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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Perhaps I am; but one thing I have resolved on, and thatis, to stop at nothing to restore a poor devil to liberty,who has got into this scrape solely from having served me. Ishould hate and despise myself as a coward did I desert thebrave fellow in his present extremity."
2.  "I have?"
3.  "`"Excuse me, gentlemen," said the general; "you may notacknowledge Louis XVIII., but I do, as he has made me abaron and a field-marshal, and I shall never forget that forthese two titles I am indebted to his happy return toFrance."
4.  "Then I must give up the idea?"
5.  "Perhaps."
6.  The two coffins were placed on trestles previously preparedfor their reception in the right-hand crypt belonging to theSaint-Meran family. Villefort, Franz, and a few nearrelatives alone entered the sanctuary.


1.  "At what o'clock, sir, do you breakfast?"
2.  "By the streets, morbleu, by the streets!" cried Franz.
3.  Gaetano, who had proposed the expedition, had taken all theresponsibility on himself; the four sailors fixed their eyeson him, while they got out their oars and held themselves inreadiness to row away, which, thanks to the darkness, wouldnot be difficult. As for Franz, he examined his arms withthe utmost coolness; he had two double-barrelled guns and arifle; he loaded them, looked at the priming, and waitedquietly. During this time the captain had thrown off hisvest and shirt, and secured his trousers round his waist;his feet were naked, so he had no shoes and stockings totake off; after these preparations he placed his finger onhis lips, and lowering himself noiselessly into the sea,swam towards the shore with such precaution that it wasimpossible to hear the slightest sound; he could only betraced by the phosphorescent line in his wake. This tracksoon disappeared; it was evident that he had touched theshore. Every one on board remained motionless for half anhour, when the same luminous track was again observed, andthe swimmer was soon on board. "Well?" exclaimed Franz andthe sailors in unison.
4.  The baroness had been tolerably composed until the name ofVillefort had been pronounced; but then she became pale,and, rising, as if touched by a spring, she stretched outher hands as though conjuring an apparition; she then tooktwo or three steps towards her husband, as though to tearthe secret from him, of which he was ignorant, or which hewithheld from some odious calculation, -- odious, as all hiscalculations were. "M. de Villefort! -- What do you mean?"
5.  "Did you bring it to your master directly it was made?"
6.  "Exactly; and he who changes them will follow friendCaderousse, lay hands on him, and demand what farmers payhim their rent in gold. No nonsense, my good fellow; silversimply, round coins with the head of some monarch or otheron them. Anybody may possess a five-franc piece."


1.  "Well, we all say that fifty francs will be enough for us atpresent, and that we will wait for the rest."
2.  "Yes, ruined! Now it is revealed, this secret so full ofhorror, as the tragic poet says. Now, my daughter, learnfrom my lips how you may alleviate this misfortune, so faras it will affect you."
3.  Villefort had, as we have said, hastened back to Madame deSaint-Meran's in the Place du Grand Cours, and on enteringthe house found that the guests whom he had left at tablewere taking coffee in the salon. Renee was, with all therest of the company, anxiously awaiting him, and hisentrance was followed by a general exclamation.
4.  "We are going to the greenhouse that you see at the otherend of the grove."
5.   "Ah, indeed!" said M. Noirtier, stretching himself out athis ease in the chair. "Really, pray tell me all about it,for it must be interesting."
6.  However, scarcely was the imperial power established -- thatis, scarcely had the emperor re-entered the Tuileries andbegun to issue orders from the closet into which we haveintroduced our readers, -- he found on the table there LouisXVIII.'s half-filled snuff-box, -- scarcely had thisoccurred when Marseilles began, in spite of the authorities,to rekindle the flames of civil war, always smouldering inthe south, and it required but little to excite the populaceto acts of far greater violence than the shouts and insultswith which they assailed the royalists whenever theyventured abroad.


1.  "Have you served under the usurper?"
2.  "Well, I will go and take a turn in the Champs Elysees, andat ten o'clock I will return here; meanwhile, if the countshould come in, will you beg him not to go out again withoutseeing me?"
3.  "Yes; but your father was not allowed to fall. A being wascommissioned to arrest the fatal hand of death about todescend on him."
4、  "Indeed?" said Morrel. "I had been told, but would notcredit it, that the Grecian slave I have seen with you herein this very box was the daughter of Ali Pasha."
5、  The young man was overwhelmed as he read. Morrel said not aword. What could he say? What need he add to such adesperate proof in figures? "And have you done all that ispossible, father, to meet this disastrous result?" asked theyoung man, after a moment's pause. "I have," replied Morrel.




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      "That is reasonable, since he is an only son."

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      "My dear count, you have no idea what pleasure it gives meto hear you speak thus," said Morcerf. "I had announced youbeforehand to my friends as an enchanter of the `ArabianNights,' a wizard of the Middle Ages; but the Parisians areso subtle in paradoxes that they mistake for caprices of theimagination the most incontestable truths, when these truthsdo not form a part of their daily existence. For example,here is Debray who reads, and Beauchamp who prints, everyday, `A member of the Jockey Club has been stopped androbbed on the Boulevard;' `four persons have beenassassinated in the Rue St. Denis' or `the Faubourg St.Germain;' `ten, fifteen, or twenty thieves, have beenarrested in a cafe on the Boulevard du Temple, or in theThermes de Julien,' -- and yet these same men deny theexistence of the bandits in the Maremma, the Campagna diRomana, or the Pontine Marshes. Tell them yourself that Iwas taken by bandits, and that without your generousintercession I should now have been sleeping in theCatacombs of St. Sebastian, instead of receiving them in myhumble abode in the Rue du Helder."

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       "But this fire?" continued Franz. "It seems to me ratherreassuring than otherwise; men who did not wish to be seenwould not light a fire."

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      "As long as I have known her -- always."

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    {  "All the horrors that disturb my thoughts make your houseodious and fatal. Adieu, sir."

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      "Ah, yes; what you tell me recalls to mind something aboutthe name of Fernand Mondego. I have heard that name inGreece."}

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      Monte Cristo looked upon Morrel with indescribabletenderness. "Yes," he said, "yes, doubtless it is painful,if you violently break the outer covering which obstinatelybegs for life. If you plunge a dagger into your flesh, ifyou insinuate a bullet into your brain, which the leastshock disorders, -- then certainly, you will suffer pain,and you will repent quitting a life for a repose you havebought at so dear a price."

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      "What my maid tells me."

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       "I was not sure, but I thought it might be so. So much thebetter; the more honorable men there are here the better Ishall be satisfied."

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    {  "`The abbe told me it was worth 50,000 francs,' mutteredCaderousse. `Come, come -- give it to me! What a strangefellow you are,' said the jeweller, taking the diamond fromhis hand. `I give you 45,000 francs -- that is, 2,500 livresof income, -- a fortune such as I wish I had myself, and youare not satisfied!' -- `And the five and forty thousandfrancs,' inquired Caderousse in a hoarse voice, `where arethey? Come -- let us see them.' -- `Here they are,' repliedthe jeweller, and he counted out upon the table 15,000francs in gold, and 30,000 francs in bank-notes.

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      "If you like; but tell me, my dear Lucien, what it is thatconstitutes a princess. Why, diamonds -- and she is coveredwith them."