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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I will not suffer it! No, no, I would rather die!" cried thequeen, in whom the imperious blood of Spain and Austria began torise.
2.  All along the road, what Athos had said respecting Mme.Bonacieux recurred to the mind of the young man. AlthoughD'Artagnan was not of a very sentimental character, themercer's pretty wife had made a real impression upon hisheart. As he said, he was ready to go to the end of theworld to seek her; but the world, being round, has manyends, so that he did not know which way to turn. Meantime,he was going to try to find out Milady. Milady had spokento the man in the black cloak; therefore she knew him. Now,in the opinion of D'Artagnan, it was certainly the man inthe black cloak who had carried off Mme. Bonacieux thesecond time, as he had carried her off the first.D'Artagnan then only half-lied, which is lying but little,when he said that by going in search of Milady he at thesame time went in search of Constance.
3.  It is well known how violent the king's prejudices were againstthe queen, and how carefully these prejudices were kept up by thecardinal, who in affairs of intrigue mistrusted women infinitelymore than men. One of the grand causes of this prejudice was thefriendship of Anne of Austria for Mme. de Chevreuse. These twowomen gave him more uneasiness than the war with Spain, thequarrel with England, or the embarrassment of the finances. Inhis eyes and to his conviction, Mme. de Chevreuse not only servedthe queen in her political intrigues, but, what tormented himstill more, in her amorous intrigues.
4.  A cold sweat burst from the brow of Milady.
5.  D'Artagnan had been there scarcely five minutes when M. deTreville entered. At the first glance, and by the joy which waspainted on his countenance, the worthy captain plainly perceivedthat something new was on foot.
6.  "Your advice, then?"


1.  "It is indeed a favor, young man," replied M. de Treville, "butit may not be so far beyond your hopes as you believe, or ratheras you appear to believe. But his majesty's decision is alwaysnecessary; and I inform you with regret that no one becomes aMusketeer without the preliminary ordeal of several campaigns,certain brilliant actions, or a service of two years in someother regiment less favored than ours."
2.  "Oh, yes, monsieur. Five days after your departure, he cameback, and in a very bad condition, too. It appears that he hadmet with disagreeables, likewise, on his journey. Unfortunately,he is more nimble than his master; so that for the sake of hismaster, he puts us all under his feet, and as he thinks we mightrefuse what he asked for, he takes all he wants without asking atall."
3.  He grew deadly pale, placed his hand upon his heart, which was breaking,and at once perceived all the treachery.
4.  "I have given you proof of that, it seems to me.""And I am yours, body and soul!"
5.  The eye of Aramis kindled in spite of himself.
6.  And Lord de Winter retired swearing, which at that period was avery knightly habit.


1.  "Fortunately," added he, "my good friends are down yonder,and they will not allow me to be carried away without astruggle. Nevertheless, Monsieur de Treville's company ofMusketeers alone cannot maintain a war against the cardinal,who disposes of the forces of all France, and before whomthe queen is without power and the king without will.D'Artagnan, my friend, you are brave, you are prudent, youhave excellent qualities; but the women will ruin you!"He came to this melancholy conclusion as he entered theantechamber. He placed his letter in the hands of the usheron duty, who led him into the waiting room and passed oninto the interior of the palace.
2.  "Word of honor?"
3.  "Ah, ah! but what's going on in the city yonder?" saidAthos.
4.  "Madame, those men were more dangerous than any robbers couldhave been, for they are the agents of the cardinal; and as toyour husband, Monsieur Bonacieux, he is not here because he wasyesterday evening conducted to the Bastille."
5.   The imprudent young man expected a surprise, mixed withshame--a slight storm which would resolve itself into tears;but he was strangely deceived, and his error was not of longduration.
6.  "Ah," said he, dissembling his emotion under a feignedcarelessness, "do not talk of such things, and suffer love pains?VANITAS VANITATUM! According to your idea, then, my brain isturned. And for whom-for some GRISETTE, some chambermaid withwhom I have trifled in some garrison? Fie!"


1.  "Nothing," replied Milady.
2.  "Or the mysterious benefactress," said Athos.
3.  The other three were occupied in opening an enormous flagon ofCollicure wine; these were the lackeys of these gentlemen.The cardinal was, as we have said, in very low spirits; andnothing when he was in that state of mind increased hisdepression so much as gaiety in others. Besides, he had anotherstrange fancy, which was always to believe that the causes of hissadness created the gaiety of others. Making a sign to LaHoudiniere and Cahusac to stop, he alighted from his horse, andwent toward these suspected merry companions, hoping, by means ofthe sand which deadened the sound of his steps and of the hedgewhich concealed his approach, to catch some words of thisconversation which appeared so interesting. At ten paces fromthe hedge he recognized the talkative Gascon; and as he hadalready perceived that these men were Musketeers, he did notdoubt that the three others were those called the Inseparables;that is to say, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis.
4、  "Oh, my Lord!" said Laporte.
5、  Athos replied, always by gestures, that that was well, andindicated to Grimaud, by pointing to a turret that resembleda pepper caster, that he was to stand as sentinel. Only, toalleviate the tediousness of the duty, Athos allowed him totake a loaf, two cutlets, and a bottle of wine.




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      "D'Artagnan, D'Artagnan!" cried Mme. Bonacieux, "where art thou? Donot leave me! You see I am dying!"

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      "Then Monsieur is satisfied?" asked Planchet.

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       "This is not the way that I wished to avenge myself," said Milady,replacing the glass upon the table, with an infernal smile, "but, myfaith! we do what we can!" And she rushed out of the room.Mme. Bonacieux saw her go without being able to follow her; she was likepeople who dream they are pursued, and who in vain try to walk.A few moments passed; a great noise was heard at the gate. Everyinstant Mme. Bonacieux expected to see Milady, but she did not return.Several times, with terror, no doubt, the cold sweat burst from herburning brow.

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      "In truth," murmured D'Artagnan, to whom M. de Treville'srecommendation recurred, "this animal will end by making meafraid." And he put his horse into a trot.

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    {  "A written examination attests it," said the cardinal, replyingaloud to the mute interrogation of his Majesty; "and the ill-treated people have drawn up the following, which I have thehonor to present to your Majesty."

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      "To his Eminence Monseigneur the Cardinal Richelieu, in his camp beforeLa Rochelle.}

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      Porthos and Aramis trembled with rage. They could willingly havestrangled M. de Treville, if, at the bottom of all this, they hadnot felt it was the great love he bore them which made him speakthus. They stamped upon the carpet with their feet; they bittheir lips till the blood came, and grasped the hilts of theirswords with all their might. All without had heard, as we havesaid, Athos, Porthos, and Aramis called, and had guessed, from M.de Treville's tone of voice, that he was very angry aboutsomething. Ten curious heads were glued to the tapestry andbecame pale with fury; for their ears, closely applied to thedoor, did not lose a syllable of what he said, while their mouthsrepeated as he went on, the insulting expressions of the captainto all the people in the antechamber. In an instant, from thedoor of the cabinet to the street gate, the whole hotel wasboiling.

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      "Now," hastily interrupted the Jesuit, on seeing that his acolytewas going astray, "now your thesis would please the ladies; itwould have the success of one of Monsieur Patru's pleadings.""Please God!" cried Aramis, transported.

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       "And now," said Athos, resuming his cloak and putting on hishat, "now that I have drawn your teeth, viper, bite if youcan."

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    {  "Well," said Felton, "only promise till you have seen me again.If, when you have seen me again, you still persist--well, thenyou shall be free, and I myself will give you the weapon youdesire."

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      "I will follow you, then, sir."