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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Good heavens! how all things far and near Must fill his mind, - a man like this!Abash'd before him I appear, And say to all things only, yes. Poor simplechild, I cannot see, What 'tis that he can find in me.(Exit.)
2.  (suddenly appearing very old)
3.  What hum melodious, what clear silvery chime Thus draws the goblet frommy lips away? Ye deep - ton'd bells, do ye with voice sublime, Announce thesolemn dawn of Easter - day? Sweet choir! are ye the hymn of comfortsinging, Which one around the darkness of the grave, From seraph - voices,in glad triumph ringing, Of a new covenant assurance gave?Chorus of Women
4.  How stoutly once I could inveigh, If a poor maiden went astray; Not wordsenough my tongue could find, 'Gainst others' sin to speak my mind! Black as itseemed, I blacken'd it still more, And strove to make it blacker than before.And did myself securely bless Now my own trespass doth appear! Yet ah! -what urg'd me to transgress, God knows, it was so sweet, so dear!Zwinger
5.  So men, forsooth, he thinks to imitate! Now, in the devil's name, for once gostraight! Or out at once your flickering life I'll blow.Ignis Fatuus
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  I feel oppressed! The pillars of the wall Imprison me! The vaulted roofWeighs down upon me! - air!
2.  Mark this, my friend, And spare my lungs; who would the right maintain, Andhath a tongue wherewith his point to gain, Will gain it in the end. But come, ofgossip I am weary quite; Because I've no resource, thou'rt in the right.A Garden
3.  Mephistopheles
4.  Faust
5.  Not so! He thought of you with tender care. Quoth he: "Heaven knows howfervently I prayed, For wife and children when from Malta bound; The prayerhath heaven with favour crowned; We took a Turkish vessel which conveyedRich store of treasure for the Sultan's court; It's own reward our gallant actionbrought; The captur'd prize was shared among the crew And of the treasure Ireceived my due."
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  With many a knightly vassal At a royal feast sat he, In yon proud hallancestral, In his castle o'er the sea.
2.  Say, what therewith to bore? You cannot have the wine - casks at the door?Altmayer
3.  Puck draws near and wheels about, In mazy circles dancing! Hundreds swellhis joyous shout, Behind him still advancing.
4.  Thou'rt right indeed; no traces now I see Whatever of a spirit's agency. 'Tistraining - nothing more.
5.   Wherefore, ye tones celestial, sweet and strong, Come ye a dweller in thedust to seek? Ring out your chimes believing crowds among, The messagewell I hear, my faith alone is weak; From faith her darling, miracle, hathsprung. Aloft to yonder spheres I dare not soar, Whence sound the tidings ofgreat joy; And yet, with this sweet strain familiar when a boy, Back it recallethme to life once more. Then would celestial love, with holy kiss, Come o'er mein the Sabbath's stilly hour, While, fraught with solemn meaning andmysterious power, Chim'd the deep - sounding bell, and prayer was bliss; Ayearning impulse, undefin'd yet dear, Drove me to wander on through woodand field; With heaving breast and many a burning tear, I felt with holy joy aworld reveal'd. Gay sports and festive hours proclaim'd with joyous pealing,This Easter hymn in days of old; And fond remembrance now doth me, withchildlike feeling, Back from the last, the solemn step, withhold. O still soundon, thou sweet celestial strain! The tear - drop flows, - Earth, I am thineagain!
6.  Faust


1.  Well, he hath paid the forfeit, and is dead. Now were I in your place, mycounsel hear; My weeds I'd wear for one chaste year, And for another lovermeanwhile would look out.
2.  Pardon! I heard you here declaim; A Grecian tragedy you doubtless read?Improvement in this art is now my aim, For now - a - days it much avails.Indeed An actor, oft I've heard it said, as teacher, May give instruction to apreacher.
3.  Faust
4、  Mephistopheles
5、  Each twirls about and never stops, And as he can he fareth. The crookedleaps, the clumsy hops, Nor for appearance careth.Fiddler




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      Snake! Serpent vile!

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      Use well your time, so rapidly it flies; Method will teach you time to win;Hence, my young friend, I would advise, With college logic to begin! Thenwill your mind be so well braced, In Spanish boots so tightly laced, That on'twill circumspectly creep, Thought's beaten track securely keep, Nor will it,ignis - fatuus like, Into the path of error strike. Then many a day they'll teachyou how The mind's spontaneous acts, till now As eating and as drinking free,Require a process; - one! two! three! In truth the subtle web of thought Is likethe weaver's fabric wrought: One treadle moves a thousand lines, Swift dartthe shuttles to and fro, Unseen the threads together flow, A thousand knotsone stroke combines. Then forward steps your sage to show, And prove toyou, it must be so; The first being so, and so the second, The third and fourthdeduc'd we see; And if there were no first and second, Nor third nor fourthwould ever be. This, scholars of all countries prize, Yet 'mong themselves noweavers rise. He who would know and treat of aught alive, Seeks first theliving spirit thence to drive: Then are the lifeless fragments in his hand, Thereonly fails, alas! the spirit - band. This process, chemists name, in learnedthesis, Mocking themselves, Naturae encheiresis.Student

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       What nonsense doth the hag propound? My brain it doth well - nighconfound. A hundred thousand fools or more, Methinks I hear in chorus roar.Mephistopheles

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      Am I once more deluded! must I deem That thus the throng of spiritsdisappear? The devil's presence, was it but a dream? Hath but a poodlescap'd and left me here?

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    {  Nor goal, nor measure is prescrib'd to you, If you desire to taste of everything, To snatch at joy while on the wing, May your career amuse and profittoo! Only fall to and don't be over coy!

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      The monster to confront, at first, The spell of Four must be rehears'd;Salamander shall kindle, Writhe nymph of the wave, In air sylph shall dwindle,And Kobold shall slave.}

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      How is it now? How speeds it? Is't in train?

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       Faust (after a pause)

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    {  How all things live and work, and ever blending, Weave one vast whole fromBeing's ample range! How powers celestial, rising and descending, Theirgolden buckets ceaseless interchange! Their flight on rapture - breathingpinions winging, From heaven to earth their genial influence bringing, Throughthe wild sphere their chimes melodious ringing!A wondrous show! but ah! a show alone! Where shall I grasp thee, infinitenature, where? Ye breasts, ye fountains of all life, whereon Hang heaven andearth, from which the withered heart For solace yearns, ye still impart Yoursweet and fostering tides - where are ye - where? Ye gush, and must Ilanguish in despair?

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      Am I with thee my room to share, Poodle, thy barking now forbear, Forbearthy howling! Comrade so noisy, ever growling, I cannot suffer here to dwell.One or the other, mark me well, Forthwith must leave the cell. I'm loath theguest - right to withhold; The door's ajar, the passage clear; But what mustnow mine eyes behold! Are nature's laws suspended here? Real is it, or aphantom show? In length and breadth how doth my poodle grow! He liftshimself with threat'ning mien, In likeness of a dog no longer seen! Whatspectre have I harbour'd thus! Huge as a hippopotamus, With fiery eye,terrific tooth! Ah! now I know thee, sure enough! For such a base, half -hellish brood, The key of Solomon is good.