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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Carrie began to move quickly to the door.
2.  The answer was so cool, so rich in bravado, that somehow it tookthe wind out of his sails. He could not attack her, he could notask her for proofs. Somehow he felt evidence, law, theremembrance of all his property which she held in her name, to beshining in her glance. He was like a vessel, powerful anddangerous, but rolling and floundering without sail.
3.  "We'll look to-day, if you want to," she said.
4.  The races in question were soon to open at Washington Park, onthe South Side, and were considered quite society affairs amongthose who did not affect religious rectitude and conservatism.Mrs. Hurstwood had never asked for a whole season ticket before,but this year certain considerations decided her to get a box.For one thing, one of her neighbours, a certain Mr. and Mrs.Ramsey, who were possessors of money, made out of the coalbusiness, had done so. In the next place, her favouritephysician, Dr. Beale, a gentleman inclined to horses and betting,had talked with her concerning his intention to enter a two-year-old in the Derby. In the third place, she wished to exhibitJessica, who was gaining in maturity and beauty, and whom shehoped to marry to a man of means. Her own desire to be about insuch things and parade among her acquaintances and common throngwas as much an incentive as anything.
5.  "Glad to hear it."
6.  "I don't know what I'll do yet," said Carrie.


1.  "How was the play?" she inquired.
2.  "If you shouldn't get it--" she paused, troubled for an easy way.
3.  Carrie listened, and caught the infection of something--she didnot know what. Her nostrils sniffed thinly.
4.  "Very well," said Hurstwood, equally embarrassed. "How is itwith you?"
5.  "How much do you pay a week?" ventured Carrie, emboldened by acertain softness in the man's manner and his simplicity ofaddress.
6.  Not trained to reason or introspect himself, he could not analysethe change that was taking place in his mind, and hence his body,but he felt the depression of it. Constant comparison betweenhis old state and his new showed a balance for the worse, whichproduced a constant state of gloom or, at least, depression.Now, it has been shown experimentally that a constantly subduedframe of mind produces certain poisons in the blood, calledkatastates, just as virtuous feelings of pleasure and delightproduce helpful chemicals called anastates. The poisonsgenerated by remorse inveigh against the system, and eventuallyproduce marked physical deterioration. To these Hurstwood wassubject.


1.  Carrie recognised the name as standing for one of the newest andmost imposing hostelries. She had heard it spoken of as having asplendid restaurant.
2.  "Well," he said, "there's no use talking about it now. If you'llcome in Saturday, I'll pay you something on it."
3.  "I wonder," he said, as he rode away in his cab, "how Drouet cameto win her."
4.  "Would you mind coming to the box-office a few moments before youdress?" observed the manager, in addition. "There's a littlematter I want to speak to you about."
5.   "Well, you might find him in between eleven and twelve. He'shere after two o'clock."
6.  When she arrived in the business part it was quite eleveno'clock, and the business had little longer to run. She did notrealise this at first, being affected by some of the old distresswhich was a result of her earlier adventure into this strenuousand exacting quarter. She wandered about, assuring herself thatshe was making up her mind to look for something, and at the sametime feeling that perhaps it was not necessary to be in suchhaste about it. The thing was difficult to encounter, and shehad a few days. Besides, she was not sure that she was reallyface to face again with the bitter problem of self-sustenance.Anyhow, there was one change for the better. She knew that shehad improved in appearance. Her manner had vastly changed. Herclothes were becoming, and men--well-dressed men, some of thekind who before had gazed at her indifferently from behind theirpolished railings and imposing office partitions--now gazed intoher face with a soft light in their eyes. In a way, she felt thepower and satisfaction of the thing, but it did not whollyreassure her. She looked for nothing save what might comelegitimately and without the appearance of special favour. Shewanted something, but no man should buy her by falseprotestations or favour. She proposed to earn her livinghonestly.


