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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What did he get?"
2.  Holmes led us along the passage with as much certainty as if hehad lived in the house and halted at the open door of the strong-room."Pooh! What an awful smell of paint!" cried the inspector."That was our first clue," said Holmes. "You can thank Dr.Watson's observation for that, though he failed to draw the inference.It set my foot upon the trail. Why should this man at such a time befilling his house with strong odours? Obviously, to cover some othersmell which he wished to conceal- some guilty smell which wouldsuggest suspicions. then came the idea of a room such as you seehere with iron door and shutter- a hermetically sealed room. Put thosetwo facts together, and whither do they lead? I could only determinethat by examining the house myself. I was already certain that thecase was serious, for I had examined the box-office chart at theHaymarket Theatre- another of Dr. Watson's bull's-eyes- andascertained that neither B thirty nor thirty-two of the upper circlehad been occupied that night. Therefore, Amberley had not been tothe theatre, and his alibi fell to the ground. He made a bad slip whenhe allowed my astute friend to notice the number of the seat taken forhis wife. The question now arose how I might be able to examine thehouse. I sent an agent to the most impossible village I could thinkof, and summoned my man to it at such an hour that he could notpossibly get back. To prevent any miscarriage, Dr. Watsonaccompanied him. The good vicar's name I took, of course, out of myCrockford. Do I make it all clear to you?"
3.  "The night was fine, but still it was a very weary vigil. Ofcourse it has the sort of excitement about it that the sportsman feelswhen he lies beside the water course and waits for the big game. Itwas very long, though-almost as long, Watson, as when you and I waitedin that deadly room when we looked into the little problem of theSpeckled Band. There was a church-clock down at Woking which struckthe quarters, and I thought more than once that it had stopped. Atlast, however, about two in the morning, I suddenly heard the gentlesound of a bolt being pushed back and the creaking of a key. Amoment later the servants' door was opened, and Mr. Joseph Harrisonstepped out into the moonlight."
4.  "He shall not compete."
5.  clean-shaven, hatchet face, flushed up at the words of commendation."I am on the trail of my life now, Mr. Holmes," said he. "If I can getGorgiano-"
6.  "I see. You infer that she may have gone out to tell her sweetheart,and that the two may have planned the robbery."


1.  The sitting-room of our client opened by a long, low, latticedwindow on to the ancient lichen-tinted court of the old college. AGothic arched door led to a worn stone Staircase. On the groundfloor was the tutor's room. Above were three students, one on eachstory. It was already twilight when we reached the scene of ourproblem. Holmes halted and looked earnestly at the window. Then heapproached it, and, standing on tiptoe with his neck craned, he lookedinto the room.
2.  per E. J. C.
3.  "His coachman-"
4.  "Why, sir, everyone is talking of it. It took on terrible, and haseaten nothing for a week. Then to-day two of the young gentlemenfrom The Gables found it dead- down on the beach, sir, at the veryplace where its master met his end."
5.  "'What does he want, then?'
6.  "No, alone. She was very independent in little matters like that.Then, after we had sat down for ten minutes or so, she rose hurriedly,muttered some words of apology, and left the room. She never cameback."


1.  "What on earth has that to do with it?" I ejaculated.
2.  1892
3.  "What! Had he lost his wife?"
4.  "The laugh faded from his lips, and he stared at me in greatsurprise.
5.   My experience of camp life in Afghanistan had at least had theeffect of making me a prompt and ready traveller. My wants were fewand simple, so that in less than the time stated I was in a cab withmy valise, rattling away to Paddington Station. Sherlock Holmes waspacing up and down the platform, his tall, gaunt figure made evengaunter and taller by his long gray travelling-cloak and close fittingcloth cap.
6.  "Well, that gives us a limit. Our lady enters this room, and whatdoes she do? She goes over to the writing-table. What for? Not foranything in the drawers. If there had been anything worth hertaking, it would surely have been locked up. No, it was forsomething in that wooden bureau. Halloa! what is that scratch upon theface of it? Just hold a match, Watson. Why did you not tell me ofthis, Hopkins?"


1.  "Yes."
2.  "Well, we will take it as a working hypothesis for want of a better.Boone, as I have told you, was arrested and taken to the station,but it could not be shown that there had ever before been anythingagainst him. He had for years been known as a professional beggar, buthis life appeared to have been a very quiet and innocent one. Therethe matter stands at present, and the questions which have to besolved-what Neville St. Clair was doing in the opium den, whathappened to him when there, where is he now, and what Hugh Boone hadto do with his disappearance- are all as far from a solution asever. I confess that I cannot recall any case within my experiencewhich looked at the first glance so simple and yet which presentedsuch difficulties."
3.  "'Tut, you will find that I have not forgotten old times,' criedTrevor, and, walking towards the sailor, he said something in a lowvoice. 'Go into the kitchen ' he continued out loud, 'and you will getfood and drink. I have no doubt that I shall find you a situation.'"'Thank you, sir,' said the seaman, touching his forelock. 'I'm justoff a two-yearer in an eight-knot tramp, short-handed at that, and Iwants a rest. I thought I'd get it either with Mr. Beddoes or withyou.'
4、  October 9, 1890.
5、  Holmes pointed to the street lamp above our heads.




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      "She is ill, but she is quite rational."

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      "I must wait and hear his opinion, Holmes."

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       "Well, down they came to the west country, there was no shaking themoff, and there they have lived rent free on my best land ever since.There was no rest for me, no peace, no forgetfulness; turn where Iwould, there was his cunning, grinning face at my elbow. It grew worseas Alice grew up, for he soon saw I was more afraid of her knowing mypast than of the police. Whatever he wanted he must have, and whateverit was I gave him without question, land, money, houses, until at lasthe asked a thing which I could not give. He asked for Alice."His son, you see, had grown up, and so had my girl, and as I wasknown to be in weak health, it seemed a fine stroke to him that hislad should step into the whole property. But there I was firm. I wouldnot have his cursed stock mixed with mine; not that I had anydislike to the lad, but his blood was in him, and that was enough. Istood firm. McCarthy threatened. I braved him to do his worst. We wereto meet at the pool midway between our houses to talk it over."When I went down there I found him talking with his son, so Ismoked a cigar and waited behind a tree until he should be alone.But as I listened to his talk all that was black and bitter in meseemed, to come uppermost. He was urging his son to marry mydaughter with as little regard for what she might think as if she werea slut from off the streets. It drove me mad to think that I and allthat I held most dear should be in the power of such a man as this.Could I not snap the bond? I was already a dying and a desperateman. Though clear of mind and fairly strong of limb, I knew that myown fate was sealed. But my memory and my girl! Both could be saved ifI could but silence that foul tongue. I did it, Mr. Holmes."I would do it again. Deeply as I have sinned, I have led a lifeof martyrdom to atone for it. But that my girl should be entangledin the same meshes which held me was more than I could suffer. Istruck him down with no more compunction than if he had been some fouland venomous beast. His cry brought back his son; but I had gained thecover of the wood, though I was forced to go back to fetch the cloakwhich I had dropped in my flight. That is the true story, gentlemen,of all that occurred."

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      "Dead? Did you say he was dead?"

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    {  "It is, indeed!" said I heartily.

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      "The letter, then, is from a certain foreign potentate who basbeen ruffled by some recent Colonial developments of this country.It has been written hurriedly and upon his own responsibilityentirely. Inquiries have shown that his Ministers know nothing ofthe matter. At the same time it is couched in so unfortunate a manner,and certain phrases in it are of so provocative a character, thatits publication would undoubtedly lead to a most dangerous state offeeling in this country. There would be such a ferment, sir, that I donot hesitate to say that within a week of the publication of thatletter this country would be involved in a great war."}

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      "I've wasted time enough," said Lestrade, rising. "I believe in hardwork and not in sitting by the fire spinning fine theories.Good-day, Mr. Holmes, and we shall see which gets to the bottom of thematter first." He gathered up the garments, thrust them into thebag, and made for the door.

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      "The matter is too serious for any hesitation. Your life maydepend upon your compliance."

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       "And now I made a very careful examination of the corner of paperwhich the inspector had submitted to us. It was at once clear to methat it formed part of a very remarkable document. Here it is. Doyou not now observe something very suggestive about it?""It has a very irregular look," said the colonel.

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    {  "But left some vindictive feeling, perhaps."

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      "Quite so. And yet the whole transaction strikes me as ratherunusual."