cried. "May I tell you the whole story?""I fancy I could tell it to you."
4.  "Of sudden death. I'm expecting something this evening.""Expecting what?"
6.  "Was your sister dressed?"


1.  "Nay, he was bringing home the goose as a peace-offering tohis wife. Remember the card upon the bird's leg."
2.  "Absolutely."
3.  "Excuse me if I allude to that which is painful to you, but I haveno alternative. Do you think that the Duchess had anything to dowith the matter?"
4、  "This was not all. I have a new writing-table with a fine surface ofred leather. I am prepared to swear, and so is Bannister, that itwas smooth and unstained. Now I found a clean cut in it about threeinches long- not a mere scratch, but a positive cut. Not only this,but on the table I found a small ball of black dough or clay, withspecks of something which looks like sawdust in it. I am convincedthat these marks were left by the man who rifled the papers. Therewere no footmarks and no other evidence as to his identity. I was atmy wit's end, when suddenly the happy thought occurred to me thatyou were in the town, and I came straight round to put the matter intoyour hands. Do help me, Mr. Holmes. You see my dilemma. Either Imust find the man or else the examination must be postponed untilfresh papers are prepared, and since this cannot be done withoutexplanation, there will ensue a hideous scandal, which will throw acloud not only on the college, but on the university. Above allthings, I desire to settle the matter quietly and discreetly.""I shall be happy to look into it and to give you such advice as Ican," said Holmes, rising and putting on his overcoat. "The case isnot entirely devoid of interest. Had anyone visited you in your roomafter the papers came to you?"
5、  "What have you against him?"




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      As I waited, I lifted the unopened newspaper from the tableand glanced my eye over it. It rested upon a heading which sent achill to my heart.

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      "It was in vain that she protested and resisted. A four-wheelerwas brought, and we all three drove back in it. We had first made anexamination of the kitchen, and especially of the kitchen fire, to seewhether she might have made away with the papers during the instantthat she was alone. There were no signs, however, of any ashes orscraps. When we reached Scotland Yard she was handed over at once tothe female searcher. I waited in an agony of suspense until she cameback with her report. There were no signs of the papers."Then for the first time the horror of my situation came in its fullforce. Hitherto I had been acting, and action had numbed thought. Ihad been so confident of regaining the treaty at once that I had notdared to think of what would be the consequence if I failed to doso. But now there was nothing more to be done, and I had leisure torealize my position. It was horrible. Watson there would tell you thatI was a nervous, sensitive boy at school. It is my nature. I thoughtof my uncle and of his colleagues in the Cabinet, of the shame which Ihad brought upon him, upon myself, upon everyone connected with me.What though I was the victim of an extraordinary accident? Noallowance is made for accidents where diplomatic interests are atstake. I was ruined, shamefully, hopelessly ruined. I don't knowwhat I did. I fancy I must have made a scene. I have a dimrecollection of a group of officials who crowded round me,endeavouring to soothe me. One of them drove down with me to Waterloo,and saw me into the Woking train. I believe that he would have comeall the way had it not been that Dr. Ferrier, who lives near me, wasgoing down by that very train. The doctor most kindly took charge ofme, and it was well he did so, for I had a fit in the station, andbefore we reached home I was practically a raving maniac."You can imagine the state of things here when they were roused fromtheir beds by the doctor's ringing and found me in this condition.Poor Annie here and my mother were broken-hearted. Dr. Ferrier hadjust heard enough from the detective at the station to be able to givean idea of what had happened, and his story did not mend matters. Itwas evident to all that I was in for a long illness, so Joseph wasbundled out of this cheery bedroom, and it was turned into a sick-roomfor me. Here I have lain, Mr. Holmes, for over nine weeks,unconscious, and raving with brain-fever. If it had not been forMiss Harrison here and for the doctor's care, I should not be speakingto you now. She has nursed me by day and a hired nurse has lookedafter me by night, for in my mad fits I was capable of anything.Slowly my reason has cleared, but it is only during the last threedays that my memory has quite returned. Sometimes I wish that it neverhad. The first thing that I did was to wire to Mr. Forbes, who had thecase in hand. He came out, and assures me that, though everythinghas been done, no trace of a clue has been discovered. Thecommissionaire and his wife have been examined in every way withoutany light being thrown upon the matter. The suspicions of the policethen rested upon young Gorot, who, as you may remember, stayedover-time in the office that night. His remaining behind and hisFrench name were really the only two points which could suggestsuspicion; but, as a matter of fact, I did not begin work until he hadgone, and his people are of Huguenot extraction, but as English insympathy and tradition as you and I are. Nothing was found toimplicate him in any way, and there the matter dropped. I turn to you,Mr. Holmes, as absolutely my last hope. If you fail me, then my honouras well as my position are forever forfeited."

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       "Thank God!" he muttered. "It's someone else."

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      "Did you observe the colour?"

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    {  "Proceed," said my friend.

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      "Very smartly dressed, sir- quite the gentleman. Dark clothes-nothing you would note."}

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      The assassin staggered back, amazement in his convulsed face. For aninstant he half raised his loaded cane once more, as if he wouldturn his violence from the effigy to the original; but there wassomething in that steady gray eye and mocking smile which caused hishand to sink to his side.

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      "I will tell you about last night. You are aware, perhaps, that inthis house all the servants sleep in the modern wing. This centralblock is made up of the dwelling-rooms, with the kitchen behind andour bedroom above. My maid, Theresa, sleeps above my room. There is noone else, and no sound could alarm those who are in the fartherwing. This must have been well known to the robbers, or they would nothave acted as they did.

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       We sat in silence for a moment.

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    {  "By the way, Watson, I suppose you see it all clearly?""No, I can't say that I do. I only gather that we are going to seethe lady who is behind all this mischief."

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      "The Haven is the name of Mr. Josiah Amberley's house," I explained."I think it would interest you, Holmes. It is like some penuriouspatrician who has sunk into the company of his inferiors. You knowthat particular quarter, the monotonous brick streets, the wearysuburban highways. Right in the middle of them, a little island ofancient culture and comfort, lies this old home, surrounded by ahigh sun-baked wall mottled with lichens and topped with moss, thesort of wall-"