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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Take this letter," said D'Artagnan.
2.  "Oh, no, monsieur; but out of the regard I have for you, Ihave taken the resolution to tell you so."
3.  "Oh, unhappy woman!" cried the commissary.
4.  "Why, this man is a cask!" said the host, aside. "If he onlyremains here a fortnight, and pays for what he drinks, I shallsoon re-establish my business."
5.  "Have you confidence in me?" said Felton.
6.  D'Artagnan raised her by passing his arm round her waist; but ashe felt by her weight she was on the point of fainting, he madehaste to reassure her by protestations of devotedness. Theseprotestations were nothing for Mme. Bonacieux, for suchprotestations may be made with the worst intentions in the world;but the voice was all Mme. Bonacieux thought she recognized thesound of that voice; she reopened her eyes, cast a quick glanceupon the man who had terrified her so, and at once perceiving itwas D'Artagnan, she uttered a cry of joy, "Oh, it is you, it isyou! Thank God, thank God!"


1.  He stopped, therefore, trembling not for himself but for thepoor woman who had evidently exposed herself to great dangerby appointing this rendezvous.
2.  >From this phrase, "D'Artagnan awakened Planchet," the reader mustnot suppose it was night, or that day was hardly come. No, ithad just struck four. Planchet, two hours before, had asked hismaster for some dinner, and he had answered him with the proverb,"He who sleeps, dines." And Planchet dined by sleeping.A man was introduced of simple mien, who had the appearance of atradesman. Planchet, by way of dessert, would have liked to hearthe conversation; but the citizen declared to D'Artagnan thatwhat he had to say being important and confidential, he desiredto be left alone with him.
3.  "Bah! Are you mad, to talk to me thus?" said Buckingham."My Lord, excuse me! I speak as I can; I restrain myself. But, myLord, think of what you're about to do, and beware of going too far!""What do you say? God pardon me!" cried Buckingham, "I really think hethreatens me!"
4.  "Well," replied Athos, "I am not far from approving the ideaof Monsieur Porthos."
5.  "You shall not pass."
6.  Felton made no resistance. Lord de Winter placed him in the hands ofthe guards, who led him, while awaiting further orders, to a littleterrace commanding the sea; and then the baron hastened to the duke'schamber.


1.  "Let us see," said D'Artagnan. "Are you SURE that the OTHERis dead?"
2.  "She will escape us," replied the young man; "she will escape us, and itwill be your fault, Athos."
3.  D'Artagnan lifted up his head.
4.  "Your husband has none. Is that what you would say?""He has some, but he is very avaricious; that is his fault.Nevertheless, let not your Majesty be uneasy, we will findmeans."
5.   The matter was all explained to him, and the friends gavehim to understand that among all his high connections hemust find a place for Kitty.
6.  Aramis, in a black gown, his head enveloped in a sort of roundflat cap, not much unlike a CALOTTE, was seated before an oblongtable, covered with rolls of paper and enormous volumes in folio.At his right hand was placed the superior of the Jesuits, and onhis left the curate of Montdidier. The curtains were half drawn,and only admitted the mysterious light calculated for beatificreveries. All the mundane objects that generally strike the eyeon entering the room of a young man, particularly when that youngman is a Musketeer, had disappeared as if by enchantment; and forfear, no doubt, that the sight of them might bring his masterback to ideas of this world, Bazin had laid his hands upon sword,pistols, plumed hat, and embroideries and laces of all kinds andsorts. In their stead D'Artagnan thought he perceived in anobscure corner a discipline cord suspended from a nail in thewall.


1.  "Buckingham in Paris!" cried he, "and why does he come?""To conspire, no doubt, with your enemies, the Huguenots and theSpaniards."
2.  "I think not."
3.  Nothing makes time pass more quickly or more shortens a journeythan a thought which absorbs in itself all the faculties of theorganization of him who thinks. External existence thenresembles a sleep of which this thought is the dream. By itsinfluence, time has no longer measure, space has no longerdistance. We depart from one place, and arrive at another, thatis all. Of the interval passed, nothing remains in the memorybut a vague mist in which a thousand confused images of trees,mountains, and landscapes are lost. It was as a prey to thishallucination that D'Artagnan traveled, at whatever pace hishorse pleased, the six or eight leagues that separated Chantillyfrom Crevecoeur, without his being able to remember on hisarrival in the village any of the things he had passed or metwith on the road.
4、  "It is not Aramis!" cried he.
5、  "The snare is rather MALADROIT for the cardinal," replied theyoung man, smiling.




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      "Ah, but the valise I want," cried Porthos, "is a well-filled one, my dear."

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      Porthos and Aramis resumed their places by the stovepipe.As to Athos, he went out without any mystery, took hishorse, which was tied with those of his friends to thefastenings of the shutters, in four words convinced theattendant of the necessity of a vanguard for their return,carefully examined the priming of his pistols, drew hissword, and took, like a forlorn hope, the road to the camp.

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       They entered the roadstead; but as they drew near in order tocast anchor, a little cutter, looking like a coastguardformidably armed, approached the merchant vessel and dropped intothe sea a boat which directed its course to the ladder. Thisboat contained an officer, a mate, and eight rowers. The officeralone went on board, where he was received with all the deferenceinspired by the uniform.

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      The crowd was caused, not by the expectation of a man to behanged, but by the contemplation of a man who was hanged.The carriage, which had been stopped for a minute, resumed itsway, passed through the crowd, threaded the Rue St. Honore,turned into the Rue des Bons Enfants, and stopped before a lowdoor.

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    {  "Let him be sent for instantly."

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      "The same, perhaps," said he.}

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      As Porthos and Aramis were undressing him, in the hope offinding his wound not mortal, a large purse dropped from hisclothes. D'Artagnan picked it up and offered it to Lord deWinter.

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      "What!" demanded D'Artagnan.

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       The young man fled while she was still threatening him withan impotent gesture. The moment she lost sight of him,Milady tumbled fainting into her chamber.

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    {  There were then, as now, a crowd of young and pretty women whocame to St. Cloud, and who had reasons for not being seen, andyet D'Artagnan did not for an instant doubt that it was Mme.Bonacieux whom the boatman had noticed.

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      "However perfect master he was over himself, my persecutorallowed a movement of anger to escape him. I could not see theexpression of his countenance, but I felt the arm tremble uponwhich my hand was placed.