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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, she is a Bordeaux vessel, La Gironde; she comes fromIndia also; but she is not mine."
2.  "Are you not Mademoiselle Julie Morrel?" inquired the man,with a strong Italian accent.
3.  "Come, let us endeavor to get to the end of our story,Beauchamp; I told you that yesterday Madame made inquiriesof me upon the subject; enlighten me, and I will thencommunicate my information to her."
4.  "You are the inspector of prisons?"
5.  "I thought you said you were the chief?"
6.  "You have them?"


1.  "What?" said Villefort, "do you mean to say that Valentineis not interested in your will?"
2.  "M. d'Avrigny," cried Villefort, "I cannot tell you all Ifeel at this moment, -- terror, grief, madness."
3.  "Permit me," said the notary, turning first to Villefort andthen to Valentine -- "permit me to state that the case inquestion is just one of those in which a public officer likemyself cannot proceed to act without thereby incurring adangerous responsibility. The first thing necessary torender an act valid is, that the notary should be thoroughlyconvinced that he has faithfully interpreted the will andwishes of the person dictating the act. Now I cannot be sureof the approbation or disapprobation of a client who cannotspeak, and as the object of his desire or his repugnancecannot be clearly proved to me, on account of his want ofspeech, my services here would be quite useless, and cannotbe legally exercised." The notary then prepared to retire.An imperceptible smile of triumph was expressed on the lipsof the procureur. Noirtier looked at Valentine with anexpression so full of grief, that she arrested the departureof the notary. "Sir," said she, "the language which I speakwith my grandfather may be easily learnt, and I can teachyou in a few minutes, to understand it almost as well as Ican myself. Will you tell me what you require, in order toset your conscience quite at ease on the subject?"
4.  "Without reflecting that this is the only moment in whichyou can study character," said the count; "on the steps ofthe scaffold death tears off the mask that has been wornthrough life, and the real visage is disclosed. It must beallowed that Andrea was not very handsome, the hideousscoundrel! Come, dress yourselves, gentlemen, dressyourselves." Franz felt it would be ridiculous not to followhis two companions' example. He assumed his costume, andfastened on the mask that scarcely equalled the pallor ofhis own face. Their toilet finished, they descended; thecarriage awaited them at the door, filled with sweetmeatsand bouquets. They fell into the line of carriages. It isdifficult to form an idea of the perfect change that hadtaken place. Instead of the spectacle of gloomy and silentdeath, the Piazza del Popolo presented a spectacle of gayand noisy mirth and revelry. A crowd of masks flowed in fromall sides, emerging from the doors, descending from thewindows. From every street and every corner drove carriagesfilled with clowns, harlequins, dominoes, mummers,pantomimists, Transteverins, knights, and peasants,screaming, fighting, gesticulating, throwing eggs filledwith flour, confetti, nosegays, attacking, with theirsarcasms and their missiles, friends and foes, companionsand strangers, indiscriminately, and no one took offence, ordid anything but laugh. Franz and Albert were like men who,to drive away a violent sorrow, have recourse to wine, andwho, as they drink and become intoxicated, feel a thick veildrawn between the past and the present. They saw, or rathercontinued to see, the image of what they had witnessed; butlittle by little the general vertigo seized them, and theyfelt themselves obliged to take part in the noise andconfusion. A handful of confetti that came from aneighboring carriage, and which, while it covered Morcerfand his two companions with dust, pricked his neck and thatportion of his face uncovered by his mask like a hundredpins, incited him to join in the general combat, in whichall the masks around him were engaged. He rose in his turn,and seizing handfuls of confetti and sweetmeats, with whichthe carriage was filled, cast them with all the force andskill he was master of.
5.  "Come when he will, it shall be kept for him. But how is ithe is not already returned? It seems to me the first care ofgovernment should be to set at liberty those who havesuffered for their adherence to it."
6.  "Now what are we to do with you?" said the captain.


1.  "To preserve it, sealed up as it is, doubtless," said theprocureur.
2.  "On what occasion?" asked Beauchamp.
3.  "Indeed," returned the count, motioning the two young men tosit down. "It was the fault of that blockhead Pastrini, thatI did not sooner assist you in your distress. He did notmention a syllable of your embarrassment to me, when heknows that, alone and isolated as I am, I seek everyopportunity of making the acquaintance of my neighbors. Assoon as I learned I could in any way assist you, I mosteagerly seized the opportunity of offering my services." Thetwo young men bowed. Franz had, as yet, found nothing tosay; he had come to no determination, and as nothing in thecount's manner manifested the wish that he should recognizehim, he did not know whether to make any allusion to thepast, or wait until he had more proof; besides, althoughsure it was he who had been in the box the previous evening,he could not be equally positive that this was the man hehad seen at the Colosseum. He resolved, therefore, to letthings take their course without making any direct overtureto the count. Moreover, he had this advantage, he was masterof the count's secret, while the count had no hold on Franz,who had nothing to conceal. However, he resolved to lead theconversation to a subject which might possibly clear up hisdoubts.
4.  "He looks like a big-bug," said another; "dresses in finestyle. And, then, to be here so young! Oh, what larks!"Meanwhile the object of this hideous admiration approachedthe wicket, against which one of the keepers was leaning."Come, sir," he said, "lend me twenty francs; you will soonbe paid; you run no risks with me. Remember, I haverelations who possess more millions than you have deniers.Come, I beseech you, lend me twenty francs, so that I maybuy a dressing-gown; it is intolerable always to be in acoat and boots! And what a coat, sir, for a prince of theCavalcanti!" The keeper turned his back, and shrugged hisshoulders; he did not even laugh at what would have causedany one else to do so; he had heard so many utter the samethings, -- indeed, he heard nothing else.
5.   "Seek him at once."
6.  "The general has just blown his brains out," replied MonteCristo with great coolness.