1.  Minnie's flat, as the one-floor resident apartments were thenbeing called, was in a part of West Van Buren Street inhabited byfamilies of labourers and clerks, men who had come, and werestill coming, with the rush of population pouring in at the rateof 50,000 a year. It was on the third floor, the front windowslooking down into the street, where, at night, the lights ofgrocery stores were shining and children were playing. To Carrie,the sound of the little bells upon the horse-cars, as theytinkled in and out of hearing, was as pleasing as it was novel.She gazed into the lighted street when Minnie brought her intothe front room, and wondered at the sounds, the movement, themurmur of the vast city which stretched for miles and miles inevery direction.
2.  It was the best way after all to have gone about the matter. Shewas interesting, in a manner, to the occupant of the chair, andthe simplicity of her request and attitude took his fancy. Hesmiled, as did the others in the room, who, however, made someslight effort to conceal their humour.
3.  "How would Wheeler do?"
4、  "I don't know," she said to Lola one day, sitting at one of thewindows which looked down into Broadway, "I get lonely; don'tyou?"
5、  "Oh, were you?" he said. "Supposing, then, you get your hat andwe both go?"




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      "I will," said Hurstwood, moving away. The whole conversationwas a trial to him. It seemed to add complications with veryword. This man called up a thousand memories. He representedeverything he had left. Chicago, his wife, the elegant resort--all these were in his greeting and inquiries. And here he was inthis same hotel expecting to confer with him, unquestionablywaiting to have a good time with him. All at once the Chicagopapers would arrive. The local papers would have accounts inthem this very day. He forgot his triumph with Carrie in thepossibility of soon being known for what he was, in this man'seyes, a safe-breaker. He could have groaned as he went into thebarber shop. He decided to escape and seek a more secludedhotel.

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      "Yes. Sometimes you get a little more. This show doesn't payvery much."

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       At the same time Hurstwood kept himself wholly in the background.The members of Custer Lodge could scarcely understand why theirlittle affair was taking so well. Mr. Harry Quincel was lookedupon as quite a star for this sort of work.

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      They were happy in being near one another--in looking into eachother's eyes. Finally, when the long flush of delight had subsided, he said:

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    {  "I think I'll sleep alone to-night. I have a headache."

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      "Oh, you mustn't let him know I told you."}

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      For all this, he still retained the semblance of leadership andcontrol, even though his wife was straining to revolt. Herdisplay of temper and open assertion of opposition were basedupon nothing more than the feeling that she could do it. She hadno special evidence wherewith to justify herself--the knowledgeof something which would give her both authority and excuse. Thelatter was all that was lacking, however, to give a solidfoundation to what, in a way, seemed groundless discontent. Theclear proof of one overt deed was the cold breath needed toconvert the lowering clouds of suspicion into a rain of wrath.

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      "It is, isn't it?" said Carrie. She felt as if she would like tobe agreeable to this young man, and also there came with it, orperhaps preceded it, the slightest shade of a feeling that he wasbetter educated than she was--that his mind was better. Heseemed to look it, and the saving grace in Carrie was that shecould understand that people could be wiser. She had seen anumber of people in her life who reminded her of what she hadvaguely come to think of as scholars. This strong young manbeside her, with his clear, natural look, seemed to get a hold ofthings which she did not quite understand, but approved of. Itwas fine to be so, as a man, she thought.

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       Now, because Carrie was pretty, the gentlemen who made up theadvance illustrations of shows about to appear for the Sundaypapers selected Carrie's photo along with others to illustratethe announcement. Because she was very pretty, they gave itexcellent space and drew scrolls about it. Carrie was delighted.Still, the management did not seem to have seen anything of it.At least, no more attention was paid to her than before. At thesame time there seemed very little in her part. It consisted ofstanding around in all sorts of scenes, a silent littleQuakeress. The author of the skit had fancied that a great dealcould be made of such a part, given to the right actress, butnow, since it had been doled out to Carrie, he would as leavehave had it cut out.

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    {  Carrie could not say anything else, but somehow this developmentshocked her. She had been regretting the wane of a pleasantevening, but she had thought there was a half-hour more. Oh, thehalf-hours, the minutes of the world; what miseries and griefsare crowded into them!

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      "She's easier," thought Hurstwood to himself.