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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "They'll take us to dinner," said Lola.
2.  "Tell her to dress and come to the door at once. Her husband isin the hospital, injured, and wants to see her."
3.  His preference for Fitzgerald and Moy's Adams Street place wasanother yard off the same cloth. This was really a gorgeoussaloon from a Chicago standpoint. Like Rector's, it was alsoornamented with a blaze of incandescent lights, held in handsomechandeliers. The floors were of brightly coloured tiles, thewalls a composition of rich, dark, polished wood, which reflectedthe light, and coloured stucco-work, which gave the place a verysumptuous appearance. The long bar was a blaze of lights,polished woodwork, coloured and cut glassware, and many fancybottles. It was a truly swell saloon, with rich screens, fancywines, and a line of bar goods unsurpassed in the country.
4.  "Do you really look for anything when you go out?" she askedHurstwood one morning as a climax to some painful thoughts of herown.
5.  She was relieved to see that he felt nothing. She did not credither willingness to go to any fascination Hurstwood held for her.It seemed that the combination of Hurstwood, Drouet, and herselfwas more agreeable than anything else that had been suggested.She arrayed herself most carefully and they started off,extending excuses upstairs.
6.  "Won't you come away from him?" he asked, intensely.


1.  "Look at the guy in the cab," observed a third.
2.  "Over to the baker's," she answered.
3.  Then began one of those pointless social conversations so commonin American resorts where the would-be gilded attempt to rub offgilt from those who have it in abundance. If Hurstwood had oneleaning, it was toward notabilities. He considered that, ifanywhere, he belonged among them. He was too proud to toady, tookeen not to strictly observe the plane he occupied when therewere those present who did not appreciate him, but, in situationslike the present, where he could shine as a gentleman and bereceived without equivocation as a friend and equal among men ofknown ability, he was most delighted. It was on such occasions,if ever, that he would "take something." When the social flavourwas strong enough he would even unbend to the extent of drinkingglass for glass with his associates, punctiliously observing histurn to pay as if he were an outsider like the others. If heever approached intoxication--or rather that ruddy warmth andcomfortableness which precedes the more sloven state--it was whenindividuals such as these were gathered about him, when he wasone of a circle of chatting celebrities. To-night, disturbed aswas his state, he was rather relieved to find company, and nowthat notabilities were gathered, he laid aside his troubles forthe nonce, and joined in right heartily.
4.  Hurstwood did not take this to himself. He thought it to be anexpression of individual satisfaction, and so did not answer.The youth imagined he was out of sorts, and set to whistlingsoftly. Seeing another man asleep, he quit that and lapsed intosilence.
5.  "All alone?" she said.
6.  "Won't you let me get you a berth in the sleeper?"


1.  She was flushing scarlet to the roots of her hair, but Drouet didnot catch the full hue of her face, owing to the modified lightof the room. He was regaining much confidence as Carrie defendedherself with denials.
2.  "Yes, about two or three."
3.  "I notice the papers praise it," said Ames.
4.  He came in one day with something of this idea in his mind.
5.   So she went away.
6.  "It's a miserable day out," was all he said. Then he took offhis coat and changed his shoes.


1.  "No," he said. "What good would it do? A man doesn't need thissort of thing to be happy."
2.  Just then Hurstwood came in. Instinctively he felt the change inDrouet. He saw that the drummer was near to Carrie, and jealousyleaped alight in his bosom. In a flash of thought, he reproachedhimself for having sent him back. Also, he hated him as anintruder. He could scarcely pull himself down to the level wherehe would have to congratulate Carrie as a friend. Nevertheless,the man mastered himself, and it was a triumph. He almost jerkedthe old subtle light to his eyes.
3.  "Only fifty dollars."
4、  Carrie smiled under his irresistible flood of geniality.
5、  "He is, I guess. Jack told me they were shipping Vegacura toAustralia now--said they sent a whole box to Cape Town lastweek."




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      "We deal with a very good class of people," he told Hurstwood."Merchants, salesmen, and professionals. It's a well-dressedclass. No bums. We don't allow 'em in the place."

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      "Nobody knows us down there," said one, a gentleman whose facewas a slight improvement over gross ignorance and sensuality. Healways wore a silk hat of most imposing proportions. "We canhave a good time." His left eye moved with just the semblance ofa wink. "You want to come along, George."

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       "I guess I'll be going down town," he remarked, rising.

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      Passing Fifty-ninth Street, he took the west side of CentralPark, which he followed to Seventy-eighth Street. Then heremembered the neighbourhood and turned over to look at the massof buildings erected. It was very much improved. The great openspaces were filling up. Coming back, he kept to the Park until110th Street, and then turned into Seventh Avenue again, reachingthe pretty river by one o'clock.

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    {  "Yes," said Hurstwood, whose face was a study.

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      To-night he was in his element. He came with several friendsdirectly from Rector's in a carriage. In the lobby he metDrouet, who was just returning from a trip for more cigars. Allfive now joined in an animated conversation concerning thecompany present and the general drift of lodge affairs.}

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      "Yes. I just told him I didn't have anything. Gee, I couldn'tgo home. I live way over in Hoboken."

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      When Drouet came the next night, she was very much satisfied withher day's study.

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       "What time?"

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    {  The German paid no more attention to him, and it made him angry.

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      "The next train for Montreal leaves when?" he asked.