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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Cocles, pay two hundred francs to each of these goodfellows," said Morrel. "At another time," added be, "Ishould have said, Give them, besides, two hundred francsover as a present; but times are changed, and the littlemoney that remains to me is not my own."
2.  "As a punishment for the crime I had committed," answeredBertuccio. "Oh, those Villeforts are an accursed race!"
3.  "Besides, it is no reason because you have not seen anexecution at Paris, that you should not see one anywhereelse; when you travel, it is to see everything. Think what afigure you will make when you are asked, `How do theyexecute at Rome?' and you reply, `I do not know'! And,besides, they say that the culprit is an infamous scoundrel,who killed with a log of wood a worthy canon who had broughthim up like his own son. Diable, when a churchman is killed,it should be with a different weapon than a log, especiallywhen he has behaved like a father. If you went to Spain,would you not see the bull-fight? Well, suppose it is abull-fight you are going to see? Recollect the ancientRomans of the Circus, and the sports where they killed threehundred lions and a hundred men. Think of the eightythousand applauding spectators, the sage matrons who tooktheir daughters, and the charming Vestals who made with thethumb of their white hands the fatal sign that said, `Come,despatch the dying.'"
4.  "What would be the advantage of waking the porter?" --
5.  And, indeed, it required but one glance at MademoiselleDanglars to comprehend the justness of Morcerf's remark --she was beautiful, but her beauty was of too marked anddecided a character to please a fastidious taste; her hairwas raven black, but its natural waves seemed somewhatrebellious; her eyes, of the same color as her hair, weresurmounted by well-arched brows, whose great defect,however, consisted in an almost habitual frown, while herwhole physiognomy wore that expression of firmness anddecision so little in accordance with the gentler attributesof her sex -- her nose was precisely what a sculptor wouldhave chosen for a chiselled Juno. Her mouth, which mighthave been found fault with as too large, displayed teeth ofpearly whiteness, rendered still more conspicuous by thebrilliant carmine of her lips, contrasting vividly with hernaturally pale complexion. But that which completed thealmost masculine look Morcerf found so little to his taste,was a dark mole, of much larger dimensions than these freaksof nature generally are, placed just at the corner of hermouth; and the effect tended to increase the expression ofself-dependence that characterized her countenance. The restof Mademoiselle Eugenie's person was in perfect keeping withthe head just described; she, indeed, reminded one of Diana,as Chateau-Renaud observed, but her bearing was more haughtyand resolute. As regarded her attainments, the only fault tobe found with them was the same that a fastidiousconnoisseur might have found with her beauty, that they weresomewhat too erudite and masculine for so young a person.She was a perfect linguist, a first-rate artist, wrotepoetry, and composed music; to the study of the latter sheprofessed to be entirely devoted, following it with anindefatigable perseverance, assisted by a schoolfellow, -- ayoung woman without fortune whose talent promised to developinto remarkable powers as a singer. It was rumored that shewas an object of almost paternal interest to one of theprincipal composers of the day, who excited her to spare nopains in the cultivation of her voice, which might hereafterprove a source of wealth and independence. But this counseleffectually decided Mademoiselle Danglars never to commitherself by being seen in public with one destined for atheatrical life; and acting upon this principle, thebanker's daughter, though perfectly willing to allowMademoiselle Louise d'Armilly (that was the name of theyoung virtuosa) to practice with her through the day, tookespecial care not to be seen in her company. Still, thoughnot actually received at the Hotel Danglars in the light ofan acknowledged friend, Louise was treated with far morekindness and consideration than is usually bestowed on agoverness.
6.  "And if this person be not a smuggler, who is he?"


1.  "Now," replied Monte Cristo "there is only one source ofuneasiness left in your father's mind, which is this -- heis anxious to know how you have been employed during yourlong absence from him, how you have been treated by yourpersecutors, and if they have conducted themselves towardsyou with all the deference due to your rank. Finally, he isanxious to see if you have been fortunate enough to escapethe bad moral influence to which you have been exposed, andwhich is infinitely more to be dreaded than any physicalsuffering; he wishes to discover if the fine abilities withwhich nature had endowed you have been weakened by want ofculture; and, in short, whether you consider yourselfcapable of resuming and retaining in the world the highposition to which your rank entitles you."
2.  "What was his name?" asked Monte Cristo.
3.  "None."
4.  "No, no," cried the countess; "you must not leave me. Idepend upon you to escort me home. Oh, indeed, I cannotpermit you to go."
5.  "Pardieu!" cried Albert, "you are not a preacher, to remainstanding!"
6.  "The last?"


