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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The note is written upon ordinary cream-laid paper withoutwatermark. It is a quarter-sheet. The paper is cut off in two snipswith a short-bladed scissors. It has been folded over three timesand sealed with purple wax, put on hurriedly and pressed down withsome flat oval object. It is addressed to Mr. Garcia, WisteriaLodge. It says:
2.  two-hundred-year-old house, which is itself crushed under a heavymortgage. The last squire dragged out his existence there, livingthe horrible life of an aristocratic pauper, but his only son, mystepfather, seeing that he must adapt himself to the new conditions,obtained an advance from a relative, which enabled him to take amedical degree and went out to Calcutta, where, by his professionalskill and his force of character, he established a large practice.In a fit of anger, however, caused by some robberies which had beenperpetrated in the house, he beat his native butler to death andnarrowly escaped a capital sentence. As it was, he suffered a longterm of imprisonment and afterwards returned to England a morose anddisappointed man.
3.  "Nothing."
4.  "Well, it is quite possible, but the case is not clear to me yet.""Not clear? Well, if that isn't clear, what could be clear? Hereis a young man who learns suddenly that, if a certain older mandies, he will succeed to a fortune. What does he do? He says nothingto anyone, but he arranges that he shall go out on some pretext to seehis client that night. He waits until the only other person in thehouse is in bed, and then in the solitude of a man's room he murdershim, burns his body in the wood-pile, and departs to a neighbouringhotel. The blood-stains in the room and also on the stick are veryslight. It is probable that he imagined his crime to be a bloodlessone, and hoped that if the body were consumed it would hide all tracesof the method of his death- traces which, for some reason, must havepointed to him. Is not all this obvious?"
5.  "Well," said I, as I came hurrying up, "I trust that she is noworse?"
6.  1925


1.  "Really, Mr. Holmes, I cannot undertake to say. He is taller thanthe Indian, not so tall as Gilchrist. I suppose five foot six would beabout it."
2.  "There are three constables on their way."
3.  "I beg your pardon," said he with some embarrassment, "I suppose Ishould have knocked. Yes, of course I should have knocked. The fact isthat I am a little upset, and you must put it all down to that." Hepassed his hand over his forehead like a man who is half dazed, andthen fell rather than sat down upon a chair.
4.  "Come up, my dear sir," said Holmes's voice from above. "I hopeyou have no designs upon us such a night as this."
5.  "You will understand, Mrs. Merrilow, that if I come to Mrs. Ronder Ishould prefer to have a witness. You will make her understand thatbefore we arrive."
6.  "Not guilty, my lord," said I.


1.  "Where I was sure it must be. I'll make the whole matter clear toyou presently. I think, Colonel, that you and Watson might return now,and I will be with you again in an hour at the furthest. The inspectorand I must have a word with the prisoners, but you will certainlysee me back at luncheon time."
2.  "Oh, what an ass I have been!" I exclaimed.
3.  "We have set one of our women on to her. Mrs. Tangey drinks, and ourwoman has been with her twice when she was well on, but she couldget nothing out of her."
4.  "Yes, sir, and it has proved most disappointing. An apparent cluewas at once obtained, since a boy and a young man were reported tohave been seen leaving a neighbouring station by an early train.Only last night we had news that the couple had been hunted down inLiverpool, and they prove to have no connection whatever with thematter in hand. Then it was that in my despair and disappointment,after a sleepless night, I came straight to you by the early train.""I suppose the local investigation was relaxed while this false cluewas being followed up?"
5.   "'Oh,' said she in her playful way, 'You said that you were onlymy banker, and bankers never ask questions, you know.'
6.  "'Have you any suggestion to make?' I asked.


1.  It was a quarter-past nine when I started from home and mademy way across the Park, and so through Oxford Street to BakerStreet. Two hansoms were standing at the door, and as I enteredthe passage I heard the sound of voices from above. On enteringhis room I found Holmes in animated conversation with two men, oneof whom I recognized as Peter Jones, the official police agent,while the other was a long, thin, sad-faced man, with a very shinyhat and oppressively respectable frock-coat.
2.  The ground was iron hard, sir. There were no traces at all.""Then we can go. We will go up to the house first and look overthese weapons of which you speak. Then we shall get on toWinchester, for I should desire to see Miss Dunbar before we gofarther."
3.  "`Oh, never mind about that, Mr. Wilson!' said Vincent
4、  "Who is he?" I asked.
5、  "But this maid, Alice, as I understand, deposes that she went to herroom, covered her bride's dress with a long ulster, put on a bonnet,and went out."




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      "'Then we can hardly get there before midnight. I suppose therewould be no chance of a train back. I should be compelled to stopthe night.'

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      Holmes took a paper from his pocket and laid a ten-pound note uponthe table.

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       "'That is very awkward. Could I not come at some more convenienthour?'

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      "You're very kind, Mr. Holmes."

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    {  "Well, there's no need for me to dwell on that part of it. Youknow now what James Barclay was capable of. Bhurtee was relieved byNeill next day, but the rebels took me away with them in theirretreat, and it was many a long year before ever I saw a white faceagain. I was tortured and tried to get away, and was captured andtortured again. You can see for yourselves the state in which I wasleft. Some of them that fled into Nepal took me with them, and thenafterwards I was up past Darjeeling. The hill-folk up there murderedthe rebels who had me, and I became their slave for a time until Iescaped; but instead of going south I had to go north, until I foundmyself among the Afghans. There I wandered about for many a year,and at last came back to the Punjab, where I lived mostly among thenatives and picked up a living by the conjuring tricks that I hadlearned. What use was it for me, a wretched cripple, to go back toEngland or to make myself known to my old comrades? Even my wish forrevenge would not make me do that. I had rather that Nancy and myold pals should think of Harry Wood as having died with a straightback, than see him living and crawling with a stick like a chimpanzee.They never doubted that I was dead, and I meant that they nevershould. I heard that Barclay had married Nancy, and that he was risingrapidly in the regiment, but even that did not make me speak."But when one gets old one has a longing for home. For years I'vebeen dreaming of the bright green fields and the hedges of England. Atlast I determined to see them before I died. I saved enough to bringme across, and then I came here where the soldiers are, for I knowtheir ways and how to amuse them and so earn enough to keep me.""Your narrative is most interesting," said Sherlock Holmes. "Ihave already heard of your meeting with Mrs. Barclay, and yourmutual recognition. You then, as I understand, followed her home andsaw through the window an altercation between her husband and her,in which she doubtless cast his conduct to you in his teeth. Yourown feelings overcame you, and you ran across the lawn and broke inupon them."

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      "Did you look at these papers on the table?"}

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      "I was, as Watson may have told you, in the Foreign Office, andthrough the influence of my uncle, Lord Holdhurst, I rose rapidly to aresponsible position. When my uncle became foreign minister in thisadministration he gave me several missions of trust, and as I alwaysbrought them to a successful conclusion, he came at last to have theutmost confidence in my ability and tact.

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      "But how come you into this matter, Miss Burnet?" asked Holmes. "Howcan an English lady join in such a murderous affair?"

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       The Premier looked at Holmes with twinkling eyes.

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    {  THE END

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      Before entering, Holmes made an examination of the door which hadbeen forced. It was evident that a chisel or strong knife had beenthrust in, and the lock forced back with it. We could see the marks inthe wood where it had been pushed in.