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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  An hour later Holmes, Lestrade and I stood upon the Undergroundrailroad at the point where it emerges from the tunnel immediatelybefore Aldgate Station. A courteous red-faced old gentlemanrepresented the railway company.
2.  "Where did you get it?" he groaned. "I did not know. I thought I hadlost it at the hotel."
3.  "No, sir, but the facts might be met speciously enough. Suppose thatthis man Boone had thrust Neville St. Clair through the window,there is no human eye which could have seen the deed. What would he dothen? It would of course instantly strike him that he must get ridof the tell-tale garments. He would seize the coat, then, and be inthe act of throwing it out, when it would occur to him that it wouldswim and not sink. He has little time, for he has heard the scuffledownstairs when the wife tried to force her way up, and perhaps he hasalready heard from his lascar confederate that the police are hurryingup the street. There is not an instant to be lost. He rushes to somesecret hoard, where he has accumulated the fruits of his beggary,and he stuffs all the coins upon which he can lay his hands into thepockets to make sure of the coats sinking. He throws it out, and wouldhave done the same with the other garments had not he heard the rushof steps below, and only just had time to close the window when thepolice appeared."
4.  "Yes, I got it."
5.  Nov. 19th.
6.  "Well, she seems to have lost all interest in the horses. For a weeknow she has driven past the stables with never so much as'Good-morning'!"


1.  "Don't put it to the ground."
2.  "It is, of course, well known to you that in a successful bankingbusiness as much depends upon our being able to find remunerativeinvestments for our funds as upon our increasing our connection andthe number of our depositors. One of our most lucrative means oflaying out money is in the shape of loans, where the security isunimpeachable. We have done a good deal in this direction during thelast few years, and there are many noble families to whom we haveadvanced large sums upon the security of their pictures, libraries, orplate.
3.  "What were you doing there?" he asked.
4.  "But you told me to examine it."
5.  "No, sir, I did not."
6.  "It must be admitted that the workings of this unhappy woman'smind were deep and subtle, so that it was no very simple matter tounravel her plot. I do not think that in our adventures we have evercome across a stranger example of what perverted love can bring about.Whether Miss Dunbar was her rival in a physical or in a merelymental sense seems to have been equally unforgivable in her eyes. Nodoubt she blamed this innocent lady for all those harsh dealings andunkind words with which her husband tried to repel her toodemonstrative affection. Her first resolution was to end her own life.Her second was to do it in such a way as to involve her victim in afate which was worse far than any sudden death could be."We can follow the various steps quite clearly, and they show aremarkable subtlety of mind. A note was extracted very cleverly fromMiss Dunbar which would make it appear that she had chosen the sceneof the crime. In her anxiety that it should be discovered she somewhatoverdid it by holding it in her hand to the last. This alone shouldhave excited my suspicions earlier than it did.


1.  "The boy's, then?"
2.  "Wonderful!" said Lestrade. "Wonderful! It's all as clear ascrystal, as you put it. But what is the object of this deep deception,Mr. Holmes?"
3.  "I understand that you have something to report, Mr. Holmes?""Purely negative as yet," my friend answered. "I have inquired atevery point where it might be, and I am sure that there is no dangerto be apprehended."
4.  "I gather that you did not know your wife well at the time of yourmarriage?"
5.   "Not a word. I have not seen a paper for some days."
6.  1910


1.  "That also I have been able to discover. Miss Marie Devine was themaid of Lady Frances Carfax. Why she should have paid her this checkwe have not yet determined. I have no doubt, however, that yourresearches will soon clear the matter up."
2.  "Didn't you ask him in?"
3.  "All right, Mr. Hayes, no harm meant," said Holmes. "We have beenhaving a look at your horses, but I think I'll walk, after all. It'snot far, I believe."
4、  "Tuxbury Old Hall is inaccessible- five miles from anywhere. Therewas no trap at the station, so I had to walk, carrying my suitcase,and it was nearly dark before I arrived. It is a great wanderinghouse, standing in a considerable park. I should judge it was of allsorts of ages and styles, starting on a half-timbered Elizabethanfoundation and ending in a Victorian portico. Inside it was allpanelling and tapestry and half-effaced old pictures, a house ofshadows and mystery. There was a butler, old Ralph, who seemed aboutthe same age as the house, and there was his wife, who might have beenolder. She had been Godfrey's nurse, and I had heard him speak ofher as second only to his mother in his affections, so I was drawnto her in spite of her queer appearance. The mother I liked also- agentle little white mouse of a woman. It was only the colonelhimself whom I barred.
5、  "Surely, Mr. Barnes! We certainly shall. By the way, that was a mostbeautiful spaniel that was whining in the hall."




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      "I used to have a billet at Coxon & Woodhouse's, of DraperGardens, but they were let in early in the spring through theVenezuelan loan, as no doubt you remember, and came a nasty cropper. Ihave been with them five years, and old Coxon gave me a ripping goodtestimonial when the smash came, but of course we clerks were allturned adrift, the twenty-seven of us. I tried here and tried there,but there were lots of other chaps on the same lay as myself, and itwas a perfect frost for a long time. I had been taking three poundsa week at Coxon's, and I had saved about seventy of them, but I soonworked my way through that and out at the other end. I was fairly atthe end of my tether at last and could hardly find the stamps toanswer the advertisements or the envelopes to stick them to. I hadworn out my boots paddling up office stairs, and I seemed just asfar from getting a billet as ever.

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       "No, Mr. Holmes, she could not have guessed- nor could anyone haveguessed."

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      "She is the daughter of old Tom Bellamy, who owns all the boatsand bathing-cots at Fulworth. He was a fisherman to start with, but isnow a man of some substance. He and his son William run the business.""Shall we walk into Fulworth and see them?"

