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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  D'Artagnan ran after her. It was not difficult for him toovertake a woman embarrassed with her cloak. He came up with herbefore she had traversed a third of the street. The unfortunatewoman was exhausted, not by fatigue, but by terror, and whenD'Artagnan placed his hand upon her shoulder, she sank upon oneknee, crying in a choking voice, "Kill me, if you please, youshall know nothing!"
2.  "Ay, ay!" said Porthos; "pass the pen to Aramis, who writestheses in Latin."
3.  On returning in the evening to his quarters at the bridge of La Pierre,the cardinal found, standing before the house he occupied, D'Artagnan,without his sword, and the three Musketeers armed.This time, as he was well attended, he looked at them sternly, and madea sign with his eye and hand for D'Artagnan to follow him.D'Artagnan obeyed.
4.  Milady asked some questions about the carriage. It was a chaise drawnby three horses, driven by a postillion; Rochefort's lackey wouldprecede it, as courier.
5.  40 A Terrible Vision
6.  "But yourself, monsieur," said Athos, who began to beannoyed by this inquisition, "give me, I beg you, the proofthat you have the right to question me."


1.  "Oh!" said D'Artagnan, "this is rather warm; it appears thatMilady and I are anxious about the health of the sameperson. Well, Planchet, how is the good Monsieur de Wardes?He is not dead, then?"
2.  D'Artagnan looked at his friends, as if to say, "Well, whatdid I tell you?"
3.  "What do you want?"
4.  "For Monsieur de Wardes?" said Kitty.
5.  The repast was carried into effect that very day, and the lackeywaited at table. The repast had been ordered by Athos, and thelackey furnished by Porthos. He was a Picard, whom the gloriousMusketeer had picked up on the Bridge Tournelle, making rings andplashing in the water.
6.  "But however near it may be," replied D'Artagnan, "I cannotgo thither in this quise."


1.  "I agree, monsieur; but do not be too confident. Take yourhandkerchief; whether it belongs to you or another, you mayperhaps stand in need of it."
2.  "And people are wrong, D'Artagnan; for death is the door whichleads to perdition or to salvation."
3.  The host, on seeing a young man followed by a lackey with twoextra horses, advanced respectfully to the door. Now, as theyhad already traveled eleven leagues, D'Artagnan thought it timeto stop, whether Porthos were or were not in the inn. Perhaps itwould not be prudent to ask at once what had become of theMusketeer. The result of these reflections was that D'Artagnan,without asking information of any kind, alighted, commended thehorses to the care of his lackey, entered a small room destinedto receive those who wished to be alone, and desired the host tobring him a bottle of his best wine and as good a breakfast aspossible--a desire which further corroborated the high opinionthe innkeeper had formed of the traveler at first sight.D'Artagnan was therefore served with miraculous celerity. Theregiment of the Guards was recruited among the first gentlemen ofthe kingdom; and D'Artagnan, followed by a lackey, and travelingwith four magnificent horses, despite the simplicity of hisuniform, could not fail to make a sensation. The host desiredhimself to serve him; which D'Artagnan perceiving, ordered twoglasses to be brought, and commenced the following conversation."My faith, my good host," said D'Artagnan, filling the twoglasses, "I asked for a bottle of your best wine, and if you havedeceived me, you will be punished in what you have sinned; forseeing that I hate drinking my myself, you shall drink with me.Take your glass, then, and let us drink. But what shall we drinkto, so as to avoid wounding any susceptibility? Let us drink tothe prosperity of your establishment."
4.  "My Lord, do you remember the little goat pasture of theLuxembourg?"
5.   He thought that, beginning to be afraid, they had stayedbehind, and he continued to advance.
6.  "Aramis!"


1.  "Alone?" asked Athos.
2.  "Yes."
3.  Godeau, Purveyor of the Musketeers
4、  "He will ask you what you want, and you will answer by these twowords, 'Tours' and 'Bruxelles.' He will at once put himself atyour orders."
5、  "And not a man to instruct them. Falconers are declining. Iknow no one but myself who is acquainted with the noble art ofvenery. After me it will all be over, and people will hunt withgins, snares, and traps. If I had but the time to train pupils!But there is the cardinal always at hand, who does not leave me amoment's repose; who talks to me about Spain, who talks to meabout Austria, who talks to me about England! Ah! A PROPOS ofthe cardinal, Monsieur de Treville, I am vexed with you!"This was the chance at which M. de Treville waited for the king.He knew the king of old, and he knew that all these complaintswere but a preface--a sort of excitation to encourage himself--and that he had now come to his point at last.




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      "It is you, sire, who have now incurred hers. And even if shewere to be seriously offended, I could well understand it; yourMajesty has treated her with a severity--"

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      "Felton, I bring misfortune to all who surround me! Felton,abandon me! Felton, let me die!"

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       In a quarter of an hour he returned, accompanied by a tall man, masked,and wrapped in a large red cloak.

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      "At least you should tell me what I should have to do in London,"replied Bonacieux, who remembered a little too late thatRochefort had desired him to endeavor to obtain his wife'ssecrets.

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    {  "Ah, monsieur!" replied Planchet, recurring to his besettingidea, "that Monsieur Bonacieux has something vicious in hiseyebrows, and something very unpleasant in the play of his lips.""What the devil makes you think of Bonacieux?"

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      "No doubt. Nobody has a higher opinion of the courage and skillof Athos than I have; but I like better to hear my sword clangagainst lances than against staves. I fear lest Athos shouldhave been beaten down by serving men. Those fellows strike hard,and don't leave off in a hurry. This is why I wish to set outagain as soon as possible."}

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      "Ah, ah!" said Porthos, "it appears there's something freshhere."

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      "Tall, well-made? She has lost a tooth, next to theeyetooth on the left?"

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       But D'Artagnan took very little heed of the eloquent discourse ofM. Bazin; and as he had no desire to support a polemic discussionwith his friend's valet, he simply moved him out of the way withone hand, and with the other turned the handle of the door ofNumber Five. The door opened, and D'Artagnan went into thechamber.

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    {  "Of certain expenses he has contracted."

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      Still further, in Buckingham's lodging, which he had beenforced to abandon more precipitately than he expected,papers were found which confirmed this alliance and which,as the cardinal asserts in his memoirs, strongly compromisedMme. de Chevreuse and consequently the queen.