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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Mrs. Drouet."
2.  He looked down at his paper and shook his head negatively.
3.  "It's not very hard to get work now," put in Hanson, "if you lookright."
4.  He had Carrie. His furniture was being paid for. He wasmaintaining his position. As for Carrie, the amusements he couldgive her would have to do for the present. He could probablykeep up his pretensions sufficiently long without exposure tomake good, and then all would be well. He failed therein to takeaccount of the frailties of human nature--the difficulties ofmatrimonial life. Carrie was young. With him and with hervarying mental states were common. At any moment the extremes offeeling might be anti-polarised at the dinner table. This oftenhappens in the best regulated families. Little things broughtout on such occasions need great love to obliterate themafterward. Where that is not, both parties count two and two andmake a problem after a while.
5.  Somewhat encouraged, she ventured into another large structure.It was a clothing company, and more people were in evidence--well-dressed men of forty and more, surrounded by brass railings.
6.  The remaining individual took up a paper as if to read.


1.  "Miss Carmichael."
2.  Carrie had noticed the appearance of gayety and pleasure-seekingin the streets which they were following. Coaches were numerous,pedestrians many, and in Fifty-ninth Street the street cars werecrowded. At Fifty-ninth Street and Fifth Avenue a blaze oflights from several new hotels which bordered the Plaza Squaregave a suggestion of sumptuous hotel life. Fifth Avenue, thehome of the wealthy, was noticeably crowded with carriages, andgentlemen in evening dress. At Sherry's an imposing doormanopened the coach door and helped them out. Young Ames heldCarrie's elbow as he helped her up the steps. They entered thelobby already swarming with patrons, and then, after divestingthemselves of their wraps, went into a sumptuous dining-room.
3.  Thus passed all that was of interest concerning these twain intheir relation to her. Their influence upon her life isexplicable alone by the nature of her longings. Time was whenboth represented for her all that was most potent in earthlysuccess. They were the personal representatives of a state mostblessed to attain--the titled ambassadors of comfort and peace,aglow with their credentials. It is but natural that when theworld which they represented no longer allured her, itsambassadors should be discredited. Even had Hurstwood returnedin his original beauty and glory, he could not now have alluredher. She had learned that in his world, as in her own presentstate, was not happiness.
4.  By degrees she began to use him. Doing this, however, she lostthe weekly payment of twelve dollars.
5.  "How much money have you left?"
6.  "Well, I guess we're ready now. The coach is outside."


1.  "Charlie, you are neglecting a part of your duty," he observed toDrouet most affably. "Between us, though," he went on, "we canshow you."
2.  "I don't want to go with these people who write to me. I knowwhat kind they are."
3.  "Why not come down to The Fair," he suggested, "next Tuesday?"
4.  There had been appearing in the papers about this time rumoursand notices of an approaching strike on the trolley lines inBrooklyn. There was general dissatisfaction as to the hours oflabour required and the wages paid. As usual--and for someinexplicable reason--the men chose the winter for the forcing ofthe hand of their employers and the settlement of theirdifficulties.
5.   Carrie walked over to the door.
6.  "That's right," he said; "I'm no good now. I was all right. Ihad money. I'm going to quit this," and, with death in hisheart, he started down toward the Bowery. People had turned onthe gas before and died; why shouldn't he? He remembered alodginghouse where there were little, close rooms, with gas-jetsin them, almost pre-arranged, he thought, for what he wanted todo, which rented for fifteen cents. Then he remembered that hehad no fifteen cents.


1.  "Oh, I don't know," she would reply, feeling delight in the factthat one should think so, hesitating to believe, though shereally did, that she was vain enough to think so much of herself.
2.  So now, the house, to his mind, had a most pleasing andcomfortable appearance. In the hall he found an evening paper,laid there by the maid and forgotten by Mrs. Hurstwood. In thedining-room the table was clean laid with linen and napery andshiny with glasses and decorated china. Through an open door hesaw into the kitchen, where the fire was crackling in the stoveand the evening meal already well under way. Out in the smallback yard was George, Jr., frolicking with a young dog he hadrecently purchased, and in the parlour Jessica was playing at thepiano, the sounds of a merry waltz filling every nook and cornerof the comfortable home. Every one, like himself, seemed to haveregained his good spirits, to be in sympathy with youth andbeauty, to be inclined to joy and merry-making. He felt as if hecould say a good word all around himself, and took a most genialglance at the spread table and polished sideboard before goingupstairs to read his paper in the comfortable armchair of thesitting-room which looked through the open windows into thestreet. When he entered there, however, he found his wifebrushing her hair and musing to herself the while.
3.  "Suppose you come and look at the rooms," he added.
4、  For the next two days Carrie indulged in the most high-flownspeculations.
5、  Amid the babel of voices, Hurstwood heard one close beside him.




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      "You're a dandy, Hurstwood," his friend Walker said. He wasstanding again well dressed, smiling, good-natured, the recipientof encores for a good story.

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      They walked north on Wabash to Adams Street and then west. Thelights in the stores were already shining out in gushes of goldenhue. The arc lights were sputtering overhead, and high up werethe lighted windows of the tall office buildings. The chill windwhipped in and out in gusty breaths. Homeward bound, the sixo'clock throng bumped and jostled. Light overcoats were turned upabout the ears, hats were pulled down. Little shop-girls wentfluttering by in pairs and fours, chattering, laughing. It was aspectacle of warm-blooded humanity.

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       Carrie did not answer this at all. It hurt her.

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      "I didn't find out anything to-day," said Carrie, taking off hergloves. "They all want money to get you a place."

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    {  "Look at the guy in the cab," observed a third.

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      "I'll loan it to you--that's all right. I'll loan it to you."}

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      "I'll look in here," thought the manager, pulling out the moneydrawers. He did not know why he wished to look in there. It wasquite a superfluous action, which another time might not havehappened at all.

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      "I hadn't heard of him," said Carrie, honestly.

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       "It's a big place," he said. "You can get in somewhere in a fewdays. Everybody does."

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    {  "I guess he must have forgotten," exclaimed his wife blandly. Inthe past he had always commanded a certain amount of respect,which was a compound of appreciation and awe. The familiaritywhich in part still existed between himself and his daughter hehad courted. As it was, it did not go beyond the lightassumption of words. The TONE was always modest. Whatever hadbeen, however, had lacked affection, and now he saw that he waslosing track of their doings. His knowledge was no longerintimate. He sometimes saw them at table, and sometimes did not.He heard of their doings occasionally, more often not. Some dayshe found that he was all at sea as to what they were talkingabout--things they had arranged to do or that they had done inhis absence. More affecting was the feeling that there werelittle things going on of which he no longer heard. Jessica wasbeginning to feel that her affairs were her own. George, Jr.,flourished about as if he were a man entirely and must needs haveprivate matters. All this Hurstwood could see, and it left atrace of feeling, for he was used to being considered--in hisofficial position, at least--and felt that his importance shouldnot begin to wane here. To darken it all, he saw the sameindifference and independence growing in his wife, while helooked on and paid the bills.

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      As usual, the table was one short that evening.