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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I have no money to build ships with, Penelon," said thepoor owner mournfully, "so I cannot accept your kind offer."
2.  "I did not expect to see you again," said he feebly, toDantes.
3.  "Before to-morrow? -- that will be a difficult matter toarrange, besides, I shall just be in the way of all thepreparations for departure."
4.  "The honorable, the king's attorney, is informed by a friendof the throne and religion, that one Edmond Dantes, mate ofthe ship Pharaon, arrived this morning from Smyrna, afterhaving touched at Naples and Porto-Ferrajo, has beenintrusted by Murat with a letter for the usurper, and by theusurper with a letter for the Bonapartist committee inParis. Proof of this crime will be found on arresting him,for the letter will be found upon him, or at his father's,or in his cabin on board the Pharaon."
5.  "They are my bankers in the capital of the Christian world,"returned the count quietly. "Can my influence with them beof any service to you?"
6.  "There is a carriage coming," said Chateau-Renaud. Itadvanced rapidly along one of the avenues leading towardsthe open space where they were assembled. "You are doubtlessprovided with pistols, gentlemen? M. de Monte Cristo yieldshis right of using his."


1.  "Oh," cried Julie, "I have not lost all hope of some daykissing that hand, as I now kiss the purse which he hastouched. Four years ago, Penelon was at Trieste -- Penelon,count, is the old sailor you saw in the garden, and who,from quartermaster, has become gardener -- Penelon, when hewas at Trieste, saw on the quay an Englishman, who was onthe point of embarking on board a yacht, and he recognizedhim as the person who called on my father the fifth of June,1829, and who wrote me this letter on the fifth ofSeptember. He felt convinced of his identity, but he did notventure to address him."
2.  "You are charged with a letter of introduction addressed tome, are you not?" said the count.
3.  "Poor count! And is he aware of the danger he has been in?"
4.  "Why not? Who formed the plan by which we left theestablishment of M ---- ! eh? was it not I? and it was nobad one I believe, since here we are!"
5.  "Ah," said Monte Cristo "it seems to me this was nothing butmurder and robbery."
6.  "No, indeed," replied Madame de Villefort; "and yet itappears to me, sir, that if I had met you anywhere, therecollection of you must have been imprinted on my memory."


1.  "Thomson & French are perfectly solvent," replied Danglars,with an almost mocking smile: "but the word unlimited, infinancial affairs, is so extremely vague."
2.  "Do you think the same hand which unintentionally struckBarrois has now attacked Valentine?"
3.  "Your excellency knows that wine is beyond all price nearRome."
4.  "All remains the same, then, in that quarter?"
5.   "I can still say it is a dream; a retired baker, my poorBenedetto, is rich -- he has an annuity."
6.  "Nothing shall be done without the full approbation ofAlbert de Morcerf. I will make myself acquainted with hisintentions and will submit to them. But if he be willing toaccept my offers, will you oppose them?"


1.  In fact, a moment later M. Morrel appeared and was salutedwith an enthusiastic burst of applause from the crew of thePharaon, who hailed the visit of the shipowner as a sureindication that the man whose wedding feast he thusdelighted to honor would ere long be first in command of theship; and as Dantes was universally beloved on board hisvessel, the sailors put no restraint on their tumultuous joyat finding that the opinion and choice of their superiors soexactly coincided with their own.
2.  "No, my child, no," said Madame de Saint-Meran; "but I wasimpatiently waiting for your arrival, that I might send foryour father."
3.  "Take the helm, and let us see what you know." The young mantook the helm, felt to see if the vessel answered the rudderpromptly and seeing that, without being a first-rate sailer,she yet was tolerably obedient, --
4、  Violent Bonapartist; took an active part in the return fromElba.
5、  "No, it is the name of the island he has purchased."




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      "You know how imperfectly the women of the mezzo cito areeducated in Italy?" (This is the name of the lower class.)

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      The baroness then thought of M. de Villefort. It was M. deVillefort who had remorselessly brought misfortune into herfamily, as though they had been strangers. But, no; onreflection, the procureur was not a merciless man; and itwas not the magistrate, slave to his duties, but the friend,the loyal friend, who roughly but firmly cut into the verycore of the corruption; it was not the executioner, but thesurgeon, who wished to withdraw the honor of Danglars fromignominious association with the disgraced young man theyhad presented to the world as their son-in-law. And sinceVillefort, the friend of Danglars, had acted in this way, noone could suppose that he had been previously acquaintedwith, or had lent himself to, any of Andrea's intrigues.Villefort's conduct, therefore, upon reflection, appeared tothe baroness as if shaped for their mutual advantage. Butthe inflexibility of the procureur should stop there; shewould see him the next day, and if she could not make himfail in his duties as a magistrate, she would, at least,obtain all the indulgence he could allow. She would invokethe past, recall old recollections; she would supplicate himby the remembrance of guilty, yet happy days. M. deVillefort would stifle the affair; he had only to turn hiseyes on one side, and allow Andrea to fly, and follow up thecrime under that shadow of guilt called contempt of court.And after this reasoning she slept easily.

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       "Your bills, at least, are the first that will fall due."

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      "Permit me to remind you that you are not in the Chamber, mydear Viscount."

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    {  "There, you see, wife," said the former, "this splendiddiamond might all be ours, if we chose!"

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      "I did, indeed.}

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      "The usurper landed in France, near Antibes, in the Gulf ofJuan, two hundred and fifty leagues from Paris, on the 1stof March, and you only acquired this information to-day, the4th of March! Well, sir, what you tell me is impossible. Youmust have received a false report, or you have gone mad."

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      "Yes, yes; this is an adventure worthy a place in the variedcareer of that royal bandit. This fabulous event formed buta link in a long chain of marvels. Yes, Borgia has beenhere, a torch in one band, a sword in the other, and withintwenty paces, at the foot of this rock, perhaps two guardskept watch on land and sea, while their master descended, asI am about to descend, dispelling the darkness before hisawe-inspiring progress."

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       "Who are those gentlemen?" asked Danglars of Monte Cristo.

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    {  "Ah, there is your proud and selfish nature. You wouldexpose the self-love of another with a hatchet, but youshrink if your own is attacked with a needle."

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      "You perceive, then, that he is not happy?" said the count."Yes," replied the young woman; "and fear much that he findsour home but a dull one."