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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Albert had proceeded no farther than the door, where heremained rooted to the spot, being completely fascinated bythe sight of such surpassing beauty, beheld as it was forthe first time, and of which an inhabitant of more northernclimes could form no adequate idea.
2.  "Oh, yes."
3.  "I trust you will not be displeased, sir, that Valentine hasnot come with us, or that I dismissed Barrois, for ourconference will be one which could not with propriety becarried on in the presence of either. Madame de Villefortand I have a communication to make to you."
4.  "Ah," said Caderousse, "you would not like me to risk takingcold?"
5.  "Let us proceed."
6.  "Everybody is ignorant that you are the bearer of a letterfrom the Island of Elba, and addressed to M. Noirtier?"


1.  "I bequeath to Maximilian Morrel, captain of Spahis, -- andson of my former patron, Pierre Morrel, shipowner atMarseilles, -- the sum of twenty millions, a part of whichmay be offered to his sister Julia and brother-in-lawEmmanuel, if he does not fear this increase of fortune maymar their happiness. These twenty millions are concealed inmy grotto at Monte Cristo, of which Bertuccio knows thesecret. If his heart is free, and he will marry Haidee, thedaughter of Ali Pasha of Yanina, whom I have brought up withthe love of a father, and who has shown the love andtenderness of a daughter for me, he will thus accomplish mylast wish. This will has already constituted Haidee heiressof the rest of my fortune, consisting of lands, funds inEngland, Austria, and Holland, furniture in my differentpalaces and houses, and which without the twenty millionsand the legacies to my servants, may still amount to sixtymillions."
2.  "I said they would skin me," thought Danglars; but resolvingto resist the extortion, he said, "Come, how much do I oweyou for this fowl?"
3.  "That is just the case -- precisely so."
4.  "And where does he come from?" asked Debray. "You havealready answered the question once, but so vaguely that Iventure to put it a second time."
5.  "Calls himself, do you say?"
6.  "Or dreamed he was, and awoke mad."


1.  "I will obey your orders, my lord."
2.  "At La Reserve, the day before the betrothal feast."
3.  "I did not ask for it. Who has paid me this attention?"
4.  "Are you at variance with the Englishman?"
5.   "He died a more wretched, hopeless, heart-broken prisonerthan the felons who pay the penalty of their crimes at thegalleys of Toulon."
6.  "I must explain to you," said the major, "that, fullyconfiding in the signature of the Abbe Busoni, I had notprovided myself with any other funds; so that if thisresource had failed me, I should have found myself veryunpleasantly situated in Paris."


1.  Monte Cristo took the gong and struck it once. In about thespace of a second a private door opened, and Ali appeared,bringing two chibouques filled with excellent latakia. "Itis quite wonderful," said Albert.
2.  "I have already had the honor of telling you I was," saidMorrel.
3.  "You have no sister -- no son -- no father?"
4、  "What are you bringing me?" said he.
5、  "I know it; to avoid meeting him, my mother and I lefttown."




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      The young girl uttered a joyful cry, raised her eyes, lookedround to question the messenger, but he had disappeared. Shecast her eyes again over the note to peruse it a secondtime, and saw there was a postscript. She read: --

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      "Ah, yes, most assuredly," said the eyes of the paralytic,for he closed them with an expression which Valentine couldnot mistake. "Thank you, thank you," murmured she. The oldman's declaration that Valentine was not the destinedinheritor of his fortune had excited the hopes of Madame deVillefort; she gradually approached the invalid, and said:"Then, doubtless, dear M. Noirtier, you intend leaving yourfortune to your grandson, Edward de Villefort?" The winkingof the eyes which answered this speech was most decided andterrible, and expressed a feeling almost amounting tohatred.

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       "You mean a mischance."

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      Any one who had quitted Marseilles a few years previously,well acquainted with the interior of Morrel's warehouse, andhad returned at this date, would have found a great change.Instead of that air of life, of comfort, and of happinessthat permeates a flourishing and prosperous businessestablishment -- instead of merry faces at the windows, busyclerks hurrying to and fro in the long corridors -- insteadof the court filled with bales of goods, re-echoing with thecries and the jokes of porters, one would have immediatelyperceived all aspect of sadness and gloom. Out of all thenumerous clerks that used to fill the deserted corridor andthe empty office, but two remained. One was a young man ofthree or four and twenty, who was in love with M. Morrel'sdaughter, and had remained with him in spite of the effortsof his friends to induce him to withdraw; the other was anold one-eyed cashier, called "Cocles," or "Cock-eye," anickname given him by the young men who used to throng thisvast now almost deserted bee-hive, and which had socompletely replaced his real name that he would not, in allprobability, have replied to any one who addressed him byit.

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    {  "Insane?"

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      "It is the same thing. You have told your coachman to leavethe city by the Porta del Popolo, to drive round the walls,and re-enter by the Porta San Giovanni?"}

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      "Exceedingly," replied Franz.

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      "Valentine, Valentine!" he mentally ejaculated; but his lipsuttered no sound, and as though all his strength werecentred in that internal emotion, he sighed and closed hiseyes. Valentine rushed towards him; his lips again moved.

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       "Without reckoning," added Monte Cristo, "that he is on theeve of entering into a sort of speculation already in voguein the United States and in England, but quite novel inFrance."

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    {  "At five o'clock," replied the count.

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      "What is the matter?" said the count.