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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Haidee," replied the count, "you know that you are now inFrance, and are free."
2.  "Oh, dear mother, it was a dream."
3.  "Go there?" murmured Julie.
4.  "Ma foi, I have called three times without once seeing him.Still, his sister did not seem uneasy, and told me thatthough she had not seen him for two or three days, she wassure he was well."
5.  When Franz recovered his senses, he saw Albert drinking aglass of water, of which, to judge from his pallor, he stoodin great need; and the count, who was assuming hismasquerade costume. He glanced mechanically towards thesquare -- the scene was wholly changed; scaffold,executioners, victims, all had disappeared; only the peopleremained, full of noise and excitement. The bell of MonteCitorio, which only sounds on the pope's decease and theopening of the Carnival, was ringing a joyous peal. "Well,"asked he of the count, "what has, then, happened?"
6.  "I rave?" said Morrel; "well, then, I appeal to M. d'Avrignyhimself. Ask him, sir, if he recollects the words he utteredin the garden of this house on the night of Madame deSaint-Meran's death. You thought yourselves alone, andtalked about that tragical death, and the fatality youmentioned then is the same which has caused the murder ofValentine." Villefort and d'Avrigny exchanged looks. "Yes,yes," continued Morrel; "recall the scene, for the words youthought were only given to silence and solitude fell into myears. Certainly, after witnessing the culpable indolencemanifested by M. de Villefort towards his own relations, Iought to have denounced him to the authorities; then Ishould not have been an accomplice to thy death, as I nowam, sweet, beloved Valentine; but the accomplice shallbecome the avenger. This fourth murder is apparent to all,and if thy father abandon thee, Valentine, it is I, and Iswear it, that shall pursue the assassin." And this time, asthough nature had at least taken compassion on the vigorousframe, nearly bursting with its own strength, the words ofMorrel were stifled in his throat; his breast heaved; thetears, so long rebellious, gushed from his eyes; and hethrew himself weeping on his knees by the side of the bed.


1.  He placed the muzzle of the pistol between his teeth.Suddenly he heard a cry -- it was his daughter's voice. Heturned and saw Julie. The pistol fell from his hands. "Myfather!" cried the young girl, out of breath, and half deadwith joy -- "saved, you are saved!" And she threw herselfinto his arms, holding in her extended hand a red, nettedsilk purse.
2.  "I wish what God wills."
3.  "I know not if it is finished, my beloved child," said MonteCristo, taking the young girl's hands; "but I do know youhave nothing more to fear."
4.  "But you will not leave me; you will come to me, or you willlet me come to you. We will escape, and if we cannot escapewe will talk; you of those whom you love, and I of thosewhom I love. You must love somebody?"
5.  "And have you never tried to understand them?"
6.  "Let us visit this one first," added he.


1.  Caderousse, who had let his head drop on the table, nowraised it, and looking at Fernand with his dull and fishyeyes, he said, -- "Kill Dantes! who talks of killing Dantes?I won't have him killed -- I won't! He's my friend, and thismorning offered to share his money with me, as I shared minewith him. I won't have Dantes killed -- I won't!"
2.  "Before I leave you, Mercedes, have you no request to make?"said the count.
3.  "My mistress, sir. She said you would have to speak a greatdeal in the murder case, and that you should take somethingto keep up your strength;" and the valet placed the cup onthe table nearest to the sofa, which was, like all the rest,covered with papers. The valet then left the room. Villefortlooked for an instant with a gloomy expression, then,suddenly, taking it up with a nervous motion, he swallowedits contents at one draught. It might have been thought thathe hoped the beverage would be mortal, and that he soughtfor death to deliver him from a duty which he would ratherdie than fulfil. He then rose, and paced his room with asmile it would have been terrible to witness. The chocolatewas inoffensive, for M. de Villefort felt no effects. Thebreakfast-hour arrived, but M. de Villefort was not attable. The valet re-entered.
4.  "Then, for the present, M. Morrel, farewell, and a thousandthanks!"
5.   "We have no masks, and it is absolutely necessary to procurethem."
6.  Andrea was indebted for this visit to the followingcircumstances. At daybreak, the telegraphs were set at workin all directions, and almost immediately the authorities inevery district had exerted their utmost endeavors to arrestthe murderer of Caderousse. Compiegne, that royal residenceand fortified town, is well furnished with authorities,gendarmes, and commissaries of police; they therefore beganoperations as soon as the telegraphic despatch arrived, andthe Bell and Bottle being the best-known hotel in the town,they had naturally directed their first inquiries there.


1.  "My dear Albert," returned Franz, "your answer is sublime,and worthy the `Let him die,' of Corneille, only, whenHorace made that answer, the safety of Rome was concerned;but, as for us, it is only to gratify a whim, and it wouldbe ridiculous to risk our lives for so foolish a motive."Albert poured himself out a glass of lacryma Christi, whichhe sipped at intervals, muttering some unintelligible words.
2.  Chapter 34The Colosseum.
3.  "Yes."
4、  "What influence can I possibly have over a bandit?"
5、  "Not in the least; but if I can serve you in any way I shallbe delighted."




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      And here the look of the abbe, becoming more and more fixed,seemed to rest with ill-concealed satisfaction on the gloomydepression which was rapidly spreading over the countenanceof Caderousse.

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      "Go, sir," said the king; "and should I forget you (kings'memories are short), do not be afraid to bring yourself tomy recollection. Baron, send for the minister of war.Blacas, remain."

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       Morrel extended his hand. "Now I understand," he said, "whyyou had me brought here to this desolate spot, in the midstof the ocean, to this subterranean palace; it was becauseyou loved me, was it not, count? It was because you loved mewell enough to give me one of those sweet means of death ofwhich we were speaking; a death without agony, a death whichallows me to fade away while pronouncing Valentine's nameand pressing your hand."

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      "A great misfortune, M. Morrel," replied the young man, --"a great misfortune, for me especially! Off Civita Vecchiawe lost our brave Captain Leclere."

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    {  "Enough, sir," said Morcerf, "we will speak no more on thesubject." And clutching his gloves in anger, he left theapartment. Danglars observed that during the wholeconversation Morcerf had never once dared to ask if it wason his own account that Danglars recalled his word. Thatevening he had a long conference with several friends; andM. Cavalcanti, who had remained in the drawing-room with theladies, was the last to leave the banker's house.

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      "But for the sake of the mother?" said the count.}

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      "Who comes there?" cried the sentinel, who was lessabstracted, and who saw by the lamp-light a shadowapproaching his chief. At this challenge, Vampa rosequickly, drawing at the same moment a pistol from hisgirdle. In a moment all the bandits were on their feet, andtwenty carbines were levelled at the count. "Well," said hein a voice perfectly calm, and no muscle of his countenancedisturbed, "well, my dear Vampa, it appears to me that youreceive a friend with a great deal of ceremony."

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      Chapter 79The Lemonade.

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       "He did."

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    {  The day passed away in utter silence -- night came withoutrecurrence of the noise.

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      "A friend," said Monte Cristo in the same language.