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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Indeed That is very interesting. And on the morning of thewedding?"
2.  "At the station. The second first-class carriage from the front willbe reserved for us."
3.  Mycroft Holmes took out a sheet of paper.
4.  "'The game is up. Hudson has told all. Fly for your life.'"Victor Trevor sank his face into his shaking hands. 'It must bethat, I suppose,' said he. 'This is worse than death, for it meansdisgrace as well. But what is the meaning of these "head-keepers"and "hen-pheasants"?'
5.  "You certainly do things thoroughly, Mr. Holmes."
6.  The official looked at them with a puzzled expression.


1.  "Wonderful!" cried Hopkins. "Wonderful!"
2.  Holmes looked round him with curiosity.
3.  "'Very likely. And yet if it were on the lawn, I wonder that you didnot hear it also.'
4.  "Exactly, Mr. Holmes. You amaze me. How could you possibly knowthat?"
5.  "'Do you know who it was that we let into the house that day?'"'I have no idea.'
6.  "Yes. I was speaking only half an hour ago to Mr. HenryBaker, who was a member of your goose club."


1.  "Dear me! that is friendship indeed."
2.  He took a revolver from the drawer and handed it to me."I have my old favourite with me. If our Wild West friend tries tolive up to his nickname, we must be ready for him. I'll give you anhour for a siesta, Watson, and then I think it will be time for ourRyder Street adventure."
3.  "I should imagine not," he said. "And yet, you see, I am here. Coalsof fire, Holmes- coals of fire!"
4.  by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
5.   The sitting-room of our client opened by a long, low, latticedwindow on to the ancient lichen-tinted court of the old college. AGothic arched door led to a worn stone Staircase. On the groundfloor was the tutor's room. Above were three students, one on eachstory. It was already twilight when we reached the scene of ourproblem. Holmes halted and looked earnestly at the window. Then heapproached it, and, standing on tiptoe with his neck craned, he lookedinto the room.
6.  "A little after six."


1.  "'"I have no idea," said I.
2.  My companion was paralyzed by the sudden horror of it, but I, as maywell be imagined, had every sense on the alert. And I had need, for itwas speedily evident that we were, in the presence of an extraordinarycase. The man was dressed only in his Burberry overcoat, his trousers,and an unlaced pair of canvas shoes. As he fell over, his Burberry,which had been simply thrown round his shoulders, slipped off,exposing his trunk. We stared at it in amazement. His back was coveredwith dark red lines as though he had been terribly flogged by a thinwire scourge. The instrument with which this punishment had beeninflicted was clearly flexible, for the long, angry weals cursed roundhis shoulders and ribs. There was blood dripping down his chin, for hehad bitten through his lower lip in the paroxysm of his agony. Hisdrawn and distorted face told how terrible that agony had been.I was kneeling and Stackhurst standing by the body when a shadowfell across us, and we found that Ian Murdoch was by our side. Murdochwas the mathematical coach at the establishment, a tall, dark, thinman, so taciturn and aloof that none can be said to have been hisfriend. He seemed to live in some high, abstract region of surds andconic sections, with little to connect him with ordinary life. Hewas looked upon as an oddity by the students, and would have beentheir butt, but there was some strange outlandish blood in the man,which showed itself not only in his coal-black eyes and swarthy facebut also in occasional outbreaks of temper, which could only bedescribed as ferocious. On one occasion, being plagued by a little dogbelonging to McPherson, he had caught the creature up and burled itthrough the plate-glass window, an action for which Stackhurst wouldcertainly have given him his dismissal had he not been a very valuableteacher. Such was the strange complex man who now appeared besideus. He seemed to be honestly shocked at the sight before him, thoughthe incident of the dog may show that there was no great sympathybetween the dead man and himself.
3.  "You look surprised, and no wonder! Relieved, too, I fancy! Hum! Youstill smoke the Arcadia mixture of your bachelor days, then! There'sno mistaking that fluffy ash upon your coat. It's easy to tell thatyou have been accustomed to wear a uniform, Watson. You'll neverpass as a pure-bred civilian as long as you keep that habit ofcarrying your handkerchief in your sleeve. Could you put me upto-night?"
4、  "This is insanity, Holmes."
5、  "'Trust me, Jack!' she cried. 'Trust me only this once. You willnever have cause to regret it. You know that I would not have a secretfrom you if it were not for your own sake. Our whole lives are atstake in this. If you come home with me all will be well. If you forceyour way into that cottage all is over between us.'




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      "Ah, I see you know my whole story. I need hide nothing from you.I swear to you, Mr. Holmes, that there never was in this world a manwho loved a woman with a more wholehearted love than I had forFrances. I was a wild youngster, I know- not worse than others of myclass. But her mind was pure as snow. She could not bear a shadow ofcoarseness. So, when she came to hear of things that I had done, shewould have no more to say to me. And yet she loved me- that is thewonder of it!- loved me well enough to remain single all her sainteddays just for my sake alone. When the years had passed and I hadmade my money at Barberton I thought perhaps I could seek her outand soften her. I had heard that she was still unmarried. I foundher at Lausanne and tried all I knew. She weakened, I think, but herwill was strong, and when next I called she had left the town. Itraced her to Baden, and then after a time heard that her maid washere. I'm a rough fellow, fresh from a rough life, and when Dr. Watsonspoke to me as he did I lost hold of myself for a moment. But forGod's sake tell me what has become of the Lady Frances.""That is for us to find out," said Sherlock Holmes with peculiargravity. "What is your London address, Mr. Green?"

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      "It was, I understand, terribly mutilated."

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       "`In the case of another,' said he, `the objection might befatal, but we must stretch a point in favour of a man with such ahead of hair as yours. When shall you be able to enter upon yournew duties?'

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      "It's no one I know."

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    {  "Oh, daddy," he cried, "I did not know that you were due yet. Ishould have been here to meet you. Oh, I am so glad to see you!"Ferguson gently disengaged himself from the embrace with some littleshow of embarrassment.

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      "Well, as you seem to have made the discovery, whatever it may be,and the vicar to have had it second-hand, perhaps you had better dothe speaking," said Holmes.}

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      "Yes, from that time onward for the whole morning."

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      "I have no doubt they are, though I fail to see what their voiceshave to do with it."

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       "It suits my purpose. Watson, I mean to burgle Milverton's houseto-night."

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    {  "When you have caught them."

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      "Well, Watson, what do you think of it?" asked Holmes, as wetravelled back next morning.