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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I believe not; nevertheless I believe she runs some great perilfrom which your Grace alone can extricate her."
2.  "If it was not you, it was your purveyor," said D'Artagnan."Our purveyor!"
3.  Porthos pretended that this occupation was proof of a reflectiveand contemplative organization, and he had brought him thisgentleman, for whom he believed himself to be engaged, had wonPlanchet--that was the name of the Picard. He felt a slightdisappointment, however, when he saw that this place was alreadytaken by a compeer named Mousqueton, and when Porthos signifiedto him that the state of his household, though great, would notsupport two servants, and that he must enter into the service ofD'Artagnan. Nevertheless, when he waited at the dinner given myhis master, and saw him take out a handful of gold to pay for it,he believed his fortune made, and returned thanks to heaven forhaving thrown him into the service of such a Croesus. Hepreserved this opinion even after the feast, with the remnants ofwhich he repaired his own long abstinence; but when in theevening he made his master's bed, the chimeras of Planchet fadedaway. The bed was the only one in the apartment, which consistedof an antechamber and a bedroom. Planchet slept in theantechamber upon a coverlet taken from the bed of D'Artagnan, andwhich D'Artagnan from that time made shift to do without.Athos, on his part, had a valet whom he had trained in hisservice in a thoroughly peculiar fashion, and who was namedGrimaud. He was very taciturn, this worthy signor. Be itunderstood we are speaking of Athos. During the five or sixyears that he had lived in the strictest intimacy with hiscompanions, Porthos and Aramis, they could remember having oftenseen him smile, but had never heard him laugh. His words werebrief and expressive, conveying all that was meant, and no more;no embellishments, no embroidery, no arabesques. Hisconversation a matter of fact, without a single romance.Although Athos was scarcely thirty years old, and was of greatpersonal beauty and intelligence of mind, no one knew whether hehad ever had a mistress. He never spoke of women. He certainlydid not prevent others from speaking of them before him, althoughit was easy to perceive that this kind of conversation, in whichhe only mingled by bitter words and misanthropic remarks, wasvery disagreeable to him. His reserve, his roughness, and hissilence made almost an old man of him. He had, then, in ordernot to disturb his habits, accustomed Grimaud to obey him upon asimple gesture or upon a simple movement of his lips. He neverspoke to him, except under the most extraordinary occasions.Sometimes, Grimaud, who feared his master as he did fire, whileentertaining a strong attachment to his person and a greatveneration for his talents, believed he perfectly understood whathe wanted, flew to execute the order received, and did preciselythe contrary. Athos then shrugged his shoulders, and, withoutputting himself in a passion, thrashed Grimaud. On these days hespoke a little.
4.  "I do not understand, my Lord," said she, in order to gain timeand make her adversary speak out. "What do you mean to say? Isthere any secret meaning concealed beneath your words?""Oh, my God, no!" said Lord de Winter, with apparent good nature."You wish to see me, and you come to England. I learn thisdesire, or rather I suspect that you feel it; and in order tospare you all the annoyances of a nocturnal arrival in a port andall the fatigues of landing, I send one of my officers to meetyou, I place a carriage at his orders, and he brings you hitherto this castle, of which I am governor, whither I come every day,and where, in order to satisfy our mutual desire of seeing eachother, I have prepared you a chamber. What is there moreastonishing in all that I have said to you than in what you havetold me?"
5.  "You will go to Buckingham in my behalf, and you will tellhim I am acquainted with all the preparations he has made;but that they give me no uneasiness, since at the first stephe takes I will ruin the queen."
6.  "But if they come?"


1.  "Yes, yes!" said Felton, "I doubted, but now I believe.""You believe, and still you are an accomplice of that child ofBelial who is called Lord de Winter! You believe, and yet youleave me in the hands of mine enemies, of the enemy of England,of the enemy of God! You believe, and yet you deliver me up tohim who fills and defiles the world with his heresies anddebaucheries--to that infamous Sardanapalus whom the blind callthe Duke of Buckingham, and whom believers name Antichrist!""I deliver you up to Buckingham? I? what mean you by that?""They have eyes," cried Milady, "but they see not; ears havethey, but they hear not."
2.  "Remember, that was the only means. Then my brother determined tosubstitute cunning for force. He took the papers, and presented himselfhere as the emissary of the cardinal, and in an hour or two a carriagewill come to take me away by the orders of his Eminence.""I understand. It is your brother who sends this carriage.""Exactly; but that is not all. That letter you have received, andwhich you believe to be from Madame de Chevreuse--""Well?"
4.  "When?"
6.  "Gave him?" cried D'Artagnan.


