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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He pressed her hand gently and she tried to withdraw it. At thishe held it fast, and she no longer protested. Then he slippedthe greenbacks he had into her palm, and when she began toprotest, he whispered:
2.  "Is that so? Had your breakfast?"
3.  "I should like to walk up and see Halstead Street, if it isn'ttoo far," said Carrie, after a time. "Why don't we go to thetheatre to-night?"
4.  "Yes; they do," said Carrie.
5.  Into this important commercial region the timid Carrie went. Shewalked east along Van Buren Street through a region of lesseningimportance, until it deteriorated into a mass of shanties andcoal-yards, and finally verged upon the river. She walkedbravely forward, led by an honest desire to find employment anddelayed at every step by the interest of the unfolding scene, anda sense of helplessness amid so much evidence of power and forcewhich she did not understand. These vast buildings, what werethey? These strange energies and huge interests, for whatpurposes were they there? She could have understood the meaningof a little stone-cutter's yard at Columbia City, carving littlepieces of marble for individual use, but when the yards of somehuge stone corporation came into view, filled with spur tracksand flat cars, transpierced by docks from the river and traversedoverhead by immense trundling cranes of wood and steel, it lostall significance in her little world.
6.  Installed in her comfortable room, Carrie wondered how Hurstwoodhad taken her departure. She arranged a few things hastily andthen left for the theatre, half expecting to encounter him at thedoor. Not finding him, her dread lifted, and she felt morekindly toward him. She quite forgot him until about to come out,after the show, when the chance of his being there frightenedher. As day after day passed and she heard nothing at all, thethought of being bothered by him passed. In a little while shewas, except for occasional thoughts, wholly free of the gloomwith which her life had been weighed in the flat.


1.  Hurstwood ascended a dusty flight of steps and entered a small,dust-coloured office, in which were a railing, a long desk, andseveral clerks.
2.  "You foolish girl."
3.  Mrs. Hurstwood, on the contrary, had decided not to lose heradvantage by inaction. Now that she had practically cowed him,she would follow up her work with demands, the acknowledgment ofwhich would make her word LAW in the future. He would have topay her the money which she would now regularly demand or therewould be trouble. It did not matter what he did. She really didnot care whether he came home any more or not. The householdwould move along much more pleasantly without him, and she coulddo as she wished without consulting any one. Now she proposed toconsult a lawyer and hire a detective. She would find out atonce just what advantages she could gain.
4.  "Yes," she answered, with an air of quiet understanding.
5.  "Oh, were you?" he said. "Supposing, then, you get your hat andwe both go?"
6.  "What have you done for me?" asked Carrie blazing, her headthrown back and her lips parted.


1.  "Couldn't you have sent me word?" asked Carrie.
3.  After he had all the money in the handbag, a revulsion of feelingseized him. He would not do it--no! Think of what a scandal itwould make. The police! They would be after him. He would haveto fly, and where? Oh, the terror of being a fugitive fromjustice! He took out the two boxes and put all the money back.In his excitement he forgot what he was doing, and put the sumsin the wrong boxes. As he pushed the door to, he thought heremembered doing it wrong and opened the door again. There werethe two boxes mixed.
4.  "Yes, and sleep. I can't go back to New York to-night."
5.   "I thought you might tell me."
6.  Young Hurstwood, Jr., was in his twentieth year, and was alreadyconnected in a promising capacity with a large real estate firm.He contributed nothing for the domestic expenses of the family,but was thought to be saving his money to invest in real estate.He had some ability, considerable vanity, and a love of pleasurethat had not, as yet, infringed upon his duties, whatever theywere. He came in and went out, pursuing his own plans andfancies, addressing a few words to his mother occasionally,relating some little incident to his father, but for the mostpart confining himself to those generalities with which mostconversation concerns itself. He was not laying bare his desiresfor any one to see. He did not find any one in the house whoparticularly cared to see.


1.  "Sit still, Carrie," he said. "Sit still. It won't do you anygood to get up here. Listen to me and I'll tell you what I'lldo. Wait a moment."
2.  The next morning at breakfast she felt like apologising.
3.  "If we could have such a home as that," said Mrs. Hale sadly,"how delightful it would be."
4、  "You see that things are safe and all the employees are out whenyou go home, George," Moy had once remarked to him, and he neveronce, in all the period of his long service, neglected to dothis. Neither of the owners had for years been in the resortafter five in the afternoon, and yet their manager as faithfullyfulfilled this request as if they had been there regularly toobserve.
5、  Carrie protested a while, but acquiesced.




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      "Well, by foolishness of my own. It isn't anything to talk aboutnow. You could find out if you wanted to. I'm 'broke' now and,if you will believe me, I haven't eaten anything to-day."

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      Carrie gazed at him, and as she did so her ebbing courage halted.She saw that he himself was hesitating, and with a woman'sintuition realised that there was no occasion for great alarm.

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       "He said he came because he thought I might be lonely. Youhadn't been in there so long he wondered what had become of you."

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      "Shut her off! shut her off!" urged the other of the policemen,roughly. "Get out of this, now," and he jumped the railing andlanded before the crowd and began shoving. Instantly the otherofficer was down beside him.

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    {  "Oh, you want to see Mr. McManus," he returned. "Sit down," andhe pointed to a chair against the neighbouring wall. He went onleisurely writing, until after a time a short, stout gentlemancame in from the street.

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      "Look for work!" he said to himself. "Look for work! She tellsme to get out and look for work."}

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      At six she was ready to go. Theatrical paraphernalia had beenprovided over and above her care. She had practised her make-upin the morning, had rehearsed and arranged her material for theevening by one o'clock, and had gone home to have a final look ather part, waiting for the evening to come.

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      "Well, now, I'll tell you what we are trying to do," went on Mr.Quincel. "We are trying to get a new set of furniture for thelodge. There isn't enough money in the treasury at the presenttime, and we thought we would raise it by a littleentertainment."

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       "Not a bit."

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    {  In the same house with her lived an official of one of thetheatres, Mr. Frank A. Hale, manager of the Standard, and hiswife, a pleasing-looking brunette of thirty-five. They werepeople of a sort very common in America today, who liverespectably from hand to mouth. Hale received a salary of forty-five dollars a week. His wife, quite attractive, affected thefeeling of youth, and objected to that sort of home life whichmeans the care of a house and the raising of a family. LikeDrouet and Carrie, they also occupied three rooms on the floorabove.

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      "Can't we save?" said Carrie.