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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I do not feel that there is any reason why I should render anexplanation to you, Mr. Holmes."
2.  "Oh, it is childish. She dropped her bouquet as we went towardsthe vestry. She was passing the front pew at the time, and it fellover into the pew. There was a moment's delay, but the gentleman inthe pew handed it up to her again, and it did not appear to be theworse for the fall. Yet when I spoke to her of the matter, sheanswered me abruptly, and in the carriage, on our way home, she seemedabsurdly agitated over this trifling cause."
3.  "'Pon my word, I am inclined to agree with Master Alec," said theofficial. "It may be the effect of this illness, but it seems to methat-"
4.  "A man's surely," I cried.
5.  "Of caution?"
6.  "As long as she was on the scene he could not take any actionwithout a horrible exposure of the woman whom he loved. But theinstant that she was gone he realized how crushing a misfortune thiswould be for you, and how important it was to set it right. Herushed down, just as he was, in his bare feet, opened the window,sprang out into the snow, and ran down the lane, where he could seea dark figure in the moonlight. Sir George Burnwell tried to get away,but Arthur caught him, and there was a struggle between them, your ladtugging at one side of the coronet and his opponent at the other. Inthe scuffle, your son struck Sir George and cut him over the eye. Thensomething suddenly snapped, and your son, finding that he had thecoronet in his hands, rushed back, closed the window, ascended to yourroom, and had just observed that the coronet had been twisted in thestruggle and was endeavouring to straighten it when you appearedupon the scene."


1.  "Holloway and Steele, in the Edgware Road. But why?"
2.  "We can imagine that in the confusion of flight somethingprecious, something which he could not bear to part with, had beenleft behind. That would explain his persistence, would it not?""Well, what is the next step?"
3.  "How do you do, Lord Cantlemere? It is chilly for the time ofyear, but rather warm indoors. May I take your overcoat?""No, I thank you; I will not take it off."
4.  These were the two men who entered abruptly into our littlesitting-room on Tuesday, March the 16th, shortly after our breakfasthour, as we were smoking together, preparatory to our dailyexcursion upon the moors.
5.  "Oh, yes, easily."
6.  "I should wish to."


1.  Re Vampires
2.  "If I may give an opinion," remarked the strange gentleman, "we'vehad just a little too much secrecy over this business already. Formy part, I should like all Europe and America to hear the rights ofit." He was a small, wiry, sunburnt man, clean-shaven, with a sharpface and alert manner.
3.  "Nearly five years."
4.  "This is certainly very novel," said he.
5.   "And how could you tell that they would make their attemptto-night?" I asked.
6.  Holmes waved his hand towards some papers on a chair. "I had no ideathat the case was coming my way or I should have had my extractsready," said he. "The fact is that the problem, though exceedinglysensational, appeared to present no difficulty. The interestingpersonality of the accused does not obscure the clearness of theevidence. That was the view taken by the coroner's jury and also inthe police-court proceedings. It is now referred to the Assizes atWinchester. I fear it is a thankless business. I can discover facts,Watson, but I cannot change them. Unless some entirely new andunexpected ones come to light I do not see what my client can hopefor."


1.  "'Some little time ago I bought a small place-a very smallplace-within ten miles of Reading. I was fortunate enough todiscover that there was a deposit of fuller's-earth in one of myfields. On examining it, however, I found that this deposit was acomparatively small one, and that it formed a link between two verymuch larger ones upon the right and left-both of them, however, in thegrounds of my neighbours. These good people were absolutely ignorantthat their land contained that which was quite as valuable as agold-mine. Naturally, it was to my interest to buy their land beforethey discovered its true value, but unfortunately I had no capitalby which I could do this. I took a few of my friends into thesecret, however, and they suggested that we should quietly andsecretly work our own little deposit, and that in this way we shouldearn the money which would enable us to buy the neighbouring fields.This we have now been doing for some time, and in order to help usin our operations we erected a hydraulic press. This press, as Ihave already explained, has got out of order, and we wish youradvice upon the subject. We guard our secret very jealously,however, and if it once became known that we had hydraulic engineerscoming to our little house, it would soon rouse inquiry, and then,if the facts came out, it would be good-bye to any chance of gettingthese fields and carrying out our plans. That is why I have made youpromise me that you will not tell a human being that you are goingto Eyford to-night. I hope that I make it all plain?'
2.  "But how come you into this matter, Miss Burnet?" asked Holmes. "Howcan an English lady join in such a murderous affair?"
3.  "We had news of it just before you came. It has been found in thefront garden of an empty house in Campden House Road. It was brokeninto fragments. I am going round now to see it. Will you come?""Certainly. I must just take one look round." He examined the carpetand the window. "The fellow had either very long legs or was a mostactive man," said he. "With an area beneath, it was no mean feat toreach that window ledge and open that window. Getting back wascomparatively simple. Are you coming with us to see the remains ofyour bust, Mr. Harker?"
4、  "'Now that shows real application!' he cried. 'That is the way toprosper! You won't mind my testing you, will you? Let me see. Howare Ayrshires?'
5、  "Then came Miss Grace Dunbar. She answered our advertisement andbecame governess to our two children. Perhaps you have seen herportrait in the papers. The whole world has proclaimed that she alsois a very beautiful woman. Now, I make no pretence to be more moralthan my neighbours, and I will admit to you that I could not liveunder the same roof with such a woman and in daily contact with herwithout feeling a passionate regard for her. Do you blame me, Mr.Holmes?"




