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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Lestrade shrugged his shoulders. "I am afraid that my colleaguehas been a little quick in forming his conclusions," he said."But he is right. Oh! I know that he is right. James never did it.And about his quarrel with his father, I am sure that the reason whyhe would not speak about it to the coroner was because I was concernedin it."
2.  "Excellent. You carried the thing out very well. Did you observewhere the bullet went?"
3.  "But you must look at it with my eyes, Mr. Holmes. You mustrealize it from the point of view of a woman who sees all her life'sambition about to be ruined at the last moment. Is such a woman tobe blamed if she protects herself?"
4.  "Oh! you have seen inside, then?"
5.  "Royal Artillery, I fancy," said Sherlock.
6.  "No, sir, but the facts might be met speciously enough. Suppose thatthis man Boone had thrust Neville St. Clair through the window,there is no human eye which could have seen the deed. What would he dothen? It would of course instantly strike him that he must get ridof the tell-tale garments. He would seize the coat, then, and be inthe act of throwing it out, when it would occur to him that it wouldswim and not sink. He has little time, for he has heard the scuffledownstairs when the wife tried to force her way up, and perhaps he hasalready heard from his lascar confederate that the police are hurryingup the street. There is not an instant to be lost. He rushes to somesecret hoard, where he has accumulated the fruits of his beggary,and he stuffs all the coins upon which he can lay his hands into thepockets to make sure of the coats sinking. He throws it out, and wouldhave done the same with the other garments had not he heard the rushof steps below, and only just had time to close the window when thepolice appeared."


1.  "Can I see her first?"
2.  Holmes sat up in his chair and rubbed his hands. I could see thatthe problem was entirely to his heart. "Pray, what did you do then?"he murmured.
3.  "But you would not advise me to refuse?"
4.  "I have found out everything!"
5.  "By George, if he knows I'll have it out of him!" cried Lestrade. Hedarted into the hall, and a few moments later his bullying voicesounded from the back room.
6.  "These are the very papers, Watson, which he handed to me, and Iwill read them to you, as I read them in the old study that night tohim. They are endorsed outside, as you see, 'Some particulars of thevoyage of the bark Gloria Scott, from her leaving Falmouth on the8th October, 1855, to her destruction in N. Lat-15' 20', W. Long.25' 14', on Nov. 6th.' It is in the form of a letter, and runs in thisway.


1.  "Can I see her first?"
2.  Holmes looked round him with curiosity.
3.  "You don't like being beaten any more than the rest of us do,"said he. "A man can't expect always to have it his own way, can he,Dr. Watson? Step this way, if you please, gentlemen, and I think I canconvince you once for all that it was John McFarlane who did thiscrime."
4.  "It all seems to centre round that bust of Napoleon which I boughtfor this very room about four months ago. I picked it up cheap fromHarding Brothers, two doors from the High Street Station. A great dealof my journalistic work is done at night, and I often write untilthe early morning. So it was to-day. I was sitting in my den, which isat the back of the top of the house, about three o'clock, when I wasconvinced that I heard some sounds downstairs. I listened, but theywere not repeated, and I concluded that they came from outside. Thensuddenly, about five minutes later, there came a most horrible yell-the most dreadful sound, Mr. Holmes, that ever I heard. It will ringin my ears as long as I live. I sat frozen with horror for a minute ortwo. Then I seized the poker and went downstairs. When I enteredthis room I found the window wide open, and I at once observed thatthe bust was gone from the mantelpiece. Why any burglar should takesuch a thing passes my understanding, for it was only a plaster castand of no real value whatever.
5.   "We put it at different angles, so that it may seem more lifelike. Iwouldn't dare touch it if the blind were not down. But when it's upyou can see this from across the way."
6.  "There you make a mistake, Mr. Holmes. An exposure would profit meindirectly to a considerable extent. I have eight or ten similar casesmaturing. If it was circulated among them that I had made a severeexample of the Lady Eva, I should find all of them much more open toreason. You see my point?"


1.  "It looks like a flight."
2.  "I am very busy just now, and I desire no distractions," my friendanswered. "I should much prefer that you called in the aid of thepolice."
3.  "The old story, Watson. A treacherous friend and a fickle wife. Itwould appear that Amberley has one hobby in life, and it is chess. Notfar from him at Lewisham there lives a young doctor who is also achess-player. I have noted his name as Dr. Ray Ernest. Ernest wasfrequently in the house, and an intimacy between him and Mrs. Amberleywas a natural sequence, for you must admit that our unfortunate clienthas few outward graces, whatever his inner virtues may be. Thecouple went off together last week- destination untraced. What ismore, the faithless spouse carried off the old man's deed-box as herpersonal luggage with a good part of his life's savings within. Can wefind the lady? Can we save the money? A commonplace problem so faras it has developed, and yet a vital one for Josiah Amberley.""What will you do about it?"
4、  "I arrest you for the wilful murder of Mr. Jonas Oldacre, of LowerNorwood."
5、  "Go on, Miss Westbury. Even if it seems to tell against him, goon. We cannot say what it may lead to,"




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      In a few clear words Holmes explained the situation as it hadappeared to us. The American struck his hands together with vexation."He's on to us!" he cried.

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      "Left shoe wrinkled, right one smooth."

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       "No good," said Shinwell Johnson with the decided voice of theexpert. "No fence wants stuff of that sort that you can neither meltnor sell."

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      "You will perceive," he said, "that the clips are lined with tinybands of cork to soften the pressure upon the nose. One of these isdiscoloured and worn to some slight extent, but the other is new.Evidently one has fallen off and been replaced. I should judge thatthe older of them has not been there more than a few months. Theyexactly correspond, so I gather that the lady went back to the sameestablishment for the second."

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    {  "Still, of course, if you said nothing to anyone about the treatythese inquiries are irrelevant."

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      "Why, you are a common burglar."}

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      "Who is there in England who did know of the existence of thisletter?"

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      "It is wonderful!" I exclaimed.

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       "I have nothing to do today. My practice is never veryabsorbing."

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    {  "Who did?"

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      "Perhaps I have. Perhaps I haven't. I may be able to say moresoon. Anything which will define what made that mark will bring us along way towards the criminal."