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    {  Somewhere in the vaults of the bank of Cox and Co., at CharingCross, there is a travel-worn and battered tin dispatch-box with myname, John H. Watson, M. D., Late Indian Army, painted upon the lid.It is crammed with papers, nearly all of which are records of cases toillustrate the curious problems which Mr. Sherlock Holmes had atvarious times to examine. Some, and not the least interesting, werecomplete failures, and as such will hardly bear narrating, since nofinal explanation is forthcoming. A problem without a solution mayinterest the student, but can hardly fail to annoy the casualreader. Among these unfinished tales is that of Mr. JamesPhillimore, who, stepping back into his own house to get his umbrella,was never more seen in this world. No less remarkable is that of thecutter Alicia, which sailed one spring morning into a small patch ofmist from where she never again emerged, nor was anything further everheard of herself and her crew. A third case worthy of note is thatof Isadora Persano, the well-known journalist and duellist, who wasfound stark staring mad with a match box in front of him whichcontained a remarkable worm said to be unknown to science. Apartfrom these unfathomed cases, there are some which involve thesecrets of private families to an extent which would meanconsternation in many exalted quarters if it were thought possiblethat they might find their way into print. I need not say that sucha breach of confidence is unthinkable, and that these records willbe separated and destroyed now that my friend has time to turn hisenergies to the matter. There remain a considerable residue of casesof greater or less interest which I might have edited before had I notfeared to give the public a surfeit which might react upon thereputation of the man whom above all others I revere. In some I wasmyself concerned and can speak as an eye-witness, while in others Iwas either not present or played so small a part that they couldonly be told as by a third person. The following narrative is drawnfrom my own experience.

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      "Go on, Mr. Mason. You get more and more interesting."}

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      "Dear me!" said Holmes, and he smiled in a singular way as heglanced at our companion. "Well, if there is nothing to be learnedhere, we had best go inside."

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      "I will do so, and I must be quick, for I have promised Mr. Rucastleto be back before three. I got his leave to come into town thismorning, though he little knew for what purpose."

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       My friend has so often astonished me in the course of our adventuresthat it was with a sense of exultation that I realized howcompletely I had astonished him. He stared in amazement, and thensnatched the paper from my hands. This was the paragraph which I hadbeen engaged in reading when he rose from his chair.

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    {  "My dear fellow, there lies the problem. It is true that `ForMrs. Henry Baker' was printed upon a small card which was tied tothe bird's left leg, and it is also true that the initials `H. B.'are legible upon the lining of this hat; but as there are somethousands of Bakers, and some hundreds of Henry Bakers in thiscity of ours, it is not easy to restore lost property to any oneof them."

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      "It was in vain that she protested and resisted. A four-wheelerwas brought, and we all three drove back in it. We had first made anexamination of the kitchen, and especially of the kitchen fire, to seewhether she might have made away with the papers during the instantthat she was alone. There were no signs, however, of any ashes orscraps. When we reached Scotland Yard she was handed over at once tothe female searcher. I waited in an agony of suspense until she cameback with her report. There were no signs of the papers."Then for the first time the horror of my situation came in its fullforce. Hitherto I had been acting, and action had numbed thought. Ihad been so confident of regaining the treaty at once that I had notdared to think of what would be the consequence if I failed to doso. But now there was nothing more to be done, and I had leisure torealize my position. It was horrible. Watson there would tell you thatI was a nervous, sensitive boy at school. It is my nature. I thoughtof my uncle and of his colleagues in the Cabinet, of the shame which Ihad brought upon him, upon myself, upon everyone connected with me.What though I was the victim of an extraordinary accident? Noallowance is made for accidents where diplomatic interests are atstake. I was ruined, shamefully, hopelessly ruined. I don't knowwhat I did. I fancy I must have made a scene. I have a dimrecollection of a group of officials who crowded round me,endeavouring to soothe me. One of them drove down with me to Waterloo,and saw me into the Woking train. I believe that he would have comeall the way had it not been that Dr. Ferrier, who lives near me, wasgoing down by that very train. The doctor most kindly took charge ofme, and it was well he did so, for I had a fit in the station, andbefore we reached home I was practically a raving maniac."You can imagine the state of things here when they were roused fromtheir beds by the doctor's ringing and found me in this condition.Poor Annie here and my mother were broken-hearted. Dr. Ferrier hadjust heard enough from the detective at the station to be able to givean idea of what had happened, and his story did not mend matters. Itwas evident to all that I was in for a long illness, so Joseph wasbundled out of this cheery bedroom, and it was turned into a sick-roomfor me. Here I have lain, Mr. Holmes, for over nine weeks,unconscious, and raving with brain-fever. If it had not been forMiss Harrison here and for the doctor's care, I should not be speakingto you now. She has nursed me by day and a hired nurse has lookedafter me by night, for in my mad fits I was capable of anything.Slowly my reason has cleared, but it is only during the last threedays that my memory has quite returned. Sometimes I wish that it neverhad. The first thing that I did was to wire to Mr. Forbes, who had thecase in hand. He came out, and assures me that, though everythinghas been done, no trace of a clue has been discovered. Thecommissionaire and his wife have been examined in every way withoutany light being thrown upon the matter. The suspicions of the policethen rested upon young Gorot, who, as you may remember, stayedover-time in the office that night. His remaining behind and hisFrench name were really the only two points which could suggestsuspicion; but, as a matter of fact, I did not begin work until he hadgone, and his people are of Huguenot extraction, but as English insympathy and tradition as you and I are. Nothing was found toimplicate him in any way, and there the matter dropped. I turn to you,Mr. Holmes, as absolutely my last hope. If you fail me, then my honouras well as my position are forever forfeited."