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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Indeed, I should think not," replied Monte Cristo; "dormiceare bad neighbors for us who do not eat them preserved, asthe Romans did."
2.  "You think this house pretty, do you not?"
3.  "Meaning to say," replied Dantes, with a smile which butill-concealed his trouble, "that if I were not a captain" --
4.  Meanwhile he advanced through the assemblage of guests undera battery of curious glances towards Madame de Morcerf, who,standing before a mantle-piece ornamented with flowers, hadseen his entrance in a looking-glass placed opposite thedoor, and was prepared to receive him. She turned towardshim with a serene smile just at the moment he was bowing toher. No doubt she fancied the count would speak to her,while on his side the count thought she was about to addresshim; but both remained silent, and after a mere bow, MonteCristo directed his steps to Albert, who received himcordially. "Have you seen my mother?" asked Albert.
5.  "`Luigi Vampa.'"
6.  "That is also possible.


1.  "Yes," said Morrel, "it is true; I have but now left a housewhere death has just entered, to run to you."
2.  "Possibly my father-in-law trusted to its generalnotoriety."
3.  "I congratulate you." Morcerf smiled. "We will discuss thatsubject at length some future time," said he. "But what doyou think of the music?"
4.  "Probabilities are deceptive."
5.  "Ah," said Morrel. Beauchamp pulled out his watch. "It isonly five minutes past eight," said he to Morrel; "there isnot much time lost yet."
6.  "Eh, your excellency? Every one must live."


1.  So many loathsome animals inhabited the prison, that theirnoise did not, in general, awake him; but whether abstinencehad quickened his faculties, or whether the noise was reallylouder than usual, Edmond raised his head and listened. Itwas a continual scratching, as if made by a huge claw, apowerful tooth, or some iron instrument attacking thestones.
2.  "Do you understand it?"
3.  "Yes, your excellency." Andrea had expressed a wish to bethus addressed. "But," continued the porter, "he would nottake them." Andrea turned pale, but as it was dark hispallor was not perceptible. "What? he would not take them?"said he with slight emotion.
4.  Villefort pressed her hand to let her know it was not adream. They looked for M. Danglars, but, as he was notespecially interested in poetical ideas, he had gone intothe garden, and was talking with Major Cavalcanti on theprojected railway from Leghorn to Florence. Monte Cristoseemed in despair. He took the arm of Madame Danglars, andconducted her into the garden, where they found Danglarstaking coffee between the Cavalcanti. "Really, madame," hesaid, "did I alarm you much?"
5.   "May I ask what that was?" said the Englishman with anexpression of curiosity, which a close observer would havebeen astonished at discovering in his phlegmaticcountenance.
6.  "No; I have found a better remedy for my grief than either abullet or a knife."


1.  "If I sought your ruin, fool, I should drag you to the firstguard-house; besides, when that note is delivered, in allprobability you will have no more to fear. Sign it, then!"
2.  "Whenever you please," replied the abbe.
3.  "I looked at him an instant to see if there was anything tohope from further entreaty. But he was a man of stone. Iapproached him, and said in a low voice, `Well, since youknow the Corsicans so well, you know that they always keeptheir word. You think that it was a good deed to kill mybrother, who was a Bonapartist, because you are a royalist.Well, I, who am a Bonapartist also, declare one thing toyou, which is, that I will kill you. From this moment Ideclare the vendetta against you, so protect yourself aswell as you can, for the next time we meet your last hourhas come.' And before he had recovered from his surprise, Iopened the door and left the room."
4、  "What do you wish to see first?" asked the abbe.
5、  "I do not know him," returned Monte Cristo; "but I shallprobably soon make his acquaintance, for I have a creditopened with him by the house of Richard & Blount, of London,Arstein & Eskeles of Vienna, and Thomson & French at Rome."As he pronounced the two last names, the count glanced atMaximilian Morrel. If the stranger expected to produce aneffect on Morrel, he was not mistaken -- Maximilian startedas if he had been electrified. "Thomson & French," said he;"do you know this house, monsieur?"




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      Baptistin, without answering, approached the count, andpresented the letter. "Important and urgent," said he. Thecount opened the letter, and read: --

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      "Follow me," said Morrel; "I will take you to my sister, whois worthy also to be yours. We will embark for Algiers, forEngland, for America, or, if your prefer it, retire to thecountry and only return to Paris when our friends havereconciled your family." Valentine shook her head. "I fearedit, Maximilian," said she; "it is the counsel of a madman,and I should be more mad than you, did I not stop you atonce with the word `Impossible, impossible!'"

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       "My father answered with a loud laugh, which was morefrightful than even threats would have been, and he had notceased when two reports of a pistol were heard; he had firedthem himself, and had killed two men. The Palikares, whowere prostrated at my father's feet, now sprang up andfired, and the room was filled with fire and smoke. At thesame instant the firing began on the other side, and theballs penetrated the boards all round us. Oh, how noble didthe grand vizier my father look at that moment, in the midstof the flying bullets, his scimitar in his hand, and hisface blackened with the powder of his enemies! and how heterrified them, even then, and made them fly before him!`Selim, Selim!' cried he, `guardian of the fire, do yourduty!' -- `Selim is dead,' replied a voice which seemed tocome from the depths of the earth, `and you are lost, Ali!'At the same moment an explosion was heard, and the flooringof the room in which my father was sitting was suddenly tornup and shivered to atoms -- the troops were firing fromunderneath. Three or four Palikares fell with their bodiesliterally ploughed with wounds.

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      "Hold, sir," said Villefort, "do not prolong this dreadfulscene. The names have been purposely concealed; my fatherhimself does not know who this president was, and if heknows, he cannot tell you; proper names are not in thedictionary."

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    {  "Nothing can be easier than to comply with your excellency'swish," said the landlord, opening the door of the chamber;"I have caused one to be placed on the landing, close byyour apartment." Then, taking the tablet from the wall, hehanded it to Franz, who read as follows: --

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      "Does Mademoiselle Danglars object to this marriage with M.de Morcerf on account of loving another?"}

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      "Excuse me, gentlemen," said Morrel, "but I do not see M. deMorcerf."

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      "My father, too, is dead," said Morrel.

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       "So that when you went on board the Pharaon, everybody couldsee that you held a letter in your hand?"

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    {  "Look round you then." Dantes rose and looked forward, whenhe saw rise within a hundred yards of him the black andfrowning rock on which stands the Chateau d'If. This gloomyfortress, which has for more than three hundred yearsfurnished food for so many wild legends, seemed to Danteslike a scaffold to a malefactor.

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      "What have you seen? -- come, tell me!"