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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You?" said Madame Danglars.
2.  "I recognized you, some time since, as the insolent dandywho so gracefully mounted his horse in the Champs Elysees."
3.  "Why not?"
4.  "Patience," said the abbe, in a tone which made the dyingman shudder; "have patience!" Caderousse looked at him withamazement. "Besides," said the abbe, "God is merciful toall, as he has been to you; he is first a father, then ajudge."
5.  Franz had remained for nearly a quarter of an hour perfectlyhidden by the shadow of the vast column at whose base he hadfound a resting-place, and from whence his eyes followed themotions of Albert and his guides, who, holding torches intheir hands, had emerged from a vomitarium at the oppositeextremity of the Colosseum, and then again disappeared downthe steps conducting to the seats reserved for the Vestalvirgins, resembling, as they glided along, some restlessshades following the flickering glare of so manyignes-fatui. All at once his ear caught a sound resemblingthat of a stone rolling down the staircase opposite the oneby which he had himself ascended. There was nothingremarkable in the circumstance of a fragment of granitegiving way and falling heavily below; but it seemed to himthat the substance that fell gave way beneath the pressureof a foot, and also that some one, who endeavored as much aspossible to prevent his footsteps from being heard, wasapproaching the spot where he sat. Conjecture soon becamecertainty, for the figure of a man was distinctly visible toFranz, gradually emerging from the staircase opposite, uponwhich the moon was at that moment pouring a full tide ofsilvery brightness.
6.  "As for me, you must know I cannot possibly live out ofLucca; therefore I shall return to Italy as soon as I can."


1.  "A marchioness?"
2.  "Well, sir, you have in your establishment, or in yourfamily, perhaps, one of the frightful monstrosities of whicheach century produces only one. Locusta and Agrippina,living at the same time, were an exception, and proved thedetermination of providence to effect the entire ruin of theRoman empire, sullied by so many crimes. Brunehilde andFredegonde were the results of the painful struggle ofcivilization in its infancy, when man was learning tocontrol mind, were it even by an emissary from the realms ofdarkness. All these women had been, or were, beautiful. Thesame flower of innocence had flourished, or was stillflourishing, on their brow, that is seen on the brow of theculprit in your house." Villefort shrieked, clasped hishands, and looked at the doctor with a supplicating air. Butthe latter went on without pity: --
3.  "Of course," replied Danglars; and going quickly to thedesignated place, they called for a bottle of wine, and twoglasses.
4.  "Very probably," answered the count. "But do not be alarmedon her account. Haidee's nervous system is delicatelyorganized, and she is peculiarly susceptible to the odorseven of flowers -- nay, there are some which cause her tofaint if brought into her presence. However," continuedMonte Cristo, drawing a small phial from his pocket, "I havean infallible remedy." So saying, he bowed to the baronessand her daughter, exchanged a parting shake of the hand withDebray and the count, and left Madame Danglars' box. Uponhis return to Haidee he found her still very pale. As soonas she saw him she seized his hand; her own hands were moistand icy cold. "Who was it you were talking with over there?"she asked.
5.  "Pardon me, my friend, if I disturb you," said the man withthe red handkerchief, "but I want to speak to you."
6.  When Franz returned to himself, he seemed still to be in adream. He thought himself in a sepulchre, into which a rayof sunlight in pity scarcely penetrated. He stretched forthhis hand, and touched stone; he rose to his seat, and foundhimself lying on his bournous in a bed of dry heather, verysoft and odoriferous. The vision had fled; and as if thestatues had been but shadows from the tomb, they hadvanished at his waking. He advanced several paces towardsthe point whence the light came, and to all the excitementof his dream succeeded the calmness of reality. He foundthat he was in a grotto, went towards the opening, andthrough a kind of fanlight saw a blue sea and an azure sky.The air and water were shining in the beams of the morningsun; on the shore the sailors were sitting, chatting andlaughing; and at ten yards from them the boat was at anchor,undulating gracefully on the water. There for some time heenjoyed the fresh breeze which played on his brow, andlistened to the dash of the waves on the beach, that leftagainst the rocks a lace of foam as white as silver. He wasfor some time without reflection or thought for the divinecharm which is in the things of nature, specially after afantastic dream; then gradually this view of the outerworld, so calm, so pure, so grand, reminded him of theillusiveness of his vision, and once more awakened memory.He recalled his arrival on the island, his presentation to asmuggler chief, a subterranean palace full of splendor, anexcellent supper, and a spoonful of hashish. It seemed,however, even in the very face of open day, that at least ayear had elapsed since all these things had passed, so deepwas the impression made in his mind by the dream, and sostrong a hold had it taken of his imagination. Thus everynow and then he saw in fancy amid the sailors, seated on arock, or undulating in the vessel, one of the shadows whichhad shared his dream with looks and kisses. Otherwise, hishead was perfectly clear, and his body refreshed; he wasfree from the slightest headache; on the contrary, he felt acertain degree of lightness, a faculty for absorbing thepure air, and enjoying the bright sunshine more vividly thanever.


1.  "Well," said Monte Cristo, "you may believe me if you like,but it is my opinion that a crime has been committed in thishouse."
2.  The scene of the previous night now came back to his mindwith startling clearness. The painful catastrophe he hadjust witnessed appeared effectually to have rent away theveil which the intoxication of the evening before had raisedbetween himself and his memory.
3.  Dantes took the lamp, placed it on a projecting stone abovethe bed, whence its tremulous light fell with strange andfantastic ray on the distorted countenance and motionless,stiffened body. With steady gaze he awaited confidently themoment for administering the restorative.
4.  "That is admirable!" said Eugenie with sovereign contempt,smoothing her gloves out one upon the other.
5.   "Oh, monsieur, this is cruel of you," said Julie, muchaffected; and the young lady's eyes swam with tears.
6.  "On my word," replied the count, "not more than another. Iam sure he answers my purpose, knows no impossibility, andso I keep him."


1.  "Do you wish for anything?"
2.  "Do so, then."
3.  "You are certainly an extraordinary man," said Danglars;"and philosophers may well say it is a fine thing to berich."
4、  "Then I have your leave, sir?"
5、  "In France!" he cried, "the usurper in France! Then they didnot watch over this man. Who knows? they were, perhaps, inleague with him."




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      "I do not know what M. de Villefort promised you," said thegendarme, "but I know we are taking you to the Chateau d'If.But what are you doing? Help, comrades, help!"

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      "Oh, it amuses me."

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       "Well, my dear Albert," said Franz, turning towards hisfriend; "what think you of citizen Luigi Vampa?"

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    {  "No," said Jacopo; "but I have a shirt and a pair oftrousers."

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      "I am patient, but go on."}

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      "What is his name?"

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      "Let us go the same way; we will stop at La Reserve, and wecan drink a glass of La Malgue, whilst we wait for news."

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       "Because you have not yet invited me."

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    {  "Which, I believe, does not contain one?" said Monte Cristo.

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