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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1The sleepy comfort which at length almost overpowered them was a heavenly thing. It was the drowsiness of happy, well-fed childhood, and they sat in the fire glow and luxuriated in it until Sara found herself turning to look at her transformed bed.
2."To think that she was the girl with the diamond mines, Lavinia commented. "She does look an object. And she's queerer than ever. I never liked her much, but I can't bear that way she has now of looking at people without speaking--just as if she was finding them out."
3.The secretary took a pencil and a tablet from his breast pocket.
4.Then it was Sara's turn again.
5.Becky obeyed with alarmed haste and hastily backed toward the door.
6.Once she stopped before Emily, who sat watching her from her chair, and cried out wildly, "Emily! Do you hear? Do you hear--papa is dead? He is dead in India--thousands of miles away."


1."Don't tell falsehoods," she said. "Go to your room this instant."
2.Even solicitors had no right to take liberties.
3."Oh," she stammered. "How--how are you?"
4.As she went out of the room, Becky turned upon the threshold and looked about her with devouring eyes.
5.She was walking round the small place, holding Lottie's hand and making gestures which described all the beauties she was making herself see. She quite made Lottie see them, too. Lottie could always believe in the things Sara made pictures of.
6."The Last Doll," she said. "The Last Doll." And her little mournful voice had an odd sound.


1."That means, `Come to me through the secret passage under the wall,' she explained. `I have something to communicate.'"
2."Oh!" cried Sara, softly, when she saw her. "That poor thing!"
3."For my kindness to you," replied Miss Minchin. "For my kindness in giving you a home."
4.I was a-'pretendin',' miss," she answered a little sheepishly; "I was tryin' to see it like you do. I almost did," with a hopeful grin. "But it takes a lot o' stren'th."
5. A mist rose before Sara's eyes.
6."You are a beggar," said Miss Minchin, her temper rising at the recollection of what all this meant. "It appears that you have no relations and no home, and no one to take care of you."


1."Is that--" she ventured, looking longingly at the rose-colored frock. And she asked it almost in a whisper. "Is that there your best?"
2.It happened that Lottie had been seized with a sudden desire to play in the schoolroom, and had begged her adopted parent to come with her. She joined a group of little ones who were playing in a corner. Sara curled herself up in the window-seat, opened a book, and began to read. It was a book about the French Revolution, and she was soon lost in a harrowing picture of the prisoners in the Bastille-- men who had spent so many years in dungeons that when they were dragged out by those who rescued them, their long, gray hair and beards almost hid their faces, and they had forgotten that an outside world existed at all, and were like beings in a dream.
3."You wicked thing," said Lavinia, turning on Sara; "making fairy stories about heaven."
4、"What an original child!" she said. "What a darling little creature!"
5、She sat down with stiff dignity, and waved him to a chair.




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    "If Sara had been a boy and lived a few centuries ago," her father used to say, "she would have gone about the country with her sword drawn, rescuing and defending everyone in distress. She always wants to fight when she sees people in trouble."

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    "Will he let me catch him?" she asked.

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     "Oh," she gasped, "it is true! It is true!"

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    Of course it was a dream. She felt as if warm, delightful bedclothes were heaped upon her. She could actually FEEL blankets, and when she put out her hand it touched something exactly like a satin-covered eider-down quilt. She must not awaken from this delight-- she must be quite still and make it last.

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    {"If you are four you are four," she said severely to Lavinia on an occasion of her having--it must be confessed--slapped Lottie and called her "a brat;" "but you will be five next year, and six the year after that. And," opening large, convicting eyes, "it takes sixteen years to make you twenty."

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    "'Twarn't for you, miss," she said hoarsely to Sara one night when she had crept into the attic--"'twarn't for you, an' the Bastille, an' bein' the prisoner in the next cell, I should die. That there does seem real now, doesn't it? The missus is more like the head jailer every day she lives. I can jest see them big keys you say she carries. The cook she's like one of the under-jailers. Tell me some more, please, miss--tell me about the subt'ranean passage we've dug under the walls."}

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    "May I have something to eat?" Sara asked rather faintly.

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    She sat with her feet tucked under her, and leaned against her father, who held her in his arm, as she stared out of the window at the passing people with a queer old-fashioned thoughtfulness in her big eyes.

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     Ram Dass smiled mysteriously.

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    {Lavinia could only invent one remark, and it fell rather flat.

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    "Would you like to see Emily?" she inquired.