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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  It goes without saying that this impatience to return toward Paris hadfor a cause the danger which Mme. Bonacieux would run of meeting at theconvent of Bethune with Milady, her mortal enemy. Aramis therefore hadwritten immediately to Marie Michon, the seamstress at Tours who hadsuch fine acquaintances, to obtain from the queen authority for Mme.Bonacieux to leave the convent, and to retire either into Lorraine orBelgium. They had not long to wait for an answer. Eight or ten daysafterward Aramis received the following letter:
2.  "I? I am completely ignorant; nor does it much disquiet me.""You're in the wrong there; for if you knew my name, perhaps youwould not be so pressing."
3.  There was a moment of silence, which proved that thecardinal was employed in seeking the terms in which heshould write the note, or else in writing it. Athos, whohad not lost a word of the conversation, took his twocompanions by the hand, and led them to the other end of theroom.
4.  "Where shall I find the governor?"
5.  Aramis darted at D'Artagnan one of those looks which inform a manthat he has acquired a mortal enemy. Then, resuming his mildair, "You are deceived, gentlemen," said he, "this handkerchiefis not mine, and I cannot fancy why Monsieur has taken it intohis head to offer it to me rather than to one of you; and as aproof of what I say, here is mine in my pocket."
6.  "Without confiding to them the secret which I am not willing toknow?"


1.  "Ah, this is too much!" cried Buckingham, making a step toward the door.Felton barred his passage.
2.  "This woman is full of mysteries," murmured D'Artagnan tohimself. At that instant he felt himself ready to revealall. He even opened his mouth to tell Milady who he was,and with what a revengeful purpose he had come; but sheadded, "Poor angel, whom that monster of a Gascon barelyfailed to kill."
3.  "Yes; but that menace terrifies me. I am not a fighting man atall, monsieur, and I am afraid of the Bastille."
4.  In this waiting room were five or six of the cardinalsGuards, who recognized D'Artagnan, and knowing that it washe who had wounded Jussac, they looked upon him with a smileof singular meaning.
5.  She then tried to seize the sword with her hands; butD'Artagnan kept it free from her grasp, and presenting thepoint, sometimes at her eyes, sometimes at her breast,compelled her to glide behind the bedstead, while he aimedat making his retreat by the door which led to Kitty'sapartment.
6.  "Whom do I see yonder?"


1.  Fortunately, he had no opportunity to give the duke this proof ofhis devotion, and the young woman and the handsome Musketeerentered the Louvre by the wicket of the Echelle without anyinterference.
2.  He was not the less intoxicated with joy, electrified bylove. He almost believed in the tenderness of Milady; healmost believed in the crime of De Wardes. If De Wardes hadat that moment been under his hand, he would have killedhim.
3.  It is true that the enemies of the cardinal said that it washe himself who set these bungling assassins to work, inorder to have, if wanted, the right of using reprisals; butwe must not believe everything ministers say, nor everythingtheir enemies say.
4.  "Madame de Chevreuse was not queen," murmured Anne of Austria,overcome, in spite of herself, by the expression of so profound apassion.
5.   But although the jeweler had been mentioned first, it was thesecretary who first made his appearance. This was simply becausehe lived in the hotel. He found Buckingham seated at a table inhis bedchamber, writing orders with his own hand."Mr. Jackson," said he, "go instantly to the Lord Chancellor, andtell him that I charge him with the execution of these orders. Iwish them to be promulgated immediately."
6.  "But I am not a foreigner, sir," said she, with an accent as pureas ever was heard between Portsmouth and Manchester; "my name isLady Clarik, and this measure--"


1.  Kitty's detention was not long. Hardly had D'Artagnan seen,through a crevice in his closet, that the whole apartmentwas in obscurity, than he slipped out of his concealment, atthe very moment when Kitty reclosed the door of
2.  "Himself? D'Artagnan here?"
3.  "Oh, you'll know it someday, Aramis; but at present I mustimitate the discretion of 'the doctor's niece.'"
4、  "The devil!" thought D'Artagnan. "The note is changed. Isshe going to fall in love with me, by chance, this fairinconstant; and will she be disposed to give me myselfanother sapphire like that which she gave me for De Wardes?"D'Artagnan rapidly drew his seat nearer to Milady's."Well, now," she said, "let us see what you would do toprove this love of which you speak."
5、  "Oh, it's only a temporary postponement," replied Aramis; "Ishall be one someday. You very well know, Porthos, that Icontinue to study theology for that purpose."




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      "We are discovered!"

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      "Which is a great chance," replied Planchet, "but we must notdespair of the mercy of God."

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       "That's true. Now, will you make me a report of all that has happened?""Why, I have related the events to you. You have a good memory; repeatwhat I have told you. A paper may be lost."

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      "Golden dreams!" cried Aramis. "Oh, beautiful life! Yes, weare young; yes, we shall yet have happy days! My love, myblood, my life! all, all, all, are thine, my adoredmistress!"

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    {  There was no longer a doubt that Felton was convinced; Felton washers. If an angel appeared to that young man as an accuser ofMilady, he would take him, in the mental disposition in which henow found himself, for a messenger sent by the devil.Milady smiled at this thought, for Felton was now her only hope--her only means of safety.

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      Athos smiled with one of his sweet and expressive smiles."Friend," said he, "for Athos this is too much; for the Comte de la Fereit is too little. Keep the commission; it is yours. Alas! you havepurchased it dearly enough."}

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      Then, swallowing the contents of his glass, which he putdown close to him, Athos arose carelessly, took the musketnext to him, and drew near to one of the loopholes.Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan followed his example. As toGrimaud, he received orders to place himself behind the fourfriends in order to reload their weapons.

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      D'Artagnan was the youngest of all these men. His heart failed him."Oh, I cannot behold this frightful spectacle!" said he. "I cannotconsent that this woman should die thus!"

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       "Have you no information as to his abiding place?""None. One day, as I was conveying my wife back to the Louvre,he was coming out as she was going in, and she showed him to me.""The devil! The devil!" murmured D'Artagnan; "all this is vagueenough. From whom have you learned of the abduction of yourwife?"

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    {  Satisfied with this discovery which confirmed all his suspicions, Athosreturned to the hotel, and found Planchet impatiently waiting for him.Everything was as Athos had foreseen.

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      "'Listen!' said he. 'I give you the rest of tonight and all daytomorrow. Reflect: promise to be silent, and riches,consideration, even honor, shall surround you; threaten to speak,and I will condemn you to infamy.'