1.  "The devil!"
2.  Then the cardinal added, "A PROPOS, sire, do not forget to tellher Majesty the evening before the fete that you should like tosee how her diamond studs become her."
3.  "The abominable creature" murmured D'Artagnan.
4.  "Monsieur!" said the young woman, supplicating him and claspingher hands together, "monsieur, in the name of heaven, by thehonor of a soldier, by the courtesy of a gentleman, depart!There, there midnight sounds! That is the hour when I amexpected."
5.   "Yes," continued Mme. Bonacieux, "yes, there are traitors here;but by the holy name of the Virgin, I swear that no one is moredevoted to your Majesty than I am. Those studs which the kingspeaks of, you gave them to the Duke of Buckingham, did you not?Those studs were enclosed in a little rosewood box which he heldunder his arm? Am I deceived? Is it not so, madame?""Oh, my God, my God!" murmured the queen, whose teeth chatteredwith fright.
6.  "Here it is," said Aramis, with a little look of diffidence,which, however, was not exempt from a shade of hypocrisy:


1.  Sometimes when the cardinal, always on horseback, like the lowestGENDARME of the army, cast a pensive glance over those works, soslowly keeping pace with his wishes, which the engineers, broughtfrom all the corners of France, were executing under his orders,if he met a Musketeer of the company of Treville, he drew nearand looked at him in a peculiar manner, and not recognizing inhim one of our four companions, he turned his penetrating lookand profound thoughts in another direction.
2.  "In short," said Porthos, "when all my expenses are paid, I shallhave, at most, thirty crowns left."
3.  "Monsieur," said the cardinal, "if Milady de Winter has committed thecrimes you lay to her charge, she shall be punished.""She has been punished, monseigneur."
4、  "And here is the second."
5、  But at the street gate, Porthos was talking with the soldier onguard. Between the two talkers there was just enough room for aman to pass. D'Artagnan thought it would suffice for him, and hesprang forward like a dart between them. But D'Artagnan hadreckoned without the wind. As he was about to pass, the windblew out Porthos's long cloak, and D'Artagnan rushed straightinto the middle of it. Without doubt, Porthos had reasons fornot abandoning this part of his vestments, for instead ofquitting his hold on the flap in his hand, he pulled it towardhim, so that D'Artagnan rolled himself up in the velvet by amovement of rotation explained by the persistency of Porthos.D'Artagnan, hearing the Musketeer swear, wished to escape fromthe cloak, which blinded him, and sought to find his way fromunder the folds of it. He was particularly anxious to avoidmarring the freshness of the magnificent baldric we areacquainted with; but on timidly opening his eyes, he foundhimself with his nose fixed between the two shoulders ofPorthos--that is to say, exactly upon the baldric.Alas, like most things in this world which have nothing in theirfavor but appearances, the baldric was glittering with gold inthe front, but was nothing but simple buff behind. Vaingloriousas he was, Porthos could not afford to have a baldric wholly ofgold, but had at least half. One could comprehend the necessityof the cold and the urgency of the cloak.




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      This was all that M. de Treville wanted. He wished Bernajoux aspeedy convalescence, took leave of M. de la Tremouille, returnedto his hotel, and immediately sent word to the four friends thathe awaited their company at dinner.

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      "Then she looks upon you as a stranger?"

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       "Playing the day before! And with whom?"

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      "An illustrious persons sends you; an illustrious person awaitsyou. The recompense will exceed your expectations; that is all Ipromise you."

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    {  That evening D'Artagnan went to present his respects to M.Dessessart, and inform him of his promotion.

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      Bazin became a lay brother.}

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      "This time," said Athos, first breaking the silence,"D'Artagnan has given us an excellent program, and theletter must be written at once."

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      "This? That's another matter. Never, never!"

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       "With me you will be as safe as in a temple; I give you my wordof a gentleman."

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    {  bastion--something he had till then doubted--he pulled hismaster by the skirt of his coat.

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      "Monsieur," said Aramis, parodying Jussac, "it would afford usgreat pleasure to obey your polite invitation if it depended uponourselves; but unfortunately the thing is impossible--Monsieur deTreville has forbidden it. Pass on your way, then; it is thebest thing to do."