1.  "Perhaps!" exclaimed Dantes in grief-stricken tones.
2.  "Look at it," said the abbe with a smile.
3.  "That is very well before one is over forty. No, I do notdance, but I like to see others do so. Does Madame deMorcerf dance?"
4.  "I?" replied Eugenie with her usual candor. "Oh, not theleast in the world, madame! My wish was not to confinemyself to domestic cares, or the caprices of any man, but tobe an artist, and consequently free in heart, in person, andin thought." Eugenie pronounced these words with so firm atone that the color mounted to Valentine's cheeks. The timidgirl could not understand that vigorous nature whichappeared to have none of the timidities of woman.
5.   "I am listening."
6.  "The count."


1.  "I think so; am I not right, M. de Villefort?" asked MonteCristo.
2.  "So much the better. As Villefort observes, it is a greatact of folly to have left such a man between Corsica, wherehe was born, and Naples, of which his brother-in-law isking, and face to face with Italy, the sovereignty of whichhe coveted for his son."
3.  "The count had not uttered one word the whole of this time.His colleagues looked at him, and doubtless pitied hisprospects, blighted under the perfumed breath of a woman.His misery was depicted in sinister lines on hiscountenance. `M. de Morcerf,' said the president, `do yourecognize this lady as the daughter of Ali Tepelini, pashaof Yanina?' -- `No,' said Morcerf, attempting to rise, `itis a base plot, contrived by my enemies.' Haidee, whose eyeshad been fixed on the door, as if expecting some one, turnedhastily, and, seeing the count standing, shrieked, `You donot know me?' said she. `Well, I fortunately recognize you!You are Fernand Mondego, the French officer who led thetroops of my noble father! It is you who surrendered thecastle of Yanina! It is you who, sent by him toConstantinople, to treat with the emperor for the life ordeath of your benefactor, brought back a false mandategranting full pardon! It is you who, with that mandate,obtained the pasha's ring, which gave you authority overSelim, the fire-keeper! It is you who stabbed Selim. It isyou who sold us, my mother and me, to the merchant,El-Kobbir! Assassin, assassin, assassin, you have still onyour brow your master's blood! Look, gentlemen, all!'
4、  "Yes there are, and most hideous, or rather most admirableones, for I found them ugly enough to frighten me."
5、  The supper appeared to have been supplied solely for Franz,for the unknown scarcely touched one or two dishes of thesplendid banquet to which his guest did ample justice. ThenAli brought on the dessert, or rather took the baskets fromthe hands of the statues and placed them on the table.Between the two baskets he placed a small silver cup with asilver cover. The care with which Ali placed this cup on thetable roused Franz's curiosity. He raised the cover and sawa kind of greenish paste, something like preserved angelica,but which was perfectly unknown to him. He replaced the lid,as ignorant of what the cup contained as he was before hehad looked at it, and then casting his eyes towards his hosthe saw him smile at his disappointment. "You cannot guess,"said he, "what there is in that small vase, can you?"




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      "The usurper landed in France, near Antibes, in the Gulf ofJuan, two hundred and fifty leagues from Paris, on the 1stof March, and you only acquired this information to-day, the4th of March! Well, sir, what you tell me is impossible. Youmust have received a false report, or you have gone mad."

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      "Is this carriage for me?" said Dantes.

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       "I think it charming."

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      "You have been served as you desire, monsieur, for you werewarned just now, and I now again warn you."

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    {  "Why not? Who ever heard of such an occurrence as this? -- afalse telegraphic despatch -- it is almost impossible forwrong signals to be made as they were in the last twotelegrams. It was done on purpose for me -- I am sure ofit."

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      "And why, I should like to know," persisted Caderousse,"should they put Dantes in prison? he has not robbed orkilled or murdered."}

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      "Well," said Caderousse, "why, what a lie he told! He saidhe was going to the Catalans, and he is going to the city.Hallo, Fernand!"

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       "Yes." Franz took them from Barrois and casting a glance atthe cover, read: --

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    {  "I do not know."

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      "Haidee, still calm, but with a calmness more dreadful thanthe anger of another would have been, handed to thepresident the record of her sale, written in Arabic. It hadbeen supposed some of the papers might be in the Arabian,Romaic, or Turkish language, and the interpreter of theHouse was in attendance. One of the noble peers, who wasfamiliar with the Arabic language, having studied it duringthe famous Egyptian campaign, followed with his eye as thetranslator read aloud: --