1.  Chapter 19The Third Attack.
2.  "It might be so under the Bourbons, but at present" --
3.  Albert stood pale and motionless to hear what his motherwould decide after she had finished reading this letter.Mercedes turned her eyes with an ineffable look towardsheaven. "I accept it," said she; "he has a right to pay thedowry, which I shall take with me to some convent!" Puttingthe letter in her bosom, she took her son's arm, and with afirmer step than she even herself expected she wentdown-stairs.
4、  At any other time Valentine would have seized the silkenbell-pull and summoned assistance, but nothing astonishedher in her present situation. Her reason told her that allthe visions she beheld were but the children of herimagination, and the conviction was strengthened by the factthat in the morning no traces remained of the nocturnalphantoms, who disappeared with the coming of daylight. Frombehind the door a human figure appeared, but the girl wastoo familiar with such apparitions to be alarmed, andtherefore only stared, hoping to recognize Morrel. Thefigure advanced towards the bed and appeared to listen withprofound attention. At this moment a ray of light glancedacross the face of the midnight visitor.
5、  "Ah -- No. 27."




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      "But," said Andrea, "why do you not act on the advice yougave me? Why do you not realize a six months', a year'sadvance even, and retire to Brussels? Instead of living theretired baker, you might live as a bankrupt, using hisprivileges; that would be very good."

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      The day passed thus; he scarcely tasted food, but walkedround and round the cell like a wild beast in its cage. Onethought in particular tormented him: namely, that during hisjourney hither he had sat so still, whereas he might, adozen times, have plunged into the sea, and, thanks to hispowers of swimming, for which he was famous, have gained theshore, concealed himself until the arrival of a Genoese orSpanish vessel, escaped to Spain or Italy, where Mercedesand his father could have joined him. He had no fears as tohow he should live -- good seamen are welcome everywhere. Hespoke Italian like a Tuscan, and Spanish like a Castilian;he would have been free, and happy with Mercedes and hisfather, whereas he was now confined in the Chateau d'If,that impregnable fortress, ignorant of the future destiny ofhis father and Mercedes; and all this because he had trustedto Villefort's promise. The thought was maddening, andDantes threw himself furiously down on his straw. The nextmorning at the same hour, the jailer came again.

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       "You know the Marquis of Saint-Meran died a few days afterhe had set out on his journey to Paris, and the marchionessa few days after her arrival?"

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      "Do not do anything of the sort; for were the gentleman aMontmorency, and the diplomatist a Metternich, we willbreakfast at eleven; in the meantime, follow Debray'sexample, and take a glass of sherry and a biscuit."

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    {  "Here is his receipt. Believe your own eyes." M. de Bovilletook the paper Danglars presented him, and read: --

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      "You have not been long detained."}

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      "Yes," said he. "You have, indeed, a noble nature, Edmond,and I see by your paleness and agitation what is passing inyour heart at this moment. No, be assured, I am not mad.This treasure exists, Dantes, and if I have not been allowedto possess it, you will. Yes -- you. No one would listen orbelieve me, because everyone thought me mad; but you, whomust know that I am not, listen to me, and believe me soafterwards if you will."

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      Eleven o'clock had struck. The nurse, having placed thebeverage prepared by the doctor within reach of the patient,and locked the door, was listening with terror to thecomments of the servants in the kitchen, and storing hermemory with all the horrible stories which had for somemonths past amused the occupants of the ante-chambers in thehouse of the king's attorney. Meanwhile an unexpected scenewas passing in the room which had been so carefully locked.Ten minutes had elapsed since the nurse had left; Valentine,who for the last hour had been suffering from the feverwhich returned nightly, incapable of controlling her ideas,was forced to yield to the excitement which exhausted itselfin producing and reproducing a succession and recurrence ofthe same fancies and images. The night-lamp threw outcountless rays, each resolving itself into some strange formto her disordered imagination, when suddenly by itsflickering light Valentine thought she saw the door of herlibrary, which was in the recess by the chimney-piece, openslowly, though she in vain listened for the sound of thehinges on which it turned.

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       "That is in strict accordance with the Spanish character; anassassination they will unhesitatingly commit, but an act ofcowardice, never."

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    {  "Well," observed Franz, "this chief is very polite, and Isee no objection -- the more so as I bring my share of thesupper."

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      "I have not that honor."