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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "At length I saw the lamp rise softly, and disappear in thedepths of the ceiling; my chamber was filled with darkness andobscurity, but I made a strong effort to penetrate this darknessand obscurity.
2.  "It is much better both for you and for me to stop where we are,"answered the wounded man. "CORBLEU--I am more your friend than youthink--for after our very first encounter, I could by saying a word tothe cardinal have had your throat cut!"
3.  At nine o'clock Madame la Premiere Presidente arrived. As nextto the queen, she was the most considerable personage of thefete, she was received by the city officials, and placed in a boxopposite to that which the queen was to occupy.
4.  "To wait!" replied Athos.
5.  "His name?"
6.  "Yes."


1.  "I shall probably kill you the fourth," said he to him, holding out hishand to assist him to rise.
2.  51 OFFICER
3.  And at these words Felton, feeling that he could not longmaintain his severity toward his prisoner, rushed out of theroom.
4.  "Well, but what else could you play for? You had nothing left?"'Oh, yes, my friend; there was still that diamond left whichsparkles on your finger, and which I had observed yesterday.""This diamond!" said D'Artagnan, placing his hand eagerly on hisring.
5.  Milady answered by a glance which said, "Is that all?--speak,then." And then accompanying the glance with explanatorywords, "That is but too just," said she, tenderly."Oh, you are an angel!" exclaimed the young man.
6.  "Let us dine, then," said Porthos; "it is getting cold."The friends, at ease with regard to the future, did honor to therepast, the remains of which were abandoned to Mousqueton, Bazin,Planchet, and Grimaud.


1.  The expression was imprudent; but M. de Treville launched it withknowledge of his cause. He was desirous of an explosion, becausein that case the mine throws forth fire, and fire enlightens."Police affairs!" cried the king, taking up Treville's words,"police affairs! And what do you know about them, Monsieur?Meddle with your Musketeers, and do not annoy me in this way. Itappears, according to your account, that if by mischance aMusketeer is arrested, France is in danger. What a noise about aMusketeer! I would arrest ten of them, VENTREBLEU, a hundred,even, all the company, and I would not allow a whisper.""From the moment they are suspected by your Majesty," saidTreville, "the Musketeers are guilty; therefore, you see meprepared to surrender my sword--for after having accused mysoldiers, there can be no doubt that Monsieur the Cardinal willend by accusing me. It is best to constitute myself at once aprisoner with Athos, who is already arrested, and withD'Artagnan, who most probably will be."
2.  "In what way? The initials are only mine--C. B., ConstanceBonacieux."
3.  "But, my Lord, if the Lord Chancellor interrogates me upon themotives which may have led your Grace to adopt such anextraordinary measure, what shall I reply?"
4.  The wonder was increased, though the doubt continued to exist."Is it not true, Aramis?" said Porthos, turning toward anotherMusketeer.
5.   It could not be said that it was wine which produced thissadness; for in truth he only drank to combat this sadness, whichwine however, as we have said, rendered still darker. Thisexcess of bilious humor could not be attributed to play; forunlike Porthos, who accompanied the variations of chance withsongs or oaths, Athos when he won remained as unmoved as when helost. He had been known, in the circle of the Musketeers, to winin one night three thousand pistoles; to lose them even to thegold-embroidered belt for gala days, win all this again with theaddition of a hundred louis, without his beautiful eyebrow beingheightened or lowered half a line, without his hands losing theirpearly hue, without his conversation, which was cheerful thatevening, ceasing to be calm and agreeable.
6.  The repast was carried into effect that very day, and the lackeywaited at table. The repast had been ordered by Athos, and thelackey furnished by Porthos. He was a Picard, whom the gloriousMusketeer had picked up on the Bridge Tournelle, making rings andplashing in the water.


1.  "This doctor has a niece," continued Aramis.
2.  The eyes of Milady darted such flashes that although he was a manand armed before an unarmed woman, he felt the chill of fearglide through his whole frame. However, he continued all thesame, but with increasing warmth: "Yes, I can very wellunderstand that after having inherited the fortune of my brotherit would be very agreeable to you to be my heir likewise; butknow beforehand, if you kill me or cause me to be killed, myprecautions are taken. Not a penny of what I possess will passinto your hands. Were you not already rich enough--you whopossess nearly a million? And could you not stop your fatalcareer, if you did not do evil for the infinite and supreme joyof doing it? Oh, be assured, if the memory of my brother werenot sacred to me, you should rot in a state dungeon or satisfythe curiosity of sailors at Tyburn. I will be silent, but youmust endure your captivity quietly. In fifteen or twenty days Ishall set out for La Rochelle with the army; but on the eve of mydeparture a vessel which I shall see depart will take you henceand convey you to our colonies in the south. And be assured thatyou shall be accompanied by one who will blow your brains out atthe first attempt you make to return to England or theContinent."
3.  "So am I delighted to see you," said D'Artagnan, "although I amnot yet sure that it is Aramis I am speaking to.""To himself, my friend, to himself! But what makes you doubtit?"
4、  "My very own. You have brought me something?"
5、  "Tomorrow at daybreak. Sleep as soundly as you can tonight, andtomorrow, if you can, we will take our departure together.""Till tomorrow, then," said Aramis; "for iron-nerved as you are,you must need repose."




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      "That man, then, was not--"

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      As to D'Artagnan, he fought purely and simply on thedefensive; and when he saw his adversary pretty wellfatigued, with a vigorous side thrust sent his sword flying.The baron, finding himself disarmed, took two or three stepsback, but in this movement his foot slipped and he fellbackward.

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      "Better if I drink."

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    {  "Monsieur Porthos may imagine you belong to the house, and in afit of passion might run his sword through you or blow out yourbrains."

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      Athos then plunged into the street the man had indicated with hisfinger; but arriving at four crossroads, he stopped again, visiblyembarrassed. Nevertheless, as the crossroads offered him a betterchance than any other place of meeting somebody, he stood still. In afew minutes a night watch passed. Athos repeated to him the samequestion he had asked the first person he met. The night watch evincedthe same terror, refused, in his turn, to accompany Athos, and onlypointed with his hand to the road he was to take.Athos walked in the direction indicated, and reached the suburb situatedat the opposite extremity of the city from that by which he and hisfriends had entered it. There he again appeared uneasy and embarrassed,and stopped for the third time.}

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      And both again left the room.

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      Aramis, after a journey into Lorraine, disappeared all at once, andceased to write to his friends; they learned at a later period throughMme. de Chevreuse, who told it to two or three of her intimates, that,yielding to his vocation, he had retired into a convent--only intowhich, nobody knew.

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       The fusillade continued; but the four friends were out ofreach, and the Rochellais only fired to appease theirconsciences.

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    {  "Yes."

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      "Great God!" cried D'Artagnan, loosing his hold of herdress, and remaining mute, motionless, and frozen.But Milady felt herself denounced even by his terror. Hehad doubtless seen all. The young man now knew her secret,her terrible secret--the secret she concealed even from hermaid with such care, the secret of which all the world wasignorant, except himself.