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      "'I am sorry that I broke my promise, Jack,' said she, 'but if youknew all the circumstances I am sure that you would forgive me.'"'Tell me everything, then,' said I.

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      Lestrade looked startled. "I do not quite follow," he said."How is the glass? Twenty-nine, I see. No wind, and not a cloud inthe sky. I have a caseful of cigarettes here which need smoking, andthe sofa is very much superior to the usual country hotel abomination.I do not think that it is probable that I shall use the carriageto-night."

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       "No good, my dear Watson. This, the best and only final clue, hasrun to nothing. But, indeed, I have little doubt that we can buildup a sufficient case without it. By Jove! my dear fellow, it is nearlynine, and the landlady babbled of green peas at seven-thirty. Whatwith your eternal tobacco, Watson, and your irregularity at meals, Iexpect that you will get notice to quit, and that I shall share yourdownfall- not, however, before we have solved the problem of thenervous tutor, the careless servant, and the three enterprisingstudents."

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      "So you see our savage friend was very orthodox in his ritual. It isgrotesque, Watson," Holmes added, as he slowly fastened hisnotebook, "but, as I have had occasion to remark, there is but onestep from the grotesque to the horrible."

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    {  "I trust that age doth not wither nor custom stale my infinitevariety," said he, and I recognized in his voice the joy and pridewhich the artist takes in his own creation. "It really is ratherlike me, is it not?"

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      "'That will do,' said he; 'I could not ask for anything better.Capital! capital!'}

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      "I am the wife of Sir Eustace Brackenstall. I have been marriedabout a year. I suppose that it is no use my attempting to concealthat our marriage has not been a happy one. I fear that all ourneighbours would tell you that, even if I were to attempt to denyit. Perhaps the fault may be partly mine. I was brought up in thefreer, less conventional atmosphere of South Australia, and thisEnglish life, with its proprieties and its primness, is notcongenial to me. But the main reason lies in the one fact, which isnotorious to everyone, and that is that Sir Eustace was a confirmeddrunkard. To be with such a man for an hour is unpleasant. Can youimagine what it means for a sensitive and high-spirited woman to betied to him for day and night? It is a sacrilege, a crime, avillainy to hold that such a marriage is binding. I say that thesemonstrous laws of yours will bring a curse upon the land- God will notlet such wickedness endure." For an instant she sat up, her cheeksflushed, and her eyes blazing from under the terrible mark upon herbrow. Then the strong, soothing hand of the austere maid drew her headdown on to the cushion, and the wild anger died away into passionatesobbing. At last she continued:

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      already,' said I.

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       "Come again next night with a more useful tool."

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    {  "There were hardly any."

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      "When evening came I felt that it would be an imprudence to leave soprecious a thing in the office behind me. Bankers' safes had beenforced before now, and why should not mine be? If so, how terriblewould be the position in which I should find myself! I determined,therefore, that for the next few days I would always carry the casebackward and forward with me, so that it might never be really outof my reach. With this intention, I called a cab and drove out to myhouse at Streatham, carrying the jewel with me. I did not breathefreely until I had taken it upstairs and locked it in the bureau of mydressing-room.