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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "A marchioness?"
2.  "You are perfectly right in objecting to them, for this onegreat fault -- that they have not yet had time to becomeold."
3.  "My friend," said he, "here is a proof of it."
4.  Dantes made no resistance; he was like a man in a dream: hesaw soldiers drawn up on the embankment; he knew vaguelythat he was ascending a flight of steps; he was consciousthat he passed through a door, and that the door closedbehind him; but all this indistinctly as through a mist. Hedid not even see the ocean, that terrible barrier againstfreedom, which the prisoners look upon with utter despair.
5.  The major clasped his hands in token of admiration. "Youmarried Oliva Corsinari in the church of San Paolo delMonte-Cattini; here is the priest's certificate."
6.  "Sometimes."


1.  "Well, then, your government would do well to choose fromthe past something better than the things that I havenoticed on your monuments, and which have no heraldicmeaning whatever. As for you, viscount," continued MonteCristo to Morcerf, "you are more fortunate than thegovernment, for your arms are really beautiful, and speak tothe imagination. Yes, you are at once from Provence andSpain; that explains, if the portrait you showed me be like,the dark hue I so much admired on the visage of the nobleCatalan." It would have required the penetration of Oedipusor the Sphinx to have divined the irony the count concealedbeneath these words, apparently uttered with the greatestpoliteness. Morcerf thanked him with a smile, and pushedopen the door above which were his arms, and which, as wehave said, opened into the salon. In the most conspicuouspart of the salon was another portrait. It was that of aman, from five to eight and thirty, in the uniform of ageneral officer, wearing the double epaulet of heavybullion, that indicates superior rank, the ribbon of theLegion of Honor around his neck, which showed he was acommander, and on the right breast, the star of a grandofficer of the order of the Saviour, and on the left that ofthe grand cross of Charles III., which proved that theperson represented by the picture had served in the wars ofGreece and Spain, or, what was just the same thing asregarded decorations, had fulfilled some diplomatic missionin the two countries.
2.  "So serious that I must take leave of you for a few days;so," added he, turning to Renee, "judge for yourself if itbe not important."
3.  "My dear count," cried Morcerf, "you are at fault -- you,one of the most formidable logicians I know -- and you mustsee it clearly proved that instead of being an egotist, youare a philanthropist. Ah, you call yourself Oriental, aLevantine, Maltese, Indian, Chinese; your family name isMonte Cristo; Sinbad the Sailor is your baptismalappellation, and yet the first day you set foot in Paris youinstinctively display the greatest virtue, or rather thechief defect, of us eccentric Parisians, -- that is, youassume the vices you have not, and conceal the virtues youpossess."
4.  "So much the worse," said Valentine, smiling.
5.  "Fifty thousand livres -- a mere trifle."
6.  During the meal, which was excellent, and admirably served,Franz looked repeatedly at Albert, in order to observe theimpressions which he doubted not had been made on him by thewords of their entertainer; but whether with his usualcarelessness he had paid but little attention to him,whether the explanation of the Count of Monte Cristo withregard to duelling had satisfied him, or whether the eventswhich Franz knew of had had their effect on him alone, heremarked that his companion did not pay the least regard tothem, but on the contrary ate like a man who for the lastfour or five months had been condemned to partake of Italiancookery -- that is, the worst in the world. As for thecount, he just touched the dishes; he seemed to fulfil theduties of a host by sitting down with his guests, andawaited their departure to be served with some strange ormore delicate food. This brought back to Franz, in spite ofhimself, the recollection of the terror with which the counthad inspired the Countess G---- , and her firm convictionthat the man in the opposite box was a vampire. At the endof the breakfast Franz took out his watch. "Well," said thecount, "what are you doing?"


1.  "You shall pass it by twenty fathoms."
2.  "Oh, nothing worth speaking of," said Morrel; "M. deChateau-Renaud exaggerates."
3.  "Do you then love me?"
4.  "Never mind what he says, Morcerf," said Debray, "do youmarry her. You marry a money-bag label, it is true; well,but what does that matter? It is better to have a blazonless and a figure more on it. You have seven martlets onyour arms; give three to your wife, and you will still havefour; that is one more than M. de Guise had, who so nearlybecame King of France, and whose cousin was Emperor ofGermany."
5.   "On Saturday, if you will -- Yes. -- Let me see -- Saturday-- I am to dine at my country house, at Auteuil, on thatday, Rue de la Fontaine, No. 28. Several persons areinvited, and among others, M. Danglars, your banker. I willintroduce you to him, for it will be necessary he shouldknow you, as he is to pay your money."
6.  "My carriage shall take you back."


1.  "So Franz must wait. Why was not M. de Saint-Meran alsograndfather to Mademoiselle Danglars?"
2.  "Have you ever seen him?"
3.  "Why do you not seek revenge?"
4、  "They are at the door harnessed to the carriage as yourexcellency desired. Does your excellency wish me toaccompany him?"
5、  "So you like it, you rogue?"




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      "No, sir; I sold them to visitors, who considered them greatcuriosities; but I have still something left."

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       "A lesson?"

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    {  We awake from every sleep except the one dreaded byDanglars. He awoke. To a Parisian accustomed to silkencurtains, walls hung with velvet drapery, and the softperfume of burning wood, the white smoke of which diffusesitself in graceful curves around the room, the appearance ofthe whitewashed cell which greeted his eyes on awakeningseemed like the continuation of some disagreeable dream. Butin such a situation a single moment suffices to change thestrongest doubt into certainty. "Yes, yes," he murmured, "Iam in the hands of the brigands of whom Albert de Morcerfspoke." His first idea was to breathe, that he might knowwhether he was wounded. He borrowed this from "Don Quixote,"the only book he had ever read, but which he still slightlyremembered.

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      "At all events, it is neither you nor I."}

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      "Do you, then, know in what manner Fernand injured Dantes?"inquired the abbe of Caderousse.

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      "Somebody there received your packet, and gave you a letterin place of it, I think?"

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       P.S. -- I now believe in Italian banditti.

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    {  "Not at all! Let us recall the exact facts. You met him at adinner party at my house, and you introduced yourself at hishouse; that is a totally different affair."

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      "This evening," said the governor.