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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Indeed," said Chateau-Renaud, "it seems quite miraculous tomake a new house out of an old one; for it was very old, anddull too. I recollect coming for my mother to look at itwhen M. de Saint-Meran advertised it for sale two or threeyears ago."
2.  "By me? Not at all, prince," said Monte Cristo laying amarked stress on the title, "what have I done for you? Arenot your name, your social position, and your meritsufficient?"
3.  Beauchamp took the paper, and read the article to whichAlbert pointed in an undertone. "You see it is a seriousannoyance," said Morcerf, when Beauchamp had finished theperusal of the paragraph. "Is the officer referred to arelation of yours, then?" demanded the journalist.
4.  "You smile."
5.  "Ask the Vicomte de Morcerf."
6.  "Never mind that," returned the sailor, "I know theirvessel."


1.  "But, sir, he has fled; let him escape -- inaction is apardonable offence."
2.  "Stop," said he; "I will go with you."
3.  "Certainly," said Morcerf; "I recollect him perfectly. Buthow could you charge a Nubian to purchase a house, and amute to furnish it? -- he will do everything wrong."
4.  "True, Dantes, I forgot that there was at the Catalans someone who expects you no less impatiently than your father --the lovely Mercedes."
5.  "Your logic is most powerful, Valentine, but say what youwill, I can never renounce the sentiment which hasinstinctively taken possession of my mind. I feel as if itwere ordained that this man should be associated with allthe good which the future may have in store for me, andsometimes it really seems as if his eye was able to see whatwas to come, and his hand endowed with the power ofdirecting events according to his own will."
6.  "On the contrary," returned Gaetano, "the chief, who wastold you were a young Frenchman, invites you to sup withhim."


1.  "You said just now that you had a hundred friends."
2.  "Oh, he laughed, and in that singular manner so peculiar tohimself -- half-malicious, half-ferocious; he almostimmediately got up and took his leave; then, for the firsttime, I observed the agitation of my grandfather, and I musttell you, Maximilian, that I am the only person capable ofdiscerning emotion in his paralyzed frame. And I suspectedthat the conversation that had been carried on in hispresence (for they always say and do what they like beforethe dear old man, without the smallest regard for hisfeelings) had made a strong impression on his mind; for,naturally enough, it must have pained him to hear theemperor he so devotedly loved and served spoken of in thatdepreciating manner."
3.  "You have selected a most unfavorable moment for your firstvisit. Paris is a horrible place in summer. Balls, parties,and fetes are over; the Italian opera is in London; theFrench opera everywhere except in Paris. As for the TheatreFrancais, you know, of course, that it is nowhere. The onlyamusements left us are the indifferent races at the Champ deMars and Satory. Do you propose entering any horses ateither of these races, count?"
4.  "Do you promise?"
5.   "What is it?"
6.  "And you shall be alone," replied the young man. "I willawait you at the corner of the Rue de Musee, and if you areso long absent as to make me uneasy, I will hasten to rejoinyou, and woe to him of whom you shall have cause to complainto me!"


1.  "I suspect no one; death raps at your door -- it enters --it goes, not blindfolded, but circumspectly, from room toroom. Well, I follow its course, I track its passage; Iadopt the wisdom of the ancients, and feel my way, for myfriendship for your family and my respect for you are as atwofold bandage over my eyes; well" --
2.  "What is the matter?" asked Debray, in a whisper, of MadameDanglars.
3.  "Then I shall really have them?"
4、  "Yes, if you have nothing more to say to me."
5、  "Well, sir, by the help of two signs, with which I willacquaint you presently, you may ascertain with perfectcertainty that my grandfather is still in the fullpossession of all his mental faculties. M. Noirtier, beingdeprived of voice and motion, is accustomed to convey hismeaning by closing his eyes when he wishes to signify `yes,'and to wink when he means `no.' You now know quite enough toenable you to converse with M. Noirtier; -- try." Noirtiergave Valentine such a look of tenderness and gratitude thatit was comprehended even by the notary himself. "You haveheard and understood what your granddaughter has beensaying, sir, have you?" asked the notary. Noirtier closedhis eyes. "And you approve of what she said -- that is tosay, you declare that the signs which she mentioned arereally those by means of which you are accustomed to conveyyour thoughts?"




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      "From the notary, M. Deschamps."

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      Madame de Villefort became very pale, and, seizing her son'sarm, drew him anxiously toward her; but, once satisfied ofhis safety, she also cast a brief but expressive glance onthe casket, which was not lost upon the count. At thismoment Ali entered. At sight of him Madame de Villefortuttered an expression of pleasure, and, holding the childstill closer towards her, she said, "Edward, dearest, do yousee that good man? He has shown very great courage andresolution, for he exposed his own life to stop the horsesthat were running away with us, and would certainly havedashed the carriage to pieces. Thank him, then, my child, inyour very best manner; for, had he not come to our aid,neither you nor I would have been alive to speak ourthanks." The child stuck out his lips and turned away hishead in a disdainful manner, saying, "He's too ugly."

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      "Yes, you wished to speak to me; but was it indeed remorse,tell me?"

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    {  "Exactly so; a carriage was waiting at the end of the ViaMacello. Beppo got in, inviting the Frenchman to follow him,and he did not wait to be asked twice. He gallantly offeredthe right-hand seat to Beppo, and sat by him. Beppo told himhe was going to take him to a villa a league from Rome; theFrenchman assured him he would follow him to the end of theworld. The coachman went up the Via di Ripetta and the PortaSan Paola; and when they were two hundred yards outside, asthe Frenchman became somewhat too forward, Beppo put a braceof pistols to his head, the coachman pulled up and did thesame. At the same time, four of the band, who were concealedon the banks of the Almo, surrounded the carriage. TheFrenchman made some resistance, and nearly strangled Beppo;but he could not resist five armed men. and was forced toyield. They made him get out, walk along the banks of theriver, and then brought him to Teresa and Luigi, who werewaiting for him in the catacombs of St. Sebastian."

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      "Faubourg Saint-Germain," said Chateau-Renaud. "The countwill find there a charming hotel, with a court and garden."}

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      "And where do the servants sleep?"

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      "Yes, indeed. So, sir, you wish to see all relating to thepoor abbe, who really was gentleness itself."

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       "This is where the mad abbe was kept, sir, and that is wherethe young man entered; "and the guide pointed to theopening, which had remained unclosed. "From the appearanceof the stone," he continued, "a learned gentleman discoveredthat the prisoners might have communicated together for tenyears. Poor things! Those must have been ten weary years."

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    {  "You are very kind."

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      The day following that on which the conversation we haverelated took place, the Count of Monte Cristo set out forAuteuil, accompanied by Ali and several attendants, and alsotaking with him some horses whose qualities he was desirousof ascertaining. He was induced to undertake this journey,of which the day before he had not even thought and whichhad not occurred to Andrea either, by the arrival ofBertuccio from Normandy with intelligence respecting thehouse and sloop. The house was ready, and the sloop whichhad arrived a week before lay at anchor in a small creekwith her crew of six men, who had observed all the requisiteformalities and were ready again to